Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spiritual Confidence

I have noticed something important I'd like to share with you.  It is Spiritual Confidence, and the reason we are here incarnate, amongst other things, is to develop an unshakable faith in ourselves and our ability to work in the realm of Spirit.

I shared with a dear friend and student, how when I was going through some recent trials, I had on my jewelry of selenite she had made for me. It was working to protect me, and I felt it, and it gave me great comfort through a difficult time. She said it really helped her to have that feedback. It helps with her confidence. And that totally made sense to me.

I had thought she was more confident than me, many a time, because she always sent the right thing at the right time when I was at the end of my rope, spiritually.

SHE LISTENED TO HER ANGELS and helped me very much!

Her work is in my car (on the rear view mirror), right next to me here (in the sun--a huge slab of selenite with 'stuff' on it), and ON my neck (I'm not taking it off! lol). 

It helps me every single day.

But by making the assumption she was confident because she was accurately working with her angels--it was so dead on timely and needed--how could she NOT have been confident?!--I kind of missed the whole point in a big way.

Many people give me feedback that they aren't confident in their skills.

I have another friend and student, who is also angel DNA like the first, who makes beautiful bracelets and earrings. She has even designed some pieces with Ross for me. He told her what to make. And they had the highest quality, the very best. Every piece of her work has always had the very best of gemstones--she's made many for me. These too come when I am at the end of my rope, and need something to help me 'get through'.

Yet SHE has confessed to me how she isn't confident, how she wishes she could have more clearer connection with her guides and her Twin. And at this point, she feels the energy/touch of her guides, which she senses very well. She's concerned why she doesn't have the rest of her senses 'working' like I do with my guides where I see them and talk with them and remember...

I still hadn't put that together.

I'm still wondering why the charge nurse at the surgery center is asking me for beads--my wooden ones--copying my design for her two sons--and replacing the stones in my pattern with malachite and something else for them...doesn't she know I have a skill and like to share it with people?

Why does she want to just go copy me, without any of the teaching I have to offer?

Pretty much everyone I make a bracelet for goes off at some point and starts making their own.

It's a little depressing if you look at it with 3D eyes/mindset.

It's a little encouraging if you put your 5D goggles on.

Why? Because THEY are choosing to work directly with SPIRIT. And eliminate me, and all my skills, out of their 'loop'.

Yes, I can make a bracelet that will help you--I always can and I always will--BUT--for those who have worn my bracelets, and wish to 'copy' me, they are taking their baby steps towards working with Spirit. Even if at the beginning it's just to save a little money. By doing something with their hands, and the stones, they are unplugged from the mainstream media for long enough for their GUIDES to do whatever it takes to help them awaken, to build their spiritual confidence, and to help them share this energy through the bracelets with others.

I know my friend who makes the bracelets for me with Ross often  gives people in her town the one off her arm, no questions asked!  And they love the explanations she writes out for them by hand about the stones and what they do with the energy.

The is in the Deep South, in the middle of the Bible Belt, where a lot of old ideas and philosophies are entrenched for generations and generations!

Through the open heart, and the bracelets, and the kindness, everyone is waking up!

Just like me with the nurses at the surgery center and the hospital...

Anthony adores Mark Dice.

He had a full check up by the spine specialist yesterday, for those of you who are praying for him and sending him healing. Although he has 7/10 pain all day (at the accident it was 8.5/10)--the structures in the spine are intact. There is activity limitation for four weeks. It's good news. Thank you all for the healing you have sent to both of us.  Ross had told him, 'It won't be fun but there will be nothing permanent in the end.'

(We were surprised to see a healed tailbone on the films. It had broken in a fall at the rollerskating rink last summer and we didn't know...)

Anyhow Anthony watches Mark Dice on YouTube, and laughs and laughs. He loves how he interviews people. He loves how he talks back to the media.

When Mark Dice shows that some grownups are NOT 'smarter than a fifth grader' Anthony DELIGHTS because he says, 'Mom? I know that! I know the answer!'

Why does he love Mark Dice?

It makes Anthony feel smart.

It builds his confidence.

Recently, I've gone back to my old hobby of Sudoku.  I found an old book of them I had bought for a trip to Hawaii that I never used.

I'm in the EASY part.

And I love it. I LOVE how I don't have to guess, how the numbers are quick to fill out. It's fun.

It's fun because there aren't any Lessons, and I get to complete a puzzle in a short time, and I don't have to think about 'other things'.

In other words, it builds MY confidence--that something is easy for me to do, doesn't require much, and I can finish it all at once. Unlike other things I don't have to come back to it.


Wax on! Wax off!

Masters are made, they are not born knowing everything they need to know in life!

Do you know how many times I hit myself with the hammer growing up while trying to help my father???  I didn't have the coordination yet to work with the tools.

Gently, and with much patience, my father showed me the skills which were to be my trade, carpentry, which was to provide for both myself and my family the way my earthly father had provided for ME!

And those skills arrived. Right on schedule. With lots of work and dedication both from me and from my patient, humble, and ever-encouraging father who was a quiet man of great faith and ideals.

I could build a boat right now out of wood if I wanted to!

I know how! I know all the steps! I could build it from scratch with my two hands, in about two years of your Earth time!

But with my mind (points to the sides of his head) I could make it even faster, with all the same design, from where I am now!

Which way is more fun for me?

The old-fashioned hands-on one.

I like it because I get absorbed in my work, it soothes me and relaxes me, and I don't have to think about other things for a while.

It is my hobby.

(He shows a beautiful model boat in wood, very detailed, with all the rigging, that's about the size of a breadbox--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

P.S.  This much awaited one came out:  https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2017/03/14/light-establishments-are-expanded/