Thursday, March 9, 2017

Define: Really Special!

I reached a huge breakthrough in my understanding today, and I'd like to share it.

You know how you eat dinner at the kitchen table almost every night, when you were growing up?  It was just your family, on everyday plates, and you shared your day.

But it took a while, growing up, to realize that some meals were special!

Your mom or your grandmother went to a lot of trouble to make something, like a turkey, or in our case, the ragĂș we only ate at Christmas and special holidays that took all day to simmer on the stove.

There were special desserts, in our case, either cassata or pinolata, or cannoli.

You didn't even eat from the same plates you did on other days. There was fine china, the best crystal, even if your family was poor and didn't have much, your mom and grandmother signaled to you through their efforts to make everything as beautiful and pleasant as it could possibly be.

You might even have dressed up to be with family for such an event.

My breakthrough is that our friends 'upstairs' have been telling us these times are 'Really Special' and 'Change is coming---soon' and 'Relief is here--soon' and they don't have any concept of Time!

So many Lightworkers reacted to it, almost to the point of making a joke out of the word, 'soon'.

I've turned it around.

I've realized as a human I have been socialized from an early age to look for cues, just like at my mother's holiday table, that something REALLY SPECIAL was about to be enjoyed.

What's frustrating is I have been looking for 'cues', but I've never seen them before to know what they are (like the holiday table), and there's a whole lot of disinformation 'out there' to filter through. It's fatiguing, to always have the Discern-o-meter all the way UP, 24/7, 365...

Can the Galactics fill this need?

I don't know. Just like with the whole concept of Time--these human needs are most likely well understood by them on an intellectual level. But the need we have to know, Good Things Are Happening, look at this and this and this...just like our mothers and grandmothers (and possibly our fathers and grandfathers too, in other examples)...taught us with love and gentleness and enthusiasm!

Do our teams 'get it'?

I see an awful lot of Lightworker publications out there. Some are channeled--not sure from who they say it's from or their distortion of something different or something that hijacked them...
Some are 'rah! rah! rah! you can do it!' almost to the point of being out of touch with our day to day. I'm like, 'how can this lofty ideal help me with the nitty gritty being down here incarnate on Earth?!'  Some are like, total Truthers--talking about conspiracies--and those come from all over the map (their belief structures), too.

It's my hope with this work to at least give the day to day discoveries in a way that is helpful to you. And if you are aware of you need to look for signs, for reassurance, perhaps they will come in ways YOU and YOU ALONE understand, as 'shorthand' and 'signals' and 'messages' to your from your angels, just like the Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers which are highly popular among the Lightworker Communities.

So be open to it, Spirit is good to answer once we get the questions right, you know?

Spirit, please, I would like more signs of forward movement in this Ascension 'adventure'...thank you!

For me, my health is much better. And work, wow. I'm eating lunch for like, two days in a row, and also having things work out with a little less wear and tear on me. I'm like, hmmmm, I can't put my finger on it, but things are BETTER...

I also found that the cases that come my way, are the ones who need my services most. And not just the anesthesia ones. Sometimes the Reiki is needed just as much or more than the surgery! Always, too, the smile is an important healing process, as well as the listening, and caring for their well-being.

Ross is all about this. He is all about the friends and family, the enjoyment of each other.

I know he will make us a party, and will enjoy giving signs once we figure out how to understand them.

There is also one thing I learned about him on the way to the wedding last week Friday. I headed to the inland empire, and OMG there were SO MANY HOMES!  They stretched as far as the eye can see!

I was like, 'I don't know how you manage to keep track of all those people, Ross, but I'm sure glad you do.'

That really touched him. In his heart. I know, I felt it.

Ross likes it when he is given credit by me.

If there is something that the Galactics do, that amaze you, let them know. Let your Guardian angel, know. Let your Archangels know. Let everyone for that matter, incarnate or not, KNOW.

Life is short, and there's no time to waste.

Validate, validate, the ones you are with and let them know how you feel about them!

Now sleepy me, I've been up too late, and it's time for bed.

I hear Ross clapping.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Your Reiki Doc Friends