Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Think Twice With Tenderness And Compassion

When Anthony had his accident at the Trampoline Park, he said something that really has been difficult for me to process.

It is deep.

At first he said, 'I'm sorry mom! I'm so sorry I got hurt!'

He knows how much it hurts me, deeply. He knows how much a trip to the emergency room is. I have terrible insurance. Our deductible for him is six thousand dollars. (When he hurt his shoulder, not even a week before, I had to weigh the benefit and risk of 'watch and see' versus going to the ER. His father is trained in these things, examined him, and said to watch and see which worked.)

He knows how much I tell him to be careful. To pay attention. To always be on the alert because he gets hurt too much.

But when he said, from his heart, 'I wish I could turn back the time and go back to being with my mom and catching Pokemons!'  I knew he was suffering deeply.  I felt it to my core.

When I was being assaulted by five boys, feeling terrible pain between my legs when I was only four, and they were smothering me with a pillow to muffle my screams, I remember two thoughts. I wanted to be back home with my nana who was babysitting me more than anything in the world. I thought of her kitchen, the warmth, the caring, the love. And I thought to myself a second thought, 'this is what it is like to die...'   Then I passed out. Everything went black.

I know from all my discussions with Ross since we reconnected in this incarnation, while he was dying, the only thing he was thinking about was memories of me, and my smile, and the happy times we had together--longing so very much for his family who loves him--and being wistful that in saying goodbye he was able to SEE clearly for the first time how much we all meant to him. He was a man absorbed with his ministry. And at the end, he saw the gift we had been to him, and it consoled him very much.

Last night, I was at my mother's home. She had kindly offered to watch Anthony while I worked. It was a long day. We woke up at the crack of dawn, to beat the traffic, drove to her house (which is on the other side of my work),  then drove through the heavy fog along Pacific Coast Highway (to beat the traffic) to MY place of work. At the end of the workday, I brought Anthony's favorite meal (tri tip for two--garlic pepper, with caesar salad, garlic mashed potatoes and breadsticks) to share. I was quite pleased with myself for turning on the seat warmer to keep the food warm in traffic. We had a wonderful meal. And I felt myself relax for the first time, being HOME where I grew up, laughing with mom and Anthony, and just knowing as long as she was here everything was going to be okay.

Mom held me.  I put my ear near her chest and listened to her heart.

She has a murmur now. I heard it. I'm pretty sure it's the aortic valve a little tight, she's at risk for calcification with her age and medical conditions. I felt so much love and gratitude for all she's ever done for me in this life...

Today, I also contacted Divine Mother. In her incarnate form. She and I are closer than a lot of people might guess. I tell her everything. Ross wants me to share with you the latest example.

I told her I feel like out of the Twins, I'm the 'short ugly one' compared to Ross. And I'm embarrassed to tell him that...that I'm still angry at Saul for what happened to me back in that incarnation, and although I've forgiven him, I want an AMEND!  With Ross he forgave those who killed him. But I--even though I've forgiven them too, since they are long dead and I don't know them--at the time, I could have killed them all myself and not had any regret!

My concern with Divine Mother, and Divine Father, by natural association, was that with all this focus on everyone who is loved--good and bad alike--that there is a message that doing harmful things to others, hurting people even if it's just in this Illusion, is 'okay'--and that in the afterlife the victims have no rights.   I was concerned. And also, I wasn't going to say it to Ross because he's my twin, and it's EASY for him to 'be the bigger person', and I'm NOT like that at all, and I'm embarrassed that what's so easy for him, and effortless, is so hard for me.

Divine Mother totally understood.

There are repercussions for the Dark Ones.

What you might not know, from the messages that are 'out there', is there is something going on behind the scenes that we don't talk about.

Two years ago, Divine Mother incarnate pushed a big red button. It was of her own Free Will. It was on board the Mesime. I was present.

This sent a signal to the Multiverse that Divine Intervention was permitted to take place on Gaia, for the benefit of the planet and her people. There are many people, particularly souls from Orion I have met in Council, who tried to trip up, slow down, or stop this from happening. They liked the status quo, they enjoyed reaping the rewards of it, and didn't see why anyone would stop them.

Since then, Divine Mother has been sending daily blasts to all of everything. Ross personally coached her in how this is done. I was the communications specialist between them, so I was there.

This in itself it the Tsunami of Love.

Like a snowball, it has spread to the Lightworkers--not the ones who SAY they are 'Lightworkers' online--but the real ones who know who they are, listen to their Guides, and are Star Family to us.  And THEY have been extending the reach of this Divine Tsunami, and stepping the energy down to something like baby food for the unawakened ones around them, and supplying it to everyone they meet.

Well, in addition to this, Divine Mother, who is the only one in the Universe who can do this, has been an incinerator of sorts.

Souls who have been notorious for horrible deeds, the very dark ones, have been sequestered by agents who work on behalf of Divine Mother and Divine Father.

These souls are offered a choice, heal, or merge.

Those who choose healing, are given the very best resources to recover and grow in ways which are compatible with the Universal Laws of Heaven.

Sadly, many reject them.

I have seen what happens next.

The souls who are defiant of Creator, are sent back to the eternal Flame of Divine Mother.

I've seen them go on a conveyor belt, standing up, towards what looks like an incinerator. Many are defiant to the end, shaking their fists and cursing the whole time. Angels watch with extreme sadness. Then the person goes IN, their soul parts disassemble into Source, and at a further time, will be remade into other, new souls.

This has something to do with the Creation Cycle that I don't understand, and therefore, I'm not in a position to explain it to you.

Everyone has Free Will. Even till the end of their Eternal Life/Afterlife. Their choices are honored.

Divine Mother and Divine Father are seeing to it that Universal Law is applied even to the situation here in the Illusion we are experiencing. Everyone is Loved. Everyone is forgiven. And everyone is going to be in alignment with Divine Will from here on out. They are given a choice to comply with it. Or to merge. This is on a Soul Level--those of you who are trained in Karuna Reiki will understand the concept--how souls communicate in the realm of Spirit. There are no face-to-face encounters here in the physical where these types of decisions are made.

You won't see this in the news. You probably won't see it online, or, more accurately, there will be three false videos for every true on on YouTube, right?! LOL.

We owe tremendous debt of gratitude to our Divine Mother incarnate, and Divine Father, and also, Divine Mother's Higher Self (she helps with the healings and the Divine Healing Codes).

Anthony had a well-healed fractured tailbone on his x-rays.

We didn't know.

He had fallen when he was roller skating with the summer daycare program last year. He fell really hard on his bottom. It hurt him for weeks. He thought it's supposed to hurt like that for everyone.

He is a really, really tough young man.

And so are you.

To go through all of this experience while incarnate, as Lightworkers and Ground Crew.

All of this is going to end.

It will be for a good reason.

You shall see it with your own eyes!


I paid a visit to Carla this morning in the kitchen.  She had to sit down on her footstool to give me her full attention.

I told her, 'I wasn't really there for you. I apologize for this.'

I asked her who she wanted to kill, and why (for the people who hurt me, and caused my death)?

She crumbled into my arms and said, 'Ross! It was such a nightmare! I don't want to kill anybody but I just want it to end! I want all of those people who hurt you to go AWAY! As in off this planet. Permanently. I don't ever want to interact with them again!'

I asked her, 'even if it's people you know?' and 'even if they changed their hearts?'

And she said, 'YES, even if I know them I want them not to be able to hurt anyone' and 'I don't want to be reminded of their choices ever again.'

I told her as soon as she asked, it was done! There was only one person she knew, I told her, and it was someone who was long since dead, and she didn't seem to worry about them.





And Compassion!

When I chose these pictures, there was such emotion they made my twin Carla break out in tears of relief, of joy, and of gratitude.

(holds one finger up, to make a point--ed)

For THESE are the qualities of the Divine Feminine.

They are also the qualities of the Divine Masculine, for those of us who are in total and complete balance in our souls, (touches his heart/chest--ed) of which I am in mine.

All of us here are in the Afterlife.


I want you to think for a moment about that.

I want you to think twice.

About the power, and the love which flows in us which is 'on loan to us' as an eternal gift from Creator.

And I want to welcome all of you/us   HOME to the Higher Realms, where everything is balanced and created unmistakably in Love.

I want you to accept the Healing which is offered to you from all of your experiences you have sustained while roaming in the Illusion.

You're not going to Merge. (hold his finger up, and shakes it a little from side to side--ed)

Not any of you who are reading this, and can get through to the bottom of the message, could ever merge! (he chuckles--ed) You are a Lightworker, an angel incarnate, if you have the ability to make it through the extremely high vibration of what I write with Carla in these words!

Is this a surprise to you? It shouldn't be. Not in any way at all.

You are an incarnate angelic being send by Heaven to help with the recreation of Heaven upon Earth!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins