Monday, January 23, 2017

Inconsolable Star Estates

Today is a difficult day.

I am so tired and exhausted from holding the light for people who don't have eyes that see.

For the few who do, thank you, and welcome to New Earth, some of the prime 'real estate' in the Universe.

The split has begun between the two worlds.

Those who love the TV, and aren't comfortable pitching a tent in a forest and being one with Nature, are invited to seek new experiences on an alternate planet, called Pan.

Gaia has had enough.

For two days now, Gaia has been making lists, presenting them to her teams, of who she welcomes to stay, and who she requests to go.

Long story short, the meek shall inherit the Earth...with 'meek' being those who have considerably less ego than the others--and who are wise enough to put nature and the animals first, as well as their fellow humans in in people who are starving and sick and dying and whatnot.

Divine Mother told her, Divine Father said the split is starting, and it won't be fast.

This morning, Anthony saw the Harvest Landscapers. He asked me to go out and talk with them, to negotiate to save the two pepper trees who are blacklisted for causing damage to the asphalt.

I couldn't.

I went to the two pepper trees, in the rain, held them close, and sobbed.

The whole neighborhood awoke to my grief at seven thirty a.m.

Not one person consoled me.

Not one person said boo.

I howled like they do in the middle east, my soul torn apart, wracked with grief...crying to God up in Heaven how can there be a world where people are so cruel and unkind?

Where people can't SEE the presence of Spirit on our Earth?

These two trees told me last night, they are Guardians of The Princess.

I never in a million years think of myself in those terms, but I am. And they know it.

They won't leave me.

They told me in Spirit they will help me too.

I trust them for I went to sleep bathed in their wisdom and love.

I also knew deep down, the truth, that if the guardians are cut down, there must not be much need of guarding in the future...big changes are afoot.

Ross told me not to move, not yet.

He did allow me to add signs, 'Por Favor Dios!'  and 'Amor!', as well as two artificial stalks of roses, red ones, with three buds apiece, one on each tree.

Blessed Mother told me God will make a miracle!

I scoffed at her, how God only gives us lessons which are painful, and then smiles and tells us they were all Illusion, we have nothing to fear.

The storms rage on, and I bless them, inviting them to never leave, for the storms protect my protectors, and no one can do landscaping in the rain.

My sobs went all the way to the core of the earth, and all the way branching out to my grids, and further up to Heaven.

Anthony was late to school, because of me. I had to make the breakfast.

He was kind.

As he was eating, he asked me, 'mom, what about that baby you lost?'

I was like, 'what baby?'

He said, 'you know Steven? the one that was taken from you? Did you ever grieve?' (he implied the one I gave birth to from Ross where it was taken away and told it was dead).

My soul spoke to him, rightly. I said 'this is for Ross before he was murdered. I haven't even started to grieve the loss of Benjamin.'

Anthony is wise. He said we need to move (I told him Ross said not to just yet) And he gave me his cell phone so I could play Pokemon on it for him today.

This song helped--it came on the radio on the way home from dropping Anthony off at school:

I have a huge thing to do to reapply to my per diem thing at that other hospital. I fill it out every four months.

Ashtar had me lie on my side on the couch.

He gestured to my seat. It seemed so tall. I climbed up next to him, I couldn't see Ross, and I put my seat belt on.

Our ship did loops and loops all the way from the top to the bottom of the earth. We went clockwise, and there was a golden trail, a spiral, which remained.

Then, I started to see two earths separate from the top, one on the left, and one on the right, although they were still connected at the bottom, the South Pole.

The one on the left is the New Gaia.  The energies are much higher there. They are exactly like the inside of the Loving Embrace of Gaia shield.

The one on the right looks like Earth, but it is Pan. I have no idea where that one is going. I can't wait for it to go. It has all the people who are asleep and need to hit the snooze button for one last time, as they go through a new Creation Cycle.

I asked many questions, how will it work? Will it be like in the bible where there are two men working in the field, one is taken and the other stays?

Ashtar said no.

Ross came to me.

I could barely look at him.

He asked me what the worst part of him dying was for me?

I said the crowds, their blindness to Spirit, the powerlessness, the sneaky ones behind the crowds who planned it all, and my never having had a chance to love him as was my birthright as his Twin. 

I have never once enjoyed all the stuff that followed with his showing us his Light Body and how he didn't die--because, as I told him, he is THERE wherever he is, and I just keep reincarnating over and over, I'm stuck where I don't want to be, and I don't like it!

Then I went up, Ross sent me up to Divine Father, where I cried once more, over how 'everything dies' down here, and I don't like it, especially with the walking dead who are asleep and don't get ANYTHING, who can't see the lies from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and who are their pawns...

I told Divine Father, over cookies and tea, how they would even kill YOU if they had a chance to! implying the bloodthirsty, awful, mean, low vibration souls who have overrun the Earth and stayed far too long for Gaia's happiness.

Next I knew, I was back to Ross, who comforted me, and held me quietly for a long time. 

I adore the rain.

For those of you who have eyes that see, I adore you and I thank you. I see what you write, and how you do your best to be anchors of sanity in these miserable times.

For those of you who don't, well, I don't know you.

I never have, and I never will. 

I wish you all happiness and success on your new journey.

Our paths diverge, and I for one shall refrain from making plans to travel anywhere outside my own immediate environment for a long time.

Gaia gives you everything but your thoughts.

The air you breathe.

The water and excrement you release into the toilet.

Everything in between.

Your car you buy is only the handiwork of men you purchase. The elements in it, the materials, belong to Gaia, and at any instant all of it can be reclaimed back.

The same with the air.

There is no building, no land, no ocean, no anything here, that is not on loan to humanity from her.

And everything Gaia is, is on loan to her from Divine Creator.

Gaia is not happy.

Gaia adores the rain.

And Gaia cannot wait to be free in her new realm, to be accompanied by the elect few who will lovingly repair her delicate ecosystems.

Creator said it, a little too late, and not help salvage this day.

Bread is in the oven.

Anthony will come home from school.

Life will go on.

I haven't felt like healing anyone. Ross gently told me, to tell you, he and Ashtar and holding up the daily healings (but not posting them) until I am strong enough to return to my station.

You will not suffer spiritually because of my healing and adjustment and growth which is taking all I've got at this time.

I can still make the shields, for this gives me much pleasure. I have only two on the Loving Embrace of Gaia to go, and I have almost completed the second of the Bondo one for Ross. I have the transcription to type up for the second, and there are six more healings in queue. I plan to complete them by the end of this week.


Carla, my beloved?

I offer the sign of Peace, I give the Olive Branch freely and peacefully to you.

Do not allow yourself the torment.

Gently rise above.

You will admit both to myself and to others, a feeling of 'lightness' in your heart, once you allowed the grief you had bottled up inside you for centuries to be expressed.


The neighbors care.

They do not know how to express it.

They are not heartless as you think.

Nor are the souls who watched me suffer in agony so long ago.

I know you think of them as monsters, and it is true they had a mob mentality you do so detest today, but I don't.

I know their hidden worth.

You may have eyes that see, but I can see better.

Allow your heart to heal.

Trust in me in this.

Tell them what you bought at Big Lots this morning...

C:  a little plaque for five dollars with flowers and a ribbon and it said, 'Love Always'.

Carla, will you do that for me today? Even in your pain?

C:  yes.

(C:  I remember what the guardian pepper trees had to say, 'do not watch it'--while they die--and they promised me Heaven will give me someplace to go or something to do, so I won't have to suffer.)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla