Thursday, March 2, 2017


Tuesday was a really good day. Kathleen, who didn't want me to do her anesthesia, but LOVES to share with me, about her grandkids, stories, and her faith...couldn't wait to see me in the GI lab.

She had gone to a Catholic Teacher's conference with her husband. She had bought a tee shirt with an 'I <3 Mary' on it, and the heart was actually a rosary.

She had learned about St. Brigid--it is her day in Ireland in February on the 2nd. And the Irish and Scottish believe that SHE was the midwife for Mary!  She said that spirits can go 'any place any time' and that's what they believe about her.

I smiled.

I shared I have always had a fondness for St. Brigid.

And it was on the steps of St. Brigid Church that I was promised a sign of how I would know the person I meet was to be my true love. Jesus had shown me mercy, in my anguish, because I was so confused and hurt over a recent breakup. Right when he said he would show me a sign, a small cricket walked by, with one leg in a certain position missing. I knew when I would see it again, I could TRUST.

I also had a beautiful framed artwork of her over my bed, but I gave it away as a sacrifice to Spirit--spirit had asked. And there is still a St. Brigid cross of corn over my bed today.

Then Kathleen shared that in Ireland they don't have the Holy Spirit as a dove.

It's a GOOSE! A big fat one! She couldn't remember why...

Kathleen's excitement sticks with me.  She was like a schoolgirl, she couldn't wait to share, and it made me glad.

Last night I asked for a good day today.

I've been talking to Ross a lot on my way to work.  From what I gather, he has assured me there are NO ALARM CLOCKS where he is. There are no beepers or buzzers to wake you up when you are at rest.

He did say that you get a strong sense of knowing, like when you get the feeling you need to check on your kid when they are too quiet or getting into trouble--that nagging, relentless 'nudge' to make you go and check.

On the road this morning, I was sweating bullets because I was twenty minutes late.  I knew my surgeon is kind, but they are clocking people in and some of us are going to be 'talked to' if it's a pattern.

In my heart, I knew I was still recovering from my horrendous call, I'm only human, and Anthony had wanted me to call in sick because of my cough (I feel better but I sound horrible).

So I didn't beat myself up.

I asked Ross if there is anything they can do?

He said, 'I love you with all my heart'.

I saw 'deese guys' too, and THEY said that THEY love me with all their heart too.

I was like, 'well, what about your Twins and the rest?'

I understood that the purpose of our relationships--Ross, and the rest--is of mutual happiness and caring. When they say they 'love me with all their heart', for some reason, in spirit, it's possible.

And I checked to make sure it wasn't because of duty or politics or the reasons sometimes marriages are 'arranged' here on earth.

They said no.  Ross also said I would be okay at work.

Then a license place went by that said L<3velyOne.

I smiled.

I came to work just as my surgeon was walking into the O.R. I explained my lateness, and she said, 'I'm ALWAYS on time! Be punctual!' which was the most loving thing ever because SHE is always late herself.

I walked into the O.R. and was stunned. Nothing was open. They couldn't. The humidity had dropped below thirty percent, and they can't do surgery until it's corrected.

So I got ready, saw the patient, and guess what? Right after I was ready, the O.R. was too!

Plus, there's another surprise!

About six people brought in boxes of muffins or donuts to share at the nurse's lounge! I had been in such a hurry I only ate half a grapefruit for breakfast, and my serving of greek yogurt and blueberries was converted to 'lunch'.

I felt sooo well taken care of!

I thanked my surgeon for saving my life.

She was like, 'WHAT?'

So kind.  She had written me a prescription, plus a refill, when I was on my 'sick day' where I had to go to work. I explained it to her.

She shared her youngest had just had it, and he lost eight pounds, dropping under one hundred pounds due to his illness. He's the same age as Anthony.

We talk.

In the O.R. she told me she carries with her her last paycheck from her old group, just to prove to herself she makes the right decisions.

She had been with a group for twelve years. The first year was a guarantee salary. The rest, it depended on how business was.

In 2010, business was bad. Her paycheck started to go down. Ninety percent of her paycheck went to 'overhead'. Some months she didn't even get a paycheck.

An old partner who had left the group, who was a little weird, had foretold that her paycheck would have lots of 'overhead' and the other partners wouldn't.

It came true.

That's why she left.

She billed for over seven hundred thousand dollars of work, and collected five hundred thousand, but she didn't get to keep it. The group took it. The senior partners didn't pay ANY overhead at all!

Her paycheck was for eighty-nine thousand dollars for that year.

A scrub tech told her they make more money than that.

Her boss has some funny patterns.

For example, he told people she was 'dead'.

Colleagues who referred to her would see her in the hall or at conference, and say, 'OMG! you are still alive?!'

One went to her husband, who wasn't sad or acted like anything was wrong--he didn't know about the rumors--and the colleague didn't say anything but thought, 'I guess he must not have liked her'.

The troubling thing is that her boss also owns a school system, and all three of her children went to his school. And when her kids found out about the rumors that had been spread about her being dead by the owner of the school, it deeply disturbed them.

She had to put a stop on it, and she did.

She was scratching her head as to WHY there was this behavior in her boss and senior partners?

I gently introduced the concept of a 'service to self' belief system.  This is another way to describe 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' in general terms.

For example, today on the radio the quote was, 'never unscrew someone else's lightbulb to brighten your own.'

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are  'into' finding your own 'power' and it's OKAY to step on a few people to get yourself to where you want to be.

She commented on how that makes sense.

She thought perhaps it's because he's a self-described 'atheist'.

He's pretty extreme, she said. If she had on a bracelet with a cross he would touch the cross and say, 'why are you wearing THAT?!'

He didn't like it.

The office extension is #6666.

They are on the sixth floor.

I think the suite is 666.

I gently came up with this one, and it was out of the blue, but I said, 'I know a lot of people who are atheist but super concerned about how their actions affect others. These atheists are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Almost all of them are. I think he is possibly a little farther 'out there' than 'atheist' and possibly Anti-Christian...'

And it clicked.

With her heart open, and with trust and mutual respect, I was able to plant the seed that things are not what they seem, some things are stranger than fiction but they are TRUE, and some shadows really ARE 'shadowy' even when they are hidden in plain sight.

I know the whole campus of the hospital has 'influence' by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It's at a very high level. It has to be because there are two sculptures which are VERY indicative of this 'religion' on the grounds. One is a poke stop and the other is a gym.  They've 'marked' the place as their 'territory'. I've studied the hidden signs, and have known for five years now.

So, for the record, there is a 'faith' that belongs to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  It is Anti-Christian, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Judaic, Anti-Goddess, Anti-Wicca, Anti-Hindu, Anti-Shinto, Anti-Buddhist, Anti-Divine Father and Divine Mother, Anti-Jain, Anti-Sikh, Anti-Athiest, Anti-Nature, and Anti-nurturing/warmth/love/compassion.

It is a belief system, and it's not easy to wipe out.

This brings us to the point of the strong minds and weak minds.

Today I learned something.

There's a whole spectrum of 'Service to Self'--the deepest end I described is my friend's old boss.

Then there are the 'movers and shakers'.

Today, I learned that many of my group were mad at how the senior partners had openly taken advantage of me. There was an excellent lineup at the surgery center, I was not told of it, it made twice as much money in half the time, and one of the senior partners took it when I had by position of my call, the right to work that shift.

Six people were sickened by what the senior partners had done.

They knew about my 'sick day'.

They knew how Boss and Number 2 sneaked out, leaving me to cover until five p.m. after I had asked their help because my son was home alone, sick, and they both KNEW I had driven home for lunch just to check on him. (I live a considerable drive from the hospital).

The strong minds in the Service to Self in my group are the senior partners. (One covered for me when I was sick, and was kind, but the others are definitely making more, and working less, at our expense).

The 'weak' minds are the ones who are discovering the flaws in the system, and being sickened by it.

They haven't bought into the Service To Self to the Point Of No Return yet.

The suffering of the innocent is starting to wake them up.

They even wanted to have a meeting about it, to fix the situation so it won't happen again.

That is why there's the butt naked man on the rock up above. He looks RIDICULOUS. He think's he's the 'King Of The World' but in fact, he's like the Emperor's New Clothes--totally naked out there for everyone to see.

As the Vibrations of Earth increase (and the Schumann Frequency has passed 52--it used to be like 4 or 8 years ago)--people are going to have their hearts open up, and they are going to sense injustice, and they are going to react strongly to it.

The 'cool' on earth is going to FLIP just like the poles.

Service to Self is going to be shunned.

Just as it is in all things Galactic.

And the Anti-everything 'religion' is going to be rendered useless and go away. It won't work. And people won't be able to hide in the shadows and do horrific things to honor their 'god'.


Carla is staying up painfully late tonight.

It's not to write.

It's for Anthony.

He forgot to do an important project, didn't allow himself enough time. The poor child has been doing homework since Carla came home at eight. It's almost midnight here in California.

Carla cooked herself a late dinner (the sitter and Anthony had already eaten) of cod and greens. Her sitter taught her how to cook it in parchment under the broiler.

Then Carla helped Anthony with Science.

Then Carla did the laundry, folding and putting away clothes Anthony didn't do for three weeks, and carrying his clothes downstairs and washing them. They normally take turns, he helps.

So when is this going to end?

The complete and total destruction of the childhood?

The smothering with facts and reasons and explanations that's all in the mind, in a five paragraph essay?

Carla did what her wise friend and colleague did. The busy work.

She typed both the answers and all the questions--twenty two in all--so Anthony wouldn't have to type.

She also UNDID a lesson Anthony had learned incorrectly in physics. Velocity equals acceleration times time. You have to keep the units straight. Carla went over and over and over with Anthony to get him to write so it would be easy to make the connections, writing the units the way Carla was taught in college, and cancelling them out.

Anthony, little one, small in mind and big in heart, likes to think he is always right.

He said, 'okay, I get it' a thousand times, and Carla corrected him one thousand and one, until he got it, and actually did it right.

For the first time Carla let Anthony have an energy drink, as the poor child was falling asleep at the dining room table, in a stupor.

She also discovered that due to his lack of discipline, of writing down his assignments, he 'forgot' over the weekend to catch up with this one too.

He explained the assignment was given on Friday with no explanation. Then on Monday he learned how soon it was due.

It is madness!

Absolute hogwash and madness, this life!

How I FEEL for my family, my beloveds.

It isn't in any way at all like this here where I am, in the Afterlife.

Learning is important, but children are invited to discover for themselves the many truths.

Just as Carla is guiding you on how to take down Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart by her example, by living a life of love and kindness, and being genuine unconditional love to all she meets.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple