Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Avalanche of Flowers

I am post-call.

Yesterday was more brutal than the call I took last Saturday night.

There were no breaks.  I didn't get out of the hospital like I did to meet with my sister and her friends.

I did cases back to back with the sickest one at the end.

I came home at three thirty or four in the morning, the usual time I wake up!

By some miracle, I had the day off. I was able to sleep in until ten.

I'm still pretty sleepy though.

What was unusual was that I didn't fight it, the pain of the work assignment. I told myself, somehow I would get through, and also, it's not forever.

One surgeon cancelled a case. Actually two did. The last two cases assigned--the ones to run from three to six in the morning, I asked the surgeon would he please allow them to go tomorrow?  With compassion, he said yes. He could have operated all night.

It's different when you are operating. You're in a state of flow. For anesthesia, you are sharper if you've had your rest. Downtime is important.

So is sleep.

Today I went to the hair stylist's.

I had a vision.

I saw something flat, like this:

 Then it did a flip, flip, flip, flip POP!

And it became like a whirling, flower of life unit that was 3D.

These pictures here, together, approximate it:

Here is the 3D effect to you, but the shape is wrong, it's not loops

This is fluffy in one direction, towards you. The actual ones are the same front and back, and they spin like spheres

It looks kind of like this superimposed, in the sense it's got lobes on it, I forget if it's five or six

It you can imagine this in 3D you've almost got it

Then I watched the one flip, flip, flip, flip POP! and all of a sudden like four were surrounding it, just like it.

There was a pause, and then each one did the flip, flip, flip, flip POP! and then there were four more around each one!

I saw a vortex, with many of the flowers going UP.  I was sucked up too, into it.

Ross was there with a BIG HUGE hug for me, and I put my head on his shoulder, and asked, 'have we made it, is it done?'

He smiled and gestured and asked me if I'd like to see New Earth?

It was SO pretty! Very natural, clean, healthy, with lots of water and green and trees! And I could even see a huge mountain!

Then Anthony floated up the vortex too, and we three hugged together for a LONG time.

I learned that we can go back and forth through this 'tunnel' or 'vortex' if we wish. It's wide open.

And I also learned that each 'flower' is a soul who is totally awake and aware of who they are and their mission, and believe me, it is like an avalanche just starting to begin.

These awakened ones are NOT under the Veil, they are NOT in a stupor from the Illusion, they are very active souls who are here for a reason, highly trained, and ready to get to work!

It caught my breath, the extent of the planning, the training, the coordination of this work on such a massive scale.

Then I came back.

This is my hairstylist's last time at the District, a shopping mall in Tustin. He's moving.

Ross wanted me to go to the Union Market. I had wandered there, but been intimidated the last time.

This time I got the nice Croissants from some famous bakery by Pasadena. I ate one for my breakfast (I'd only had a smoothie:  power greens, pineapple, apple juice, ice, ginger and protein powder/chia). It was a California Croissant--savory with salmon in it, and soy sauce.

I also had a milk tea, Earl Gray Lavender. It was delicious.

I was ready to go. Ross said, 'don't!'

I was guided to a place, Kroft I think. They had like pork belly on a roaster and I was like, 'icky'...but I looked to the front, and sure enough, they had Poutine! REAL Poutine, with the gravy and cheese curds.

So I ordered one.

I 'sense' that this is my last Poutine.

The changes are starting.

How do I know? I checked with Divine Mother Incarnate, and Divine Father.

It's true.

The Awakening has begun.

Yesterday in my conversation with Divine Mother Incarnate (I know it's monitored)--I made it a point to say I am READY for what's next, not because I wanted to get out of here, not because I'm whining, but I'm really, truly ready for what's next.

It wasn't even a Bring It On type of statement.

It was a simple, putting it out there to Source/Creator, that I'm ready to take things to the next level when it comes to this Ascension thing.

I sense others are ready.

A mom of five and grandmother of more had heard about the penises in the Little Mermaid Poster. She agrees it's weird how in those movies all the mothers die. And how they make fun of the parents. She's just almost ready to learn more, but I didn't push it. I just said that if you want to know more, look on YouTube and there's a lot, but I saw one cartoon image where the words S E X were hidden in the clouds in the drawing.

I also showed my sitter today how to work with stones and bracelets. She wants to learn.

Then just now I checked and saw this:

It's nice secondary confirmation.

I just asked Ross if he doesn't mind if I go to sleep, because I'm still sleepy from last night. He smiles and gestures his hand and says, 'just GO!' And he thanks me for writing.

He also played this one special for me. I had been thinking of Al Jarreau for two days...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. it was actually the Metropole version of Midnight Sun, and I couldn't find it but here is the metropole with Al Jarreau: