Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gratitude For This Day

Today I had the day off.

I slept in until six. (Usually I wake up at four).  I let Anthony sleep in until eight.

I had the corned beef hash and coffee warm for us. The vitamins were out. And I had blueberries just in case the small portions weren't enough for him.

He was a little late to school.

I was in my dress and silk sweater.

I had to go to my practice deposition.

There was slow traffic on the 405. At the last minute, much to my navigation system's dismay, I chose to take Pacific Coast Highway to the attorney's office.

I was nervous.

Ross and assured me he would be with me. Everyone was so kind. I had been guided to make a bracelet for the lawyer who helps the main one I talk with. She does all the work behind the scenes. She knows my case. I was told to make it with pearls and red Swarovski crystals. And a little bigger.

It turned out she just had a baby two weeks ago. The boy is adorable, I saw a picture.

Spirit is so wise!

I'm glad I listen to it.

The morning passed quickly, and it was done.

I am so grateful for my insurance.

I realized if you are going to be sued, I am with the very best people one could possibly have to take care of me. I never would have met them, if this had not happened. So when all is said and done, I have learned a lot, from the experience, and furthermore, no matter what, I will be a better person and doctor for having met them.

Then I wanted my mom.

I stopped off at Taco Bell after I called her to ask if I could visit.

I kept thanking Ross over and over again for my mom still being around. I really was glad to see her. Her home is so beautiful, a sanctuary for me. There are sweet peas in bloom, the orange tree is filled with blossoms, and she even had a beautiful red flower the size of a dinner plate on her 'ugly' cactus. We were both amazed by it.

She had a national enquirer for me. Those always make everything better. You forget your troubles when you read. I've been reading hers since I was nine. I think it helped me to be a better reader.

I had wanted to see my sister Vanessa today. She's been very uncomfortable. Sadly, she lost her baby, she was eight weeks or so, and there was no heartbeat. Now there is cramping and it's painful as nature takes care of the rest.

I sent her flowers yesterday, and offered to visit. Her husband was with her. I also offered to visit today, but I didn't hear from her, and I went to mom instead.

It was raining a little when I came home.

Aunt Mercedes who is turning one hundred, just was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her doctors don't expect her to make it to her birthday which is in May. However, the family is going to the reunion to celebrate her birthday, in July. It's been planned for a long time. We were notified by my dad's cousins that the party is still on, because so many have made plans to travel. Our East Coast relatives are so practical. And mom thinks Merce will make it. Aunt Merce is still clear headed, and when mom calls, she knows over the phone right away who it is.

I picked up Anthony from the school.  He had a good day. We came home. I got the mail.  Much to my surprise there was a letter from ANOTHER attorney!

Guess what?

My board from the association fired the big property management company, just like I'd prayed for! And the son of one of the board members is going to run the property management instead. The lawyers sounded like they were from the property management company--conflict of interest! yada, yada, yada!  They said that the old and new boards were failures, that the money spent was on the islands chopping the trees and ripping up the grass while the termite contract was signed in July 2016 and not one home had been fixed. The project had delayed over two years!

I smiled.

Everyone is waking up.

Tonight, I helped Anthony with his homework. He memorized the 'balance of powers'--with History. Let me see if I can remember. With this pnemonic--I foat, Congress can impeach the president, withhold funds, override the veto, reject appointments and reject treaties. W malt--Congress declares war, spends money, approves appointments, makes laws and approves treaties.  Uva- the Supreme Court can decide a law is unconstitutional, and the president can veto a bill or adjourn Congress (sometimes). Cia--the Congress can create amendments to the constitution, impeach a Justice, or reject an appointment to the Supreme Court. Li--the Supreme Court can interpret the Constitution, and also interpret decisions of the lower courts.  The president can appoint justices to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court can do something for the president and I forget.  Capfan -- the President can (I forget C), put laws into action, (I forget p), make foreign policy, make appointments and offices, and negotiate treaties. I went over this again and again with Anthony. I went over his science with him too.

I actually read the National Enquirer to relax before I started dinner. When I made the dinner, I had already cleaned the dirty dishes in the sink and unloaded the dishwasher and dish rack. I put on Hawaiian music (Island 98.5 on iheartradio), and made rice, coleslaw, and chicken 'steaks'. I filled the crystal glass Ross wanted with Suze--halfway--as he said--and took a tinier aperitif cup of my grandmother's for me, and we had a toast. Ross said, 'bottoms up!'.  I was happy and dancing as I cooked.

Anthony fed the rabbit, and also set the table. It was my wish from this morning. And sure enough, Ross and Anthony did a fine job, with really nice plates.

What was the highlight of my day?

It was Ross.

He popped in with a surprise for me. He had a piece of paper. It looked really old, like parchment. It was big, too, almost like a poster. It was very elaborate, ornate. I was puzzled.

He explained to me it was our original wedding certificate. It was in Hebrew. It was like Marjorie's! So beautifully calligraphy in so many colors. He had it framed (I wanted one that would 'sing'--of such elegant design) and he asked me where to hang it in our home--our Home home, up there.

I said, 'I want it in the front hall by the door so everyone will see it when they come in!'

He said that might be a little inappropriate. Would there be another place?

I suggested the wall by the kitchen table, like Marjorie had done with hers. He liked it and I saw him hang it.

I was so deeply touched to see something that meant I am his, and as he gallantly added, he is mine...I had tears of joy on my face...

Then I teased him and shot back, 'back in the day that piece of paper meant I was YOUR PROPERTY didn't it?! You could do what you pleased with me, or sell me, if you liked!'

He absolutely adores it when I give him a hard time. Not many people do, nor is it proper! He loves it that I keep him on his toes, and he keeps me for sure for sure for sure on mine!



The Suze is calling! I want you to go and finish it, and have a good rest. (his serving, his half little fancy crystal thing, is on the table.)

clap! clap!

Now he's speaking to you--ed

I want you to see how our partnership plays out in Carla's lessons. There is calm. There is engagement from her in what is going on, and Carla is PRESENT with her full faculties as she encounters her experiences. And her heart is always open, always connected to me.

I played three songs for her today, and sent signs to reassure her. Sans souci (without worry--it is in French).

Here is one:

(Ross smiles and gives a big thumbs up!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
(we like Reggae, don't you think?)