Thursday, January 12, 2017

How I Let It Go

Do you remember those joke 'diagrams' several years ago, where there were questions like, 'Did you break it? Did anyone see you? Then don't say anything'--it was like a flowsheet.

Well, today, we are going to talk about moving on, ahead in your path, down the straight road.

First of all, if you are suffering from the guilt and dread that goes along with screwing up and hurting another, and you want to make right, this is simple. All it takes is two things, a Ho'oponopono, and an Amend.

Ho'oponopono is Hawaiian term for 'making things right', and is a legal term in Ancient Hawaiian Culture. You simply say to the person you hurt these four things in the same order, and mean it:

  1. I'm sorry.
  2. Please forgive me.
  3. Thank you.
  4. I love you.
It works. It reestablishes the relationship on equal footing again. 

What happens if they don't accept it? It's unlikely, but if they do, you will have done all you can to preserve the relationship and you are free to move on.

The AMEND comes from the Twelve Step programs. You do something the other person would find meaningful to show you have changed your ways. Sometimes if the other person is deceased, you can talk to them with your Higher Self's guidance, and search your heart to find a meaningful AMEND which is important to them that you can do, anyways, perhaps to help someone less fortunate than yourself.

What about people who wrong me?

There have been a lot of them across my many incarnations.

The compassion I described to you from my Loving Embrace of Gaia shield totally helps.

So equally does a minor change in 'mind set'.

You see them as Creator does, not as you do.

For example, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, I look at them and am saddened because 'they have been told a huge pack of lies and not only did they believe it, they chose to LIVE it!'  And I know, in a simple way, there is going to be some karma to be paid for their choices and their actions.

What about someone closer to you, one who betrays you?

Here are my simple steps:
  1. You don't know the Big Picture--this person and their actions might be the 'kick in the bottom' you needed to change your life around in a big way. (sort of a 'life's teacher' to get you back on track). It hurts! It always hurts! But it might take years for you to understand the point of this 'situation' in the context of your life in total.
  2. Ask Archangel Michael to cut all energy ties between you and that person. This keeps your precious energy where it serves you best, and not in anxious conversations/thoughts about the other person.
  3. Put the other person in Creator's hands, and let it go. 

Do you have to be friends with this person? no.

Do you have to prove to them you are right? no.

What if I have to see them in my social engagements or my work?  be 'friendly and polite'. THEN you can distance yourself.   I'm sure they will appreciate it too.

I was asked by my guides to write this for you, so I am.

Anything you didn't like that happened to you, in your past, you can apply the same basic three steps, to give you freedom to move forward in your life's journey.

Ross is taking a break today. He waves and smiles. He's the 'guide' who asked me to write this in the first place. (he winks--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos

Reiki Doc