Friday, January 13, 2017

So Many Gifts...

There are so many gifts which are arriving in my consciousness, from an incredible healing by Ross, to helping to heal the nurses at the surgery center through gifts of my bracelets, to sizing up how deeply asleep some people in the 'awakened' psychic/healer group are, to just...taking it in stride.

Let me begin, briefly...

Yesterday on the way to work, I had a conversation with Ross. It went like this:

C:  Ross? I didn't like it how all those people raped me while you were traveling and after you had died. And how Saul knew it the whole time and didn't care or try to stop it!

R:  (he listened, and paused a long time, carefully weighing his words)  Can you forgive them?

C:  (long pause)  yes.   (and I forgave them)

C:   (another pause)  But what about all this pain I have left that's all over me?

He reached into some jar or something, and had a thick salve that was like a cross between lotion in a jar, cocoa butter, and cornmeal paste, and started to apply it to my wounds on my light body (my soul).  

Once it was on in a spot, everything felt warm and protected and 'right' again.

He put it between my toes, on my arms, on my legs, on my head--everywhere I needed some healing for my heart from all the scars and wounds from all of my incarnations. He concentrated very much, and took a long time.

Have you ever had a blister and had to hike, and got some moleskin on it? It's a special bandage for blisters which sticks on, and protects the area from rubbing and getting worse.

I felt like I had a cross between lederhosen and moleskin in the patches where I used to ache and have scars, in my light body. Those parts of my energy were not stiff, they were nice and easy to move again.

I was happy! Delighted! This thick balm all over me helped me to feel whole, like I could function, and it reminded me of how in burn patients and wound care, there are highly advanced materials in dressings which speed the healing, and allow the delicate new tissue to form underneath while it is protected.

Ross says his special shield is the color of a field of ripe wheat (like the picture).

This one is up close to the body. It provides optimum healing conditions, and helps you to move through your life without the pain.  It will seek out and heal wounds from past incarnations and gently make them whole.

It takes time for him to apply it, and he will offer it to those who we know who would like it for the energy exchange in the same amount as one of my custom bracelets.

(when he finished, I saw the words Silver Star on a truck, and immediately after, a car license plate went by that said, 'Mirage'--as if all our pains are mirage, and Creator says they will disappear as if they never happened. I was just happy for the relief, and was ready to go UP with my balm until it wasn't needed any more.)

I actually helped him apply one to our first person besides me. I held onto him from behind and wrapped my arms around his tummy as he worked. He said my energy was helping him. That was so nice! I'm sure he could do it just fine, but I love to watch him work. He allowed me to apply his 'Bondo' (that's what he calls it, like to fix a car at the body shop) to the feet and ankles and calves. I enjoyed the sensation, and smoothing it on this person.

I saw him reach into the head, pull up a past incarnation by the hair, and apply layer after layer to each successive past incarnation too.

There was a brief time he encouraged me to look away, while he did the work. There were some past lives he didn't want me to see, it would make me very sad, so he turned his body to block my view, and also, I looked at other things.  Then we layered a golden shellac all over, like real paint shellac, and the healing was done.

Well, guess what?  I thought that was it! I was mistaken!

On the way to work this morning, Ross had me stand up, and he peeled me like a banana, with a layer of everything that was stuck to the 'Bondo' coming off, and with the golden outer peel off, I was shining whiter than white underneath!

It's a TWO STEP healing!

Ross was very pleased, and he said what is left is what has survived the 'fire', the 'trials and tests'--and only what is the most pure and valuable remains. All the rest is dross, and is to be done with forever.

It feels really nice.

And it certainly helps me 'connect' mentally from my 3D experience to my 5D and higher one.

I stayed up until eleven p.m. making bracelets for all the people who asked for them at my work. I made nine bracelets after dinner.

I make one free for a colleague, just to help the healing environment. All they must do is ask.

People were astonished, 'How did you KNOW?' and 'THIS is EXACTLY where I am at now!!!'  and   'I'm a little psychic myself, and I KNEW it was going to be black!'

A mother came today, and asked me, 'Do you do Reiki?'  I said, 'yes, of course, I am going to teach it here.'

Later, she cornered me in the locker room, 'What IS Reiki? my sister said I should have my son Reikied.'  (I explained the levels, what a Reiki Master is because she wanted to know what that word meant, and she helped me to create a Reiki Request for her son.)

Even the number two anesthesia boss in my group asked for one. His was to help him make the best possible decisions for his future. To see options clearly, to decide, and not look back. It's to make his bright future 'even brighter'. Again, spirit was one hundred percent correct in the match! He was delighted!

About half of the workers at the surgery center have my bracelets, including the top manager, who is a woman.

The other half hesitate, hold back, watching the others for their experience first, and I have patience.

It was a good day, and definitely worth the effort.

Ross has me stop off at the crystal shop on the way home.

It was empty. I was delighted to see two of the staff there, particularly Joseph Gaspar, my favorite angry gay Lightworker, who has really mellowed out, proudly wearing my bracelet on his arm!  He is my most difficult 'customer', and I had to make it healing and also very elegant. He loves it and he hasn't taken it off since I gave it.

We talked. Us three. Another woman worker was there, May Lynn.

Someone said how 2017 feels 'different'. The rains have been very cleansing, as if they were washing 2016 away. And to boot, forty percent of our drought areas in California no longer have drought!

Then someone said, 'Even though Trump is coming into office, I sense things are shifting around, so perhaps people will be able to wake up and notice things, people who otherwise wouldn't.'

The woman said her daughter was so distraught over the election, that she had to console her, and say, 'sometimes things have to fall apart before you can find your way again' (referring to our political system).  May Lynn confessed she was pretty shaken up about the whole thing too, and searching for meaning.

I paused.

I thought of my words carefully.

I mentioned how in my opinion, I have noticed that those who are heavily 'connected' to mainstream media are the most upset over the election. The ones who depend on what is broadcast to shape them, their identity, their sense of safety, and their ideas of the world. Yet in my opinion, 'All the world's a stage' and everything that is broadcast is actually made up to herd us along like cowboys herd cattle or sheep.

'A common myth' Joseph casually mentioned, with his best Carl Jung energy along with it.

My point was that if you look at the reaction to Trump, it's a good index of who is heavily influenced by what is told to them by the media.

And further, it would be nice if CNN was 'truth' or FOX was 'truth' but in reality, both are telling lies and totally manipulated and controlled by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Kanye said it.

George Carlin did too.

They are LYING to you.

I shared with them the basics of this video:
(I have a new folder on my YouTube 77Picklehead, called Truthseeking--I put all of these videos I watch on it.)

They were both kind of like, 'cool!'

But then one started talking about Disney. They asked me what movies they are going to show at tonight's kids night out where I am to chaperone. I said, 'probably some Disney thing' and I grimaced.

They were like, 'Disney is cool! Moana is really better now, they've got nice work.'

I was astonished! Didn't you know?

Didn't I know about WHAT?

About (two customers walked in. I grabbed paper and a pen and wrote  Monach Mind Control = Disney Movies) how Monarch people get to watch Disney ALL THE TIME because it reinforces the programming???

It just. Didn't. Compute.

Not for either one, and both are extremely psychic, and they've given readings professionally. There's just this great big blind spot. They knew about Club 33, but not that it's originally for 33rd level Masons, or what an initiate/mason has to DO to achieve that level.

It just went right over their head.

Fortunately, these types of people are very open and accepting, and we warmly went our ways, and I felt it was genuine.

There's a huge hurdle.

Ross showed me the giant double terminated quartz which I think is a Gwindel, the biggest I've ever seen, and it was much cheaper than any Gwindel I've ever bought online. I sat in the chair, and had it on my lap, in the meditating area.  I wished in my heart that all this Disney lies would be out in the open for everyone to know and so it could be cleared. Just look at Lindsey Lohan, or Hannah Montana, or any of the young stars who follow a pattern to 'slutty' and then 'skanky' and 'rehab'...what gives?!

He said, 'Good things come to those who wait, Carla!'

I knew.  I knew he had a plan, and I saw my whole council at their table behind him (it looks like a panel for speakers with the white tablecloth thing hanging in the front). They all nodded.

So I let it go... (Disney pun intended! <3)


Carla loves this picture.

She absolutely, positively loves it.

I can't see why! (he smiles because he's proud of his joke--ed)

clap! clap!

I want you to have an EXCELLENT weekend, too! All of you.

And for any of you who are interested in my special healing (With pure acrylic BONDO the color of ripe wheat! he adds, teasing me--ed), contact Carla and she will tell you all the details.

You will also get a special reading of what Carla is witnessing while the healing is taking place. All orders are first come, first serve, and will be done in a timely fashion as Carla's schedule permits.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple