Thursday, March 16, 2017

How I Buy My Crystals

This is how I began, those tiny tumbled ones you can fill the bag for like, six dollars.

I've always been attracted to gems. I used to stare in the jewelry shop windows when I should have been playing with my Barbie's. I was very young.

My father had a mineral/rock collection. I have it now. I knew the desert rose (a sandstone unique formation), obsidian, quartz, by sight.  I understood the difference between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. When I would go camping with my family, certain ones would catch my eye. My favorite find was a cabinet-sized specimen of epidote crystals I found when I was about sixteen.

It wasn't until years later I would learn how to buy them.

I frequented metaphysical shops for many years, but I wasn't especially attracted to the crystals. I thought I was too dumb to understand 'grids', and I just dared not to ask about them and the meaning of crystals. I bought a book by Melody, called Love Is In The Earth. I didn't open it. And I bought LOTS of jewelry to help me adjust my energy, mostly earrings, and 'power bracelets'--with 2 millimeter beads on elastic and all the same stone.

I did this for many years through most of my awakening. I did buy a phenacite crystal when I was in Reiki training. I wore it in a pouch around my neck.

As my sense of working with energy developed, I found that I was going through an experience of Rapid Change.

I also found that crystals tended to 'balance' my energy fields, to stabilize them, and make them more harmonious. I would buy small crystals, points, angel-shaped ones, and also many small faerie figurines or inspirational items. Perhaps the largest was a bowl like a cauldron for burning incense, the good one with the charcoal round thing and you put the resin incense on. That was about fifty dollars.

I also asked about the grids. It turns out I had been instinctively arranging items on my dresser to increase the energy flow there since I was a kid. And grids needn't be 'fancy'. I would buy tiny specks of stones/crystals, and make small designs as grids, on felt with no special pattern printed on the felt. There are many grid 'templates' but I didn't feel a need to use them. When I would measure with my pendulum, they would work.

As I started being online, and teaching, I started to respond to the bigger crystals. My favorites are the spheres. I would keep them near my bed, or sometimes on my mattress, and soak in their energy at night like a rechargeable battery.

At this point I was still going to the crystal shops in my area, and physically being guided to the stones. I invested in high energy jewelry, for example, the pendant on my neck right now has moldavite, danburite, and phenacite, each in gem cuts and mounted together.

I had a friend online who was as poor as a church mouse. She could make bracelets. A beautiful soul with a great faith. Ross and I designed a bracelet with her. She is the 'owner' of our official Ross and Carla bracelet design. I supplied her start-up fees, her materials, and we priced the bracelets at like, thirty dollars. You could get them with lobster clasp, toggle, or elastic.  The stones in this design were put together to make Ascension smoother, less bumpy, and more pleasant as the energies increased in frequency (And indeed, since 2012 or 2013 when we started, the Schumann frequencies have gone from like 4 to 52).

I bought some for Troops 1111, a group of healers I was in--so was this friend--to get the business started. I ordered many many bracelets. I gifted them. I gave dozens to Andy Bojarski to give to each person he did a reading for.

For some reason this was not to be. What was in it for me? I think one dollar a bracelet which I never got. But in a way I did.

One day Anthony and I were playing basketball and it broke. I was devastated. I could have sent it back east for it to be fixed for free, but I couldn't bear to part with it. So I discovered my bead store, and I repaired it there for free. But I started to look around, and I FELT the beads! I bought some.

Isabel also knew how to make bracelets. I didn't.

One day, we did FaceTime or Skype, I forget--and she taught me how to make bracelets. We made two I think. I had the bead board.

What was strange was that both Ross and Ashtar were seated and watching our every move from their location--they had ability to observe us, and I'm used to having our interactions be monitored--but never where I could see them watching and they were like, drinking cups of coffee and totally taking it in.

I said to Isabel, 'Don't they have anything better to do than to watch to women discover a new hobby to pass the time?! ((until we go Home and Ascend?))'

Ashtar and Ross never said a word. At some point they just went away.

I knew once when I was very small, I was given an IQ test. I thought it was a grownup with nothing better to do than to pull me out of class and ask me many questions. She wanted to string wooden beads on big black leather cords as a 'game'. She would show me the order, the sequence, and I would copy.

For some reason, it was super easy for me, and the whole stringing of beads seemed 'familiar'.  It called to me, just like later, so did the gems.  I think it was my soul, peeking out from the Veil, with a skill I have developed.

I do recall in India, being very happy, and I wouldn't be surprised if Ross and I had been located in the region of Jaipur, an area which is known for creativity in both its food and jewelry.

That's when I started to create the bracelets.

I bought from Michael's for the elastic, and I bought from the crystal shop--bead store--for my beading supplies.

A friend told me about Fire Mountain. They had better discounts than Amazon and Ebay. I also like BRBC beads. They are very good.

For online rare things I can't get from the crystal shop, I tried InnerVision crystals for the high-end things like moldavite. They have an excellent page on how to spot a fake moldavite. But their prices are super high. Like scary high, and they've gone way up this year.

I like Celestial something--they have a mineral of the month club, and it's very good. I think it's Celestial Earth.

I've also been to Treasure Mountain (I think they have auctions), Dakota Mountain Mining, I forget exactly, but I would google for something rare and the only places that would turn up are these places where the auctioning gets kind of nasty for something good.

On eBay there are lots of fakes. Especially 'larimar quartz' which is dyed. But once you get the experience, you can tell what is real, and what isn't.

I always get my crystals by 'feel'--either online or in person. And if it doesn't resonate with me, I don't buy it.

Watch for some which are radioactive. Some people will ship them anyway here to the States. You would never know. Monazite is one of them. Be sure to double check!

I've been to gem shows, and they are very draining. I've gotten good deals. And my friend who went to Quartzite gem show got the best prices of all, with little or no markup.

My dream store is the one which sells museum quality specimens. It's called the Curator's Eye.
It's online. You have to join them to look at the offerings, but nobody but museums can afford it.

On a different note, I've been wondering about my cell phone.

My nickname for it is my 'slave device' because it tells me when to wake up, when to go to sleep, and when to work--I have to be near it always in case my work needs me. Even if I'm on vacation in the area, I would have to come in.

I recall the first time I downloaded the app Steps, how my phone already KNEW how many steps I had walked that day, and I had never even turned the app on!

Had it been measuring something I didn't know?

And could somebody else have been measuring it?!

I once met an officer in line at La Belle Patate in Victoria, BC. Anthony and I bought him his poutine, as is our custom here in the States to buy meals for officers in uniform. He was Navy. Their headquarters are up the street.

They work in information, electronic information.

He said nothing is private any more.  And that they design apps all day...I understood he was implying that the front end is an app and the 'back' end is it tracks and extracts personal data in ways you couldn't believe.

Just like some people say the phone is listening to them, and it's for more than your 'hey Siri!'

I wonder about Pokemon GO!

It uses the most addictive reward system on earth--unpredictable rewards and random intervals--as well as 'hunting' and 'collecting' psychological reward systems--to hook us on the front end.

I wonder what information they are gathering on the back end?

For that matter, why do you have to upgrade your apps every week? Yesterday I had like eighteen and I don't have many apps on my phone.

I personally suspect/feel/sense that they UPLOAD all your personal data back to the mother computer for each app. Back to people like the officer/soldier with the Navy in Canada.

On my blog, I can see every click. Every person, from everywhere in the world, not WHO they are, but the readership for the stats. The countries are a big part of it. Also the times of the clicks throughout the day. I used to get really excited to hit one million views, and then I stopped checking. I usually get about one thousand to two thousand 'hits' a day,  mostly for the Codes, and about one quarter of that is for the actual blog, the stuff I post new each day.

I used to add lots of key words for searches. Now I let Spirit take care of it, and send it where it needs to be seen. <3

I also like Stauer. They have some very nice Diamond Aura--lab diamonds--which are very well designed and inexpensive. I have one and it has a really nice flash.

What is for sale from me and Ross?

I can make a type of Ross and Carla Bracelet. One person didn't get their order filled from the original, and felt awful not to get it, and was too embarrassed to complain because they knew the person was going through some family difficulties. So I bought similar, and made one. And another one spirit wanted for them too.

I can make custom bracelets which are like a reading/personalized energy match support. I make them for people who contact me, and we decide the energy exchange. Each one takes some time for me to make, so it's not just the stones in the price but the time.

Like my mom said, at the jewelry store the most expensive one with the beads is like twenty bucks but most go for eight.

I can't compete with that. So I don't sell on Etsy or Ebay. I don't have an inventory for people to pick. It costs money to post them up. And in that way, I'm not for sale.

I can create a Loving Embrace of Gaia shield for you, to filter out 3D stressors and envelope you and surround you in the calm of 5D. Your lessons come through but are blunted. Energy exchange for this is negotiable too.

Ross and I can make a Bondo Healing Session and reading for you too. This one the energy exchange is not negotiable. Ross is doing this to help me, and he sets the way it is done. I am not to compromise on his request on this. The Gaia shield is my own thing, and I'm flexible.

Contact us at if you are interested.


I love my Carla and my Carla loves me. <3

(yesterday there was a dandelion while she was on her walk with Anthony. Carla made a wish. It was for me. She asked, 'For Ross to have his Heaven--with me.'  Immediately, a few steps later, there was another, and I had her blow on the flower so I could make a wish for her. I wished for Carla's heart's desire to come true.'  I also had a small piece of pizza, a thimbleful of coke soda, and one chicken wing at the table with Carla and her son. I am celebrating! Usually I never have more than a vegetable or toast and a cup of coffee. I am at the Moses' setting/table--the setting for the deceased loved one.  They set it just the same for them as for me. At every meal I join them in the home. I am present. Both of them feel me and hear me. Every single day.)

clap! clap!