Saturday, March 18, 2017



Yes, I was 'stuck' at work and didn't get home until five. Right on schedule, by Boss and number Two.  It was a pleasant day, remarkable for Spirit telling me not to pack a lunch. Spirit said, 'you will find food somehow'.

I did. Between the snacks for St. Patrick's day, and a gap in my schedule where I could visit the Doctor's Dining Room and actually sit for a meal with proper china and silverware and talk with my colleagues, I was very content.

Patients and surgeons were good too.

My son is back to school. He has quite a bit of pain. And I am recovering from the shock. Both for the uncaring and selfish motivation of the CEO of the organization where he got hurt--and for how devastating trampoline park injuries can be when they happen.

I had a bit of a shock earlier in the week, too. I had taken my boy to the pediatrician when he had upper respiratory infection that wasn't going away. The bill was refused by my insurance. I had to check it out on my day off.

I am on Obamacare.

I didn't mean to. I just buy my own insurance, and my insurance company changed it. I'm on a Silver Pathway. I pay about seven hundred dollars a month just to have insurance. I started paying three hundred dollars a month about nine years ago. It was cheaper than my COBRA of six hundred dollars a month for my old insurance. But the deductible keeps going way the heck up.

Now it is an EPO. I can only see people 'in network'. Next year, I must have a primary care, as it will be an HMO (unless I want to pay extra).

Guess what? There are only seven primary care doctors in the area on the Find A Doctor search with my insurance who are able to be primary care and are taking new patients. The ones with reviews say, 'they are not primary care, they staff an urgent care, they are in the office once  a week, the office is dirty, they never called me back'.

Fortunately, Spirit has provided me with a friend who is a physician, who is fully trained in both holistic and conventional medicine. Spirit provided this first when Anthony and I were so very sick.  I can be reassured I will be taken care of.

And I will be very careful next time at open enrollment, and make sure there's no surprises.

Many pediatricians and OB-GYN's are on the Find A Doctor Search. Anthony wanted a new doctor anyways, and I wanted a new OB-GYN.

But it was a shock, and with all the legislation who knows what will happen to my insurance!

I pay three hundred a month just to be able to keep my dentist too. Just to be able to be in that network. And the word on the street is it's pretty affordable what I pay, too.

Healthcare is coming alive!

My patient wants to buy bracelets from me. I will give her one for free. Also the MRI tech (and her mom who has recently discovered metastatic recurrence of her breast cancer) would like one. A nurse at the surgery center asked. And one of our readers too <3

The Nursing Administration who runs the hospital and the four 'sister' hospitals is all about Holistic Healing!!

And the RN who wants me to teach Reiki to the staff is offering up my name to Administration. She also created an aromatherapy oil blend for Anthony's pain.

It's really happening!

I must be at work in a short time.

Ross wants me to share about my gift from him.

The about the vitamins.

I got a beautiful piece of purple angelite anhydrous with chatoyancy from him, and also, a merkabah shaped quartz (kind of like a flat star of David on two sides), a nuumite heart that's really pretty, and a sunstone lingam.   I didn't want to buy the merkabah but he says if I place a crystal on top of it it will amplify the crystal's energy.

I was very happy Ross thought to send me there. It's been a very long week. Month. Year!

Then he sent me to the cheaper grocery store with natural food and more affordable vitamins. I had just finished the book Clinical Nutrition in my case. It's a thick book. Did you know high intake milk/dairy is linked to both Parkinson's disease and prostate cancer?

And just about everything improves on a vegan diet, and losing weight. Cancer. Diabetes. High blood pressure.

Non vegan weight loss diets have such small portions people get frustrated and aren't compliant. But with vegan you can eat as much as you want, especially whole grains and leafy vegetables.

I got supplements chromium picolinate, inositol, B1 (eighty percent of obese people have a serious deficiency), B6, and activated B9 (folate). I have high risk for a MTHFR mutation as my sister just tested homozygous for it. I got magnesium (careful if you have kidney disease!) too.

I also bought vegan ready prepared food for my call today.

Ross says I can go.

I love you and so does Ross.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. I asked yesterday for MORE Gaia Portals, More John Smallman, and More messages from The Council.  I got one already today!  Actually TWO!