Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Wager

It was a long day at work.  I had picked up Anthony from the sitter. Once I was eating my tuna sandwich from lunch, and reading the mail, a possible complication came in with the nurse calling me.

It sort of ruined the evening. Did I need to go back in? What did I need to do?  I contacted my orthopedics friend and asked. I also asked my colleague who was from the same country and spoke the same language as the patient who was still at the hospital to go evaluate the situation.

The surgeon thought it was just anxiety, and prescribed medication for that.

It worked. Between everything, all was well and the patient went home.

But I was frazzled.

I'm so grateful for my friends and colleagues and their help!

Anthony was playing his video game. And I sat next to him. I couldn't make the bead bracelets because I wasn't in the right 'space'. It's been a frantic week, very little time to create, except for the writing which I do almost daily.

I don't really enjoy watching him play video games, but I wanted to bond, and due to the possible complication I was texting back and forth with others. Then I decided to play Pokemon.

I am not a gambler.

I don't know what came over me.

But I said to Anthony, 'Five dollars says I catch a Nidoran.' as I opened the screen.

Anthony said, 'Twenty dollars says you don't!' and we shook hands on it.

I caught a tentacool, a jellyfish thing.

I owed Anthony twenty dollars.

How did he react?

He said, 'Ross told me I would get the money I wanted for my game. He said not to ask you for it.  We both knew if I asked you would say no. Ross assured me I would have it.'

I was like a fish out of water with my mouth opening and closing in surprise for a few seconds there! Ross! Anthony! Sheesh!

He was able to buy the 'coins' to help his game. (Anthony would much rather buy success than work for it when it comes to the video games--that's why I stopped giving him an allowance. It all went to his games, and even to the weeks ahead allowance.)

He works well with Ross.

And Ross sent me a check from the State Treasurer for overpayment of my taxes...which was much more than the twenty dollars, so I knew it was fair. I hope it will cover the expenses I have coming from the ambulance and other things.

You don't have to hide any more.

I was going to title this whole blog post that, and write more on the subject.

I spent a break yesterday afternoon talking with a woman who is very psychic but doesn't know it. Her husband almost died in the San Ysidro massacre at the Mc Donald's a long time ago. He was twelve and with his friend's family. The father jumped on him, completely covering him, and took seven bullets for him, including one in the head. His wife and son had been brutally killed by the shooter.'s_massacre

Mateo had been Keith's best friend. When my friend's son was born, she 'sensed' that there was a picture Mateo had drawn for Keith that needed to go into the room (the couple had decided to give the middle name Mateo to their son).  She said it was certain colors and there was a hat on it. She knew it was in their moving boxes somewhere, although she had never seen it. Her husband wasn't sure. But they kept looking, and found it--a break dancer with a hat on backwards and the same colors she had seen. It said to Keith from Mateo on the front too.

She also looked up Ronald Herrera and his new wife, and arranged for her husband and him to meet. The first thing Ron said was, 'I never regretted my decision to protect you and take those shots.'
It meant everything to Keith to hear those words, and the survivor guilt he had harbored for thirty years went away in an instant, with a huge sigh of relief.

My friend used to work Trauma, and on those cases where organ procurement took place, she had the job to put the body in the body bag after she had cleaned it.

She used to feel the souls of the departed. She would talk to them.  She would tell them they did a good thing, they helped a lot of people, the organs were going to this place and that place and so on...It bothered her boss. But she said, 'I need to do this to feel okay about what I am doing, and it's not hurting anybody. And no one else wants to do these cases. So it is what it is.'

I told her, as we had never talked about these things before, that I see the souls all the time, they are always present, and often, have something to say. For example, 'I will make better use of my body next time I get one.'

I've compiled over seventy such conversations with the deceased in this free e-book.

Her daughter is three, and has visits from both of her deceased grandmothers at night. She says they sit on her bed and talk with her. 

So...more and more people are coming to terms with their gifts...and you don't have to hide about it any more. <3

These items are to be shown to you in the interest of your own discretion--if you are curious, great--if they turn you off, just skip them:


I wrote a song for you.

A very long time ago.

It is my choice to play this for you today.

And if you don't have to work all day, like Carla who is enjoying her 'day off', I want you to set the mood for a glorious day.

(Duke Ellington is Ross' favorite...ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family