Friday, March 31, 2017

Healing The Soul

Yesterday I was called in to work a short day. I ate my breakfast late. I did what I had to do, and next thing it was around two in the afternoon and I was hungry.

I recalled a sign on the oncology floor when I had walked past, something for Doctor's Day.  I wasn't sure if it was for all of them, who work on that floor, or for all of us too?

Fortunately, a social worker who was once my patient, stopped by and said the nurses had bought it with their own money and made it for us to enjoy.

So I ate.

I relaxed to the music on the nature channel on the t.v.

I had a little sandwich, some yogurt and fruit, and a tiny piece of homemade crumb cake (it had my favorite, the golden raisins in it!) and one tiny apple rugelach.. I also sampled their wonderful Jordan Almonds. There was water with cucumber and berry in it to flavor it. And a cup of coffee too.

The power of the Loving Kindness, the Love and Gratitude, and the generosity of spirit from the nurses moved me deeply.

I can't begin to tell you how healing it was!

Here I am with so much on my shoulders, medical bills, Anthony's back injury (seeing when he can go back to his sports), lawsuit, trouble sleeping, my housing situation (it's 'settling' a lot and just got new neighbors next door last night), and another bout of bullying at the school which upset my son...

And through these simple gestures, the nurses were able to gather enough energy to pierce the somber all around me! To go right to my heart! And to GIVE when I was hungry.

I will never forget it.

By the way, on my way home from work, I stopped by the bank and the store to get things to prepare for dinner. I went to another bank and then to Costco because my end of year cash-back check was ready. I had a car trunk filled with organic healthy vegetables and fruits.  But what did Anthony want for dinner?


The brisket sandwich.

I had a slice of cheese pizza.

We walked to the rest of the store to buy refried beans in the can. I was bold and didn't take a cart.
We ended up with the beans, batteries, sunscreen, a bouquet, and some chocolates!

Anthony told me that the diamonds at Costco are the same as at Tiffany's, but the ones at the famous store have a three hundred percent markup. He read it somewhere.

This website really made me smile yesterday. It's all about the gemstones, from a gemologist point of view:  I also had some fun looking at the videos on how to tell a fake diamond from a real one on YouTube. It wasn't much time, but it was enjoyable.

And life goes on!

My headache is better, and it's time to start a new day. I will ask Ross if there is anything to say?

He wants this picture.

It's for Aaron.

He says, 'It's time to go'.

(Aaron teases him's an inside joke. I 'get' that Ross will speak more tonight or tomorrow.)

clap! clap! (I hear that too)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple