Monday, March 27, 2017

From The Front Lines

Nowhere in the Universe has there been so much suffering and pain as there is on our planet...and historically so.

What we have seen, and experienced is painful to recollect.

All we have to do is turn on the news with a flip of a button, and there we have the collective version of pain and suffering to boot!

Now that we are all on the same page, I ask you, for one moment, to recall that everything we experience--painful as it is--is only Illusion.  And to remember in your heart of hearts back Home with Divine Creator there is no pain and suffering and everyone is far away as it is, and as painful it may be for you to think of the great chasm which separates you between Here and There, with There being Home...I invite you to step outside your boundaries and take another point of view.

If you would imagine the father on the right hand side being committed to a Service to Self 'belief system' and the mother on the left being committed to a Service to Others 'belief system', you would feel, as the child, naturally torn and confused in the middle.

This is the essence of Duality, of living in a realm of opposites--hot and cold, light and dark, feast and famine--our delicate souls and our even more delicate psyches exposed to a battle between Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart (but who say they do in the mainstream media, and are telling a fib)...and those who really do love us and care for us and want us to go Home to a place of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion...

There are so many smokescreens, smoke and mirrors, and deliberate half-truths meant to mislead the generally agreeable public!

Now that we have this basic framework, I am going to invite you to look into the making of a monster, for I have studied these monsters very much with reading and YouTube...

In this photo, who is the student and who is the teacher?

I would say, the child is the teacher and the lesson to the abusive adult is to HEAL their wounded inner child, wouldn't you agree?

How can anyone be abusive to children?


I'll tell you how...through the cycle of abuse. That's how.

When you have been abused you either identify with the abuser and go for the power to abuse others...or you move beyond the abuse and heal.

There are a group of souls out there who do unspeakable acts to children.

The children who are brought up in this environment don't understand, they don't know any better, and they do what they must do in order to survive the extreme trauma of a Monarch Mind Control programming experience.

And the adults?

The Dr. Green (Joseph Mengele), the handlers, and the 'upper elite' like 'the man who owns me' as described by that woman on Dr. Phil who was sold at birth into that lifestyle???

These individuals are so heavily invested into the Service to Self belief system that they are beyond healing, they are lost, and they stubbornly have chosen through their experience in the Illusion to MERGE with Creator rather than HEAL and give all of this up!

Furthermore this has been going on in secrecy since the times of Atlantis...and re-emerged as Baal worship, and more, in the millennia since.

Today I realized the deep and profound sadness the angels have for these souls who are using their free will to make an eternal decision based upon their experience in the Illusion.

They work with Spirit and symbols. We do with Reiki too.

They co-create their reality, and sadly, try to hijack us to co-create their reality too! LOL--BOTH of us are excellent co-creators!

They tell us we are crazy to have the 'clairs'--telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairolfaction--and they deny us our birth rights as SOULS!  Because they like being in the 'one man up' position, using their occult knowledge to further their own goals, to benefit them, and not us.

The only REAL difference between them and us, is the belief in ONENESS. Through ONENESS, Service to Others is ultimately Service to Self, for everything is connected, and we are One.

They can't 'get' that part. But they have Free Will. So they defiantly choose to Merge back with Source rather than change their ways.

Sounds like ego, doesn't it?

It possibly is.

It might be something else too...pride...unwillingness to change/experience the other way of living with the heart open...who knows?

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have been given many chances by Creator to awaken; sadly, their souls have rejected this offer, and furthermore strived to BEAT Creator at their own game...which leads us to the sad loss of Souls...loss of family and friends who are deeply invested in the Illusion...Souls who for some reason just don't want to wake up, and heal...


This is not a sob story.  This is an exercise in Awareness. In Galactic Consciousness. In the lessons of suffering (who has not learned enough from this methodology already? )

The purpose of this blog post--which is unlike other blog posts online both from Carla and others--is (makes 'goggles' or 'binoculars' with his hands at his eyes--ed) is to help you see from our point of view, that's right, from the Galactics! of what has been going on down here on Earth for what seems like forever and a day.

(he clears his throat and folds his hands interlacing fingers on the desk in front of him--ed)

I want you to learn!

I want you to open your eyes!

I want you to have eyes that see, and ears that hear!

It will only work if the eyes and ears are connected to the heart.

Together all three will see and feel and hear all there is for you to know.

(holds his hand up like, ya ya ya wait a second--ed)  There is going to be a lot of 'spillage' in the next few weeks. Some of it will turn your stomachs.

(he points to what I wrote all the parts in this post above his cartoon he picked--ed)...I want you to refer back to that part there. Bookmark it! Make it easy for you to go back to it again and again.

And read the cartoon. Laugher will help you get Home. It heals and there was always laughter in our home, when I was incarnate with Carla, lots and lots and lots of it!

Carla has written her portion of this blog  with her love and understanding. And she of all people--after what happened to me--has the right to 'throw the first stone' and to ask for the maximum punishment to all those who have ever hurt another in any way, including myself...

Yet for the first time today (gestures to front of his body, fingertips coming together almost like the 'more' sign in ASL--ed)  Carla has seen eye to eye with Spirit, in her assessment of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--who truly are monstrous in their actions and choices!--to the way I and my fellow Ascended Masters here see the Total Picture.

On the highest realms, EVERYTHING is forgiven! EVERYTHING! (holds one finger up--one last point! --ed) and yet, there are AMENDS. Many, many many amends, including experiencing the pain and suffering one caused to another.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team Leaders <3