Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Winds Of Change

She did it.

Ming is the first to really apply the concept of how to manifest. Here is her story:  This is supposed to be about her debt-free Jubilee, this link.

Ming from Reiki Fur Babies worked with Spirit and her intuition, to get herself out of her money woes.

With single mindedness, she turned things around.

I give her credit for this.

Myself, I find that 'money' is too low a vibration a topic for me. When you understand the laws of the Universe (Spirit supports you when you have a dream, a goal, something you want to do, and money just 'arrives'), you tend not to think of it so much.

Yes we live in a world where money is needed. And I myself give great thanks every time someone sends me something on PayPal. It helps with the responsibility of being a single mom, paying for everything, and also, the tremendous outreach in teaching (I have students, thankfully, three actually pay their 'tuition' of ten dollars a month, every month, on time. The others, are supported by two generous souls who have ability to give for those who cannot, so it works out. Thank you Spirit, for the energy exchange.)

So I can't throw stones.

I am going to give a HUGE HUGE HUGE DISCLAIMER here. If you are affected by violence, cruelty, and gore, do not watch this!

It's about a woman who is stoned to death under Shariah law.

Why am I glad I watched it?

It's deeply healing for me.

Ross intervened once, in one of these, and prevented it.

He also died at the hand of a mob, in a manner that was common for criminals at the time. 

I'll have you know that in Spirit, I have held every single soul who ever jeered at him, struck him, or just plain watched and didn't stop it, accountable for their choices.

Yes, just that one time, back then. 

They are forgiven by Ross. And also by me.

But their actions are not conducive to the future of humanity, and they--according to Ross--have all been sent elsewhere, to another place to grow their souls, far away from here.

As his woman, I am invoking 'victim's rights' to have the freedom to heal and grow in safety and in a vibration of Love and the Higher Realms.

And on a very deep, deep level, I see how perhaps Saul's indifference to my many sufferings, once Ross was gone, was both cultural, and also, conducive to my survival. For being raped many times, by many horrible men, and not refusing them, in this culture, possibly saved my life enough for me to carry the message of Ross' teachings where they could survive after his death.

It is my hope that only a world of LOVE will result from all of the Illusion.   Where faith will be visible and trust is a given, something we can rely on and take for granted every single day.

This John Smallman arrived today while I was reading Divine Mother the riot act. I kid you not, our conversations are both monitored and produce results (one Gaia Portal, One Saul, One Council, and one John Smallman).  I was reading the riot act over this:  Expectations message from the Council

Specifically, I had really been stressed. I worked from eight a.m. to seven p.m. on call. I was in the locker room squeezing into my little black dress, and the phone rang. There was a case! I was afraid I wouldn't make it to my sister's bachelorette dinner!  I asked the nurse to delay the case until nine.

So I drove a few miles to the restaurant. But I couldn't find it. It's hidden in a corner and very hard to see from the road. So I passed it. I turned back. I only had an hour. And I was SCREAMING at Siri (a total lack of help) for directions and I haven't raised my voice like that in a long time. 

But I found it.  I arrived not too early. I said my hellos and ordered a salad as this was my dinner break.

My sister's friends are all total socialites. 

They look really 'hot' and kind of have the personality that goes with it. I know they are sweet and kind and they love her. But they come across as shallow.

One actually confronted me over where I sat at the table. The woman who knows me best, put me there temporarily while I could be with the group, just to my sister's right. Well, the one who had chosen that seat, and all the others, had to shift right.

I couldn't believe it!

Calmly, with all the authority and patience I have developed over a career of working with emotional surgeons who have outbursts, I explained I would be leaving in twenty minutes and if it was important to her she could simply have her seat back.

That is the riot act. 

That these people, are of such low vibration, they live these lives on 'who impresses who' and I was so glad NOT to be chosen as a bridesmaid!

I couldn't see how Gaia could heal with that energy.

I was like, 'Gaia is dying and we are all ONE and LOVE and ha ha ha--how about that sports team and my highlights in my hairstyle!'

I was rioting over the traditional Galactic answer to everything. And about not seeing any results. 

In some ways, my life is like a zombie movie, where everyone else is a zombie/asleep at the hands of corporate mainstream media. I've been awake since 2012. 

I know everyone deserves their chance to awaken at their own time which is convenient to them. And many people who follow this work have totally blossomed in their own right and give Ross and me so very much JOY!

That's when the John Smallman came. 

I went back to the hospital, and worked straight through until three a.m. 

We saved two lives.

I was so sleepy I was doing ANYTHING to stay awake, dancing, rocking, tapping my feet...until that last case was done.

I know for a fact people are hand-chosen to come to my O.R., there's reasons, and I do what is asked spiritually of me every single time. 

I also 'got' that the reason I work so dang much, is because my 'duty' is to 'infiltrate'. 

What I got last night is a surgeon once passed out while working during his training. He was putting in that one last central line in the unit, after working forty eight hours straight. He got the vessel, got the wire in, and the room started to spin. Next he knew, the nurses were giving him orange juice and helping him up. 

He actually FINISHED putting in the line!

The whole time, the surgeon attending had been paging him to come to the O.R.!!! Come down here!

The nurse picked up the phone, and told him that this resident was in no shape to operate, he had just passed out from exhaustion.

An anesthesia resident came and gave him an i.v. to hydrate him, and the unit let him rest for a little while in one of the beds. The surgeon came, and asked him how he was getting home? The resident said he was going to drive. The surgeon refused, and insisted on driving him home.

The next day was Grand Rounds, always on Thursday mornings. And the attending said how sometimes the residents need to get more rest. It's affecting their care, their health, and patient safety.

Apparently the resident kept saying over and over on the way home, 'all I need is two bowls of rice and I will be okay. I just need TWO bowls of rice.'

The resident had no recollection of saying that. He wouldn't have even known if his attending hadn't brought it up.

This same surgeon fell asleep at the wheel of his Tesla, and totaled it, just this year.

Another surgeon, his inspiration, his mentor (the one with the starfish motto--saving the one)--wants to have an intervention because he's concerned about him.  These surgeons have to operate and can't put things off until the next day, because of the insurance contracts they have, and they don't want to lose their contracts so they work like crazy all hours of the night and day. They have to operate within twelve hours of the patient coming to the ER. This saves the insurance for an extra day in the hospital to pay.

My friend, the surgeon, was once an anesthesia resident, many many years ago. He was my student.  His wife was an OB-GYN resident.

He switched. 

I realized just to be present in the room with him, was important. He knows me and trusts me. And I also realized, with great compassion, how he might not be around. Furthermore, he has arthritis so bad, everything hurts all the time, and he has to take infusions of very strong medicines.

At the end of the last case, he wanted to 'go get some food'.

I just excused myself. He had mentioned getting a hotel room when I knew I couldn't drive home once I learned of the second case. I had reserved one at nine p.m. I wasn't sure I would make it there, to be honest. But I checked in after three, and fell asleep around five. I slept well until eight, and then, fitfully until ten thirty. 

I didn't have anything except my dress, and my scrubs. I didn't want to sleep in my scrubs, or the dress. A shower was so very nice though. And unlike the recovery room, I was undisturbed until I woke up. (usually people come in around five a.m.)

I was blessed I could afford to stay at the hotel.

My scrub tech, and circulating nurse, went home, because they couldn't.

Again, there is a blessing.

I was blessed to be at my sister's bachelorette dinner, and also, her bridal shower today.  I was thrilled she loved the mickey and minnie bride and groom cake topper I had bought for her and carried gently all through my day at the park the last time I was there.  I cried tears of joy to see her so happy.

Then more tragedy struck.

Anthony's father Jared was in the urgent care with severe hypertension. I had to go pick Anthony up from there. I left the bridal shower.

I had the weirdest feelings. 

On the one hand, without Jared, I would have great freedom with Anthony--more time to see him, more ability to plan activities.

My mother and I had once had visions of his not being around when Anthony was older. The illness today unsettled me.

And my deep gratitude and respect and appreciation for Jared's help, with Anthony, made me sad that perhaps something not so good would happen to him. 

We spoke privately, Anthony and I, about the pressure his dad is under, and some of his choices. Anthony sees things now, he's older, and he understands but not everything. I explained that sometimes grownups under pressure behave a certain way, and it's learning for him too, as in 'what not to do' when you are under pressure in life.

I need to go now soon to get dinner. Ross said he would could when I mentioned to Divine Mother Incarnate how cruel it seemed to have to cook after this long work shift. (I had napped two hours on the couch this afternoon).

We have a gift card to a local restaurant. I will go with Anthony there, it's Anthony's suggestion.

One last thing.

I have trouble 'focusing' like Ming, because of my work and demands on my time.

I pick Ross. 

That's all I can see. It's all I want. And frankly, it's my only ticket out of here, the Illusion.

He's my flashlight I suppose, guiding me Home.

Instead of Jubilee like Ming, I will concentrate on Ross and being together with him again. Somehow.

And Ross today showed me this symbol. He says it's important and to meditate on it.

Please feel free to meditate on it too.

Ross excuses himself for now. Anthony is hungry and waiting.

He thanks you for your patience with him, and will speak the next time.

Aloha and Mahalos,


Ross and Carla
The Couple