Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rose Paving Company

Yesterday was a really, really difficult call.

I was patient, and although I was call four, and NOT on overnight duty, through some sequence of events, the ICU did not have a bed, the patient was to spend the night in PACU, and a doctor had to be immediately available through the night. I could have called in my call one, or, since I had just said good night to him, and it was MY patient, sucked it up and spent the night. Everything was beeping and I really could not sleep.

Wouldn't you know it? I come home to the sound of chainsaws cutting down more of our beloved trees, and it was impossible to rest.

So I might as well write, hmmm? <3

This title is from a truck I've never seen before in my life which appeared to me on the toll road early this morning on my way home.

If you know about the Rose mystic tradition, and if you've read this blog long term, you will know I am the 'Rose' in The Dragon Rose Line and I helped to set Marvin the Dragon who was trapped in that line free.

I like Roses. So the title fits.

What gives?

Remember how Divine Father said the other day, 'why wait?' other words, go ahead and prepare for being the bride to Ross?

I did that.

All yesterday through my long, and somewhat uneventful day in the O.R., I thought about many things. I prayed to be a good partner to him, to appreciate him and to be his source of companionship and loving support. I asked to be my most beautiful, and pleasing, so I could feel I am my very BEST for him.

I asked for many things. Right down to my prettiest 'undergarments', nice nails, and well-taken care of hair.

I delighted in the feelings of having someone who loves me, who will love me forever, and I will love him, where I will be safe and cherished.

And that I can love him!

Then a dear friend, incarnate Bartholomew, send me this:

I read it with interest.

I was like, wow! That sure explains everything in our relationship from before, Ross and me!

And I knew in my heart, that Cobra once said, 'the only place where the veil doesn't exist is in the love between a man and a woman--when they are very close--the quantum distortion does not exist'.

I reflected on how the love with Ross is healing in so many ways!

I didn't give it a second thought, it just was and I continued being grateful.

Then, around early evening, the strangest thing happened!

I felt ready.

I didn't feel the need to prepare, to be ready to be the 'bride', or to imagine us in the future.

I reached with my heart for Ross <3 in the quiet of my heart, with confidence and trust.

I accepted in the Now, I am His, and He is mine, and amazing energy started to flow between us.

It's been like this all day.

I still can't see him like I see this computer. I have to use my Spirit eyes.

But I can feel his loving support, how he never leaves me, and most of all, Ross' warmth.

And I give thanks for this.

Our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are united as One.

In addition, a close friend, incarnate John, wanted to gift the son of a close friend with a Loving Embrace of Gaia shield.

Wouldn't you know it? Last night was a late, right before midnight special, buy one get one free?!

So two shields were placed.

We help each other.

Hence this:


I am delighted to reveal that I am Here with Carla (he taps his heart--ed) and the energy is ever-flowing.

It will not stop.

I want you to enjoy this new feeling, as it will be in the air all around you, and all around everyone.

Heaven IS upon the Earth.

I am with Her.

clap! clap!

It has been a long ride.

We are here.

We have arrived!

Hold on to your hats!

Anything can happen!

In a good way.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

P.S. Ross' birthday we celebrate in our home is this Friday, January 20.  He wants me as a gift to him (I asked him what he wanted) is to make him some bread. I stopped by the store, to pick up some flour and some yeast for the bread maker.

He wants us to enjoy it tonight.

I also got a twenty-three pound all-natural, no antibiotics frozen turkey, normally thirty-three dollars, for ten dollars!

I'm thawing it out, and plan to invite whoever in the family is interested in another Thanksgiving, to come help Anthony and I with it. : )))

Ross asked me to share all of this with you today.

I also got the Marie Callendar frozen fish, and the tater tots, both for half price too! Anthony adores tater tots.