Monday, March 13, 2017

Another Weekend

Anthony is walking. He is very sore. He wishes to go to school today because his friends are very concerned about him. One of his classmates wanted to go to the hospital to check and see how he was while he was in the Emergency Room.

For my part, all I can say is I am grateful his friends ran so quickly to me when he was hurt.

And also how supportive and kind the mother of the birthday boy, and another classmate, have been.

The facility has not contacted me. Everything was on video. They are going to review it.

More doctor visits will needs to take place to establish everything is okay, and that Anthony may resume contact sports.

Thank you for your Reiki, prayers and love.

I am aware of certain things of the power of intention. For example, in this situation, I asked Divine Mother for 'all the codes at once' (that would apply to Anthony).  I didn't look them up. I didn't struggle. I didn't use my finger or a crystal but I used my mother's heart. I knew without a doubt that everything I requested was  being done in the situation to help it.

I also called Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Merlin, Raziel, and Ross to help. I was sitting outside the x-ray room, in a chair, and rocking to comfort myself, feeling terribly alone because Jared is there and no emotional support to me whatsoever, only to the child,  and I kept telling my angels, I know you are here. I don't understand. But please make it better. I know you are here, even though I can't see you and feel you and hear you as well as I do those who are incarnate who are near me, speaking to me, and holding me.  It's enough you are here.

Funny thing is, both Anthony and I knew he would get hurt. The question was how?

On Friday, Anthony was overwhelmed with a feeling something bad would happen to him. A certain type of injury. We know enough about Spirit to accept this warning as real. But we didn't know what to do.

On Saturday, we had breakfast at the seaside resort. He wanted to climb something dangerous, I said no, and thought it was over.

I know enough about the physics of the trampolines, that a large child like Anthony running around and playing--he doesn't think about his own safety with every action he takes like I used to when I was a kid--in the dark with his friends late at night wasn't optimal.

I remember the time he needed crutches for two weeks after going to this place. He's been there twice since, for more birthday parties, no problem. But I didn't go home --even when I thought I might and I told the mom 'if he gets hurt put ice on it and call me'.

I knew.

I knew enough that after the cake and the 'Happy Birthday' and parents were coming to take their kids home I had a sigh of relief for having missed the Bad Thing we had both felt coming.

Then it hit.

I gave him Reiki. My training kicked in and I did a neuro exam and a trauma exam. I wasn't going to make the call to move him. I was going to leave it to the experts for that. I gave him the codes.

In the ambulance I had to sit in the front seat. But I could hear him and he could hear me. The ambulance team was making conversation to help him stay calm, too.

Yesterday I had to run a few errands. I needed gas. The car was filthy. And I had to go back to the place to pick up Anthony's shoes. They are size eleven Quicksilver black flip flops. I had Anthony playing video games and forbid him to climb the stairs without me in the house.

I took video and films of the place while I was picking up the shoes. In the light I could see the wear and tear of the equipment, it's been the same ever since the place opened. The area where he got hurt was closed to the children, but reassembled so the springs were not exposed. I could see how depending on who stepped on these cushions, the corners would come up more to less. It sickened me to know all these families were here and didn't know what a terrible accident had happened there less than twelve hours ago.

I got some things to eat from the store. I needed carrots, water, and greens for the rabbit and us.

In the car on the way back, my heart called out to Ross. The tears flowed.  I said, 'I want you!'

He looked at me seriously, deep in my eyes, and said, 'something good will come of this. something very good'.  I clarified with him. And I trusted and made a mental note to tell Anthony once I got home.

It felt good to have Ross' support. And to let go.

When Anthony broke the glass in the front door, I got angry and upset. I screamed and I cried. On one level I was glad he didn't get hurt. On the other I knew the glass, a colored flemish one, was irreplaceable as it was fifty years old, and they don't make it any more. Now it's only tempered clear flemish glass.

I forgave him. I calmed down. Yes it was an accident and he's a boy. He slam dunked his toy basketball into the hoop over the front door as hard as he could, and it broke. He couldn't understand why it broke. But I did. He's a man-child. Size of a grown man. Mind of a twelve year old. I get it.

When his shoulder got hurt, I dropped everything I was doing, and I went to the school to take him home. I bought a sling, I brought him to his father.  But I was very torn on what to do next? Standard medical care (which is expensive). Or watch and wait?  I was stunned most of the day. I had a million things to do, I needed rest, and my caregiving skills were being demanded of me. An oppressive weight was on me. I couldn't function. I had just been to the glass shop for the last problem. A part of me that cares for other people professionally needs a rest when I am post call, and here it was, being demanded of me again. This time, for my family, which rightfully should 'demand' it--but my 'cup' being post call was very 'low'.

With this one, I didn't yell. I didn't complain. Both Anthony and I are surprisingly thankful. Thankful for the kindness of the birthday mom, who wrote a letter of complaint to the facility, stating it was clearly an equipment failure, and for them to 'make right'.  Thankful for his guardian angel, who kept him safe from catastrophe. Thankful it's the weekend, his weekend with me, and I was home to care for him.

I hope I passed the test, whatever test these cruel things were.

And also, on my 'to do' list--I have had things to do, written down, that, because of Anthony and his circumstances, I can't get done.

It's so hard. I did the one thing with a deadline. That was it. Five more remain. I did clean though. All the animals' cages. I gardened. I planted three tiny plants, two tomatoes and one oregano. I organized the plants on the balcony, but had to stop that too in the middle. The kitchen table and guest room are all noticeably cleaner. Difficult as it has seemed, it's getting better. It's going to be okay. It's very slow, coming out of all this MUCK--the energies, the accidents, the mess--but slow and steady persistence combined with acceptance and trust is helping me get 'through'.

On a different note--there's lots going on, with fascinating articles. I'll just put them here and you can pick and choose. Seriously, they are all over the map, and if you don't like one, don't worry. I am a broad reader. I don't think everything I read is one hundred percent true. But I like to see what's 'out there' that resonates with me. And these things do:

I  think that's everything.

It's time for me to start my day. 

Ross have you anything to say?

He shakes his head no.

Remember, if you don't hear from me for a healing, the daily Reiki and Divine Peace Healing ones, Ross is sending them. We both did yesterday. He did most of the work. It takes me a while as I use every symbol I know, which are like fifty of them, in my daily healings. Ross was able to do the same thing in a few moments. He is able to combine all the frequencies of each Reiki symbol and Divine Peace Healing symbol I use, sort of superimposing the energies, into one superhealing and send it effortlessly. Mine takes baby steps, this one then that symbol then...and you know how that goes.

I'm glad I always have something to learn from and look forward to with him.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple