Sunday, January 8, 2017

All Sizes Matter To Us

Many times in our earth walk, we are chastised for 'making a mountain out of a molehill.'  For all we know, a small thing can be a huge obstacle to us, because our emotions, particularly fear, tend to exaggerate size of a challenge!

But how many times do we take this concept and turn it the other way around, to where something very minor, actually is a huge first step?

I have one such example for you today.

I was washing the dishes the other night. Thursday night. And I looked at my Christmas cactus. It is one of my favorite plants, my first one having been given to me in college. It bloomed a bright pink, and I thought it was a miracle how anything so 'cactus-y' could have such long lasting, beautiful bloom.

It was my friend, while I was studying my Chemical Engineering, blooming every Christmas, year after year, all the years I lived in Berkeley.

I looked at mine, the new one, and it dawned on me it had never bloomed.

I gazed at it, and thought how disappointed I was, how much I would deeply enjoy having seen the blooms at Christmas, and now here it is, after, and there's no blooms in sight. I resigned myself to another year, and perhaps then, the conditions would be right for it to show me its flower. I would be patient and wait, being sure to take good care of it, until it picks its time to make its flowers.

It started blooming the next day.

I am serious. Totally, totally serious.

Little buds started coming out of not one leaf but many. By next week I should have many flowers.

I felt such joy!

I felt such happiness!

I felt like bless its heart, that little plant somehow heard my heart, and decided 'this was the year'!

I felt love.

Am I beginning to manifest?

I think so.

There is a time when you have no expectations, and your heart is deeply moved towards a goal, and there's this's hard to describe, but I've felt it before when a baby boy had been to the ER too much, was having to get an i.v., and was a notoriously hard stick. I held his arm down for our worst nurse--and I just relaxed and prayed, 'Lord, this child has been through enough already, please spare him!' and BOOM the i.v. went in on the first try into a next to invisible vein, and the nurse whooped and hollered about it she was so happy and surprised that it was as easy as that! She then asked me to help her on EVERY patient when I was with her. She called me her 'good luck'...

That feeling...

It's important and I wanted to share.

On the other hand, when you are working with energy, and it's your lesson, sometimes you have to work, and put some effort into it. I mean elbow grease!

Today, for some reason, out of the blue, I realized the place to start cleaning is my kitchen, and to get things up off the floor. Keeping things on the floor is terrible for the chi (I read books on Feng Shui) and kitchen must be good chi to keep the money flowing into the house.

I assembled a four shelf chrome rack, and put some of the things on it. It's not the most beautiful, and it's right in the dining room, but UP everything off the floor it went. I immediately felt a difference in the energy flow, it improved greatly.

I washed a lot of dishes. I shredded documents in my new shredder which is better quality than my old one. And I donated the old one and a wall organizer I never hung that was in its original box to the Goodwill.

It was work, it wasn't fun, but I knew I had to make the effort for my energy in my house to flow better. This time it wasn't about the self blame or guilt, or the embarrassment to have guests.

It just was, and it was time, and I did it.

I am very happy with the results.

Was I working with my angels? Probably. I felt more of a 'nudge' than 'clear direction' but I went with it.

This is a most important form of self-care, keeping an eye on your environment. I have a long ways to go. But in every room, I am going to keep organizing until I get everything up off the floor that I haven't found a place for it to go. It can take months to complete the project from floor to counters to closets, but I feel in my bones by the end of the year I will have a lot of changes that will be totally worth the effort.

How about in the middle? How about using your antennae, and being patient until you find out what's going on, and not JUDGING or PANICKING in the middle of it?

My dear friend, my maid of honor, was traveling to Las Vegas for her work. We keep in contact briefly, but every day, with a short text. If you recall, our theme for 2017 is 'Balance'.

I sensed trouble.

I even asked her, by text, are you home yet?

I knew.

I knew it with my heart of heart she should have been home, but wasn't. I didn't hear anything from her. She didn't text. I know she is busy, and has lots of business, and I didn't want to take any more of her time than she already has.

There were travel delays. I didn't find out until tonight. She got home at one thirty in the morning, today. And she has to go to work tomorrow.

I trusted her to her angels, and I was patient and loving the whole time, praying for the best as she undertook her challenges, and positive person she is, she didn't communicate at all until tonight.

The last part is about letting go.

And not looking back.

There are certain situations where it is better not to intervene--when a person who doesn't seek help but is looking for you to do their work, and to rescue them--you have to be cautious.

In the water a drowning person will push you under, trying to breathe, and you must be highly trained to know what to do in such situations.

You know the feeling in your heart, when it is right for you to step in and offer assistance.

When you are in balance, there is a feeling in your heart when it's not your place, it's not what is asked of you, and you let it go.

You have to be whole to help the ones who are sent your way. You know who they are. You sense it. And the rest?

You just give them to Creator, and trust that the highest good will come out of your action, or in this case, nonaction.

As an aside, today, I brought home two mice for the snake. He hasn't eaten in weeks. He's lost much weight. Mice aren't really enough to sustain him, but if he eats enough at a time, he does okay. He doesn't like rat, which is more nutritious, and he'd rather eat many small than one large.

He ate one.

The other I set free in the wild.

It was destined to be food, and I believe it will feed something, being totally white. And if it lives, well, it was its fate to be free.

Why the one, and not the other, who was chosen to live?

I don't know.

Some things are a mystery only Creator fathoms.

I honor it and go on my way.


Next time Carla gets this! The BIG ONE! (points to his temples and closes his eyes, pretending to strain--ed)

And she's going to make it bloom with her Mind Power!  (he's smiling warmly and teasing--ed)

You are entering a phase in your life where anything is possible!  (one finger up in the air, high up--ed)


(points to his temples again--ed)  Anything!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple