Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Healing Takes Time and Pain Is Information

I have an old shoulder injury.

I separated my right shoulder in college while doing a one-handed cartwheel for my baby sister who was learning gymnastics. I was a gymnast, and except for a sprained toe, never had gotten hurt.

I couldn't brush my hair, I wore a sling and I was surprised at just how much shoulder is needed to get through my day.

And it healed.

Until about fifteen years ago. I had pain deep in my shoulder, same one, that hurt so bad it woke me up from sleep.  I asked a nurse who had a lot of orthopedic surgery who she recommended. He was outside my network, but I went to him.

His x-ray showed the joint was fine.

I took physical therapy (try making time for THAT when you're an anesthesiologist! lol) and it helped.

Until recently.

I am very stoic. I had noticed a sharp pain when I reach back with my right arm. I just stopped doing that when possible.

I had the pain I don't know, about six weeks? Maybe longer. I had trouble playing catch with my son all summer, I recall.

Well yesterday, I got a massage, only for the shoulder, and I came out with NO pain. And I was able to move my arm more than before. I still didn't try reaching back.

I was delighted!

Then last night, I went to put the cover on the bird cage...searing pain went through my shoulder. The cover is heavy so he won't pull it off. And the cage is taller than me, and taller than our old cage. It's been about two years with this cage, maybe three.

I went, 'Aha!'

I put two and two together.

I will ask Anthony to cover the bird, as he is taller than me.

And I will have a step stool in the room just in case for when he is gone.

Plus before it bothers me, I will apply heat, and if needed, go for another massage.

There are things in your life, be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual, which have been increased in discomfort so as to gain your attention and help you learn something important for your life growth.

Your body, all of them really, your mental body, you physical body, you emotional body, and your spiritual body, are your TEACHERS.

They are patient and definitely persistent.

This is partially why energy medicine is so important--because Dis-Ease (the energy imbalance) can be healed before it gets to the physical.

Remember they are only your teachers, and give you information so you can see something about yourself.

For me, with my shoulder, the times in my life where I held great burden I 'couldn't shoulder' for myself--living in an apartment with a mean roommate while studying Chemical Engineering sophomore year,  being freshly separated from my ex-husband and living in a new home, and now...being at work so much, and just being 'out there' online (I've had my share of things I don't tell you--things that make me sad--readers who aren't healthy and really push my boundaries, basically, some of whom might be paid internet trolls, everyone in the business gets them) and being responsible for so much with my son and me...

It doesn't have to be a burden, and it can heal.

It takes time.

And I am grateful for the information, both with the bird cover (don't do that any more!) and the heat and remembering how physical therapy really helped me in the past...


You can heal too.

You can heal anything, if you set your mind to it.

Even something you once thought impossible.

Take the time, to go within, and ask Divine Creator to help you find the answers, the way...


Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S.   Yesterday I realized for the first time, with this stuff Ross is talking about between us, and the changes, I asked a special favor of Creator. I asked, if I am indeed to be in a wedding with Ross, might I please be given a traditional morning for the bride so I may prepare and enjoy the anticipation and feel that I look my best?  In Jewish tradition, the bride has a whole routine to complete in that morning, which I think is very special.

Divine Father said, 'why wait? why not prepare every moment through your day, beginning now?'

So, in my own way, I suppose, I am preparing..... <3