Monday, January 2, 2017

Contentment In This Now Moment

Happy New You!

Things are going well.

My shield is working. And the my favorite, the beautiful Rose Parade, is about to begin. You can catch it on TV or online too:

I've been enjoying spending time with Anthony. Yesterday we walked around at Dana Point Harbor, and enjoyed catching Pokemon and a little lunch at a beautiful cafe patio. I've never had better french fries in my life, and I have to hold back to keep from eating too many of them.

Anthony is at a wonderful age. He can help with the laundry and the dishes, he enjoys his interests, and he doesn't mind my company. Ross and I together provided him with a very nice Christmas and Hanukkah. Ross' gifts seem to especially touch him; Ross' gift selection (and he chooses!) really shows to me his deep understanding of our son. The pajamas Ross picked from Christmas are warm and soft, and Anthony just can't stop talking about them.

I also have a little time off to look forward to, time that might be used up for jury duty, but so far for Tuesday it isn't. I will use that time to catch up.  Twelve shields have been installed. There are attunements waiting. I need to print a certificate and send it. At work I have eight bracelets requested to make. The nurses are absolutely fascinated with the concept of a bracelet that is made custom to match their aura. I give one to each nurse who asks for free, to help the healing environment.

Life is good.

For me, it's still Christmas (and Hanukkah!) in my heart. I'm enjoying this magical time in my heart. I don't want to take down the decorations, because it's not Epiphany yet.

What was Ross' gift to me for Hanukkah and Christmas? I got one. It was on sale, a huge Marseille blue pot by Le Creuset. I used it to make our New Year's black eyed peas for good luck. Dinner last night was perfectly cooked. I had gotten myself a replacement rice cooker as my old one was recalled. So everything was new, except for the old well-loved Revere ware pot I used to make the collard greens. I had run out of corn meal without knowing it, so instead of the corn bread I had Hawaiian Rolls, and it didn't make that much of a difference!

I'm still on the non-dairy milk, at Ross' suggestion. I feel much better. Winter is a hard time for me with my respiratory infections and congestion. It really seems to help. Am I taking calcium? I should but I'm not. And I haven't really wanted to eat cheese so I haven't eaten that either. This is one area where Anthony isn't upset that I'm not 'like him'. He accepts Ross says, and that it's not permanent, it's only as long as Ross says.

To me this is one of the greatest gifts of all. Because before with my vegetarian lifestyle, I ate a little too much milk/dairy, and Anthony also was hurt I was not eating 'like him'.

It's a freedom.

How do I view these holidays, and the New Year?

From a Galactic point of view.

They are a very special time to us on Earth, for our family and our traditions. They are marketed a little too much. And people have a tendency to follow the 'hype' and throw out their tree on December 26. Myself, I prefer the quiet time to reflect.  And except for the calendar, a New Year really ISN'T new.

I chose to focus on the best of 2016 in passing. The travel to see loved ones. The adventure with Anthony to places we love. Having work. Anthony adjusting to middle school and still having the time and skill to make the good basketball team for his sport. A year where nobody in the family passed away; even when both my mother and my niece got very ill, and came dangerously close to passing.  Our rabbit is happier where she has a little room to run around safely in the yard. And the garden still is always a delight. Our salad came from the garden the other day at lunch. I was most pleased with this. And rediscovering for myself the pleasure of meditation, was a big PLUS!

The not so great things in 2016 were there too. I'm glad to put them behind me but I won't dwell on them. It's a part of life,  a part of my learning, and I hope to move on.

My shield has had the acid test and passed beautifully.

Fran Zepeda is saying things again.  Things from certain people. I actually had a close friend read the next to last one for me. I didn't want it to hurt. But once I did find out the 'gist', I was able to skim it and the painful feelings did not come up.

First of all, I know who I am, I know who Ross is, and I have complete and total trust in his intelligence, and his caring for me. Loose lips sink ships, and for some reason I am not allowed to know WHY Fran writes such.

What I do know is that there is a blatant untruth.  I won't explain it, but I will show you a photo of how things work. Ross is the one with the one big stripe on his sleeve, the admiral. And admirals never bow to anyone. Ever.

The only ones who like to see him bowing are the ones from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

The other point to consider is the one mentioned in the most recent Gaia Portal:

Some individuals rush forward into the frey.

And others hold back.

I am so filled with love and respect for Fran Z. that I have nothing to come out but love and respect for her. And I ask for her to be so filled with love and respect for me, that nothing can come out but love and respect for me. 

Energy signatures are unmistakeable.

They can't be masked.

With each passing day, the energies which uplift us and surround us are also going to reveal who is on what team.

And I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the players on Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest Of Heart that we see in the media, are actually holograms, who have been 'placeholders' of continuity of our 'reality as we know it' since the original 'players' were merged with the Galactic Central Sun a long time ago.

All I sense is that there will be more changes in 2017, as the Awakening is accelerating. The energies are moving forward, and from an energetic perspective, things tend to 'snowball' like an avalanche.

Like this:

It's all love. And everyone is doing the best they can with what they have in their heart. It doesn't matter who is 'right' or 'wrong', what matters is that you follow YOUR heart as best as possible.

I think there's a little bit of a 'warm up' for me going on at the moment; several people have expectations of me to be a certain way, or they won't 'believe'.

I am me.

I am incarnate.

I am human.

I have nothing to prove.

What you believe is your own decision.

Any decisions or interactions which are under a certain threshold of vibration, I do not engage.

I've worked hard to reach Ascension, I want to remain where I am, and not to go back into 3D.

(clunk clunk clunk--I knock on my crystalline shield The Loving Embrace of Gaia)

I always care. I always love.

From my heart.


Where are you?

Where are you in all of this 5D, 3D, who is famous who is incarnate, who is not?

Where are you in the kneeling and abiding and honoring of who is what? (he taps his chest, pauses, and then waves his hands in front of him as to say forgettaboutit--ed)

(He squats, like he used to when he'd trace his finger in the dirt, but he looks up at you--ed)

I am not kneeling. I am trying to get your attention. (he moves his finger from his eye to yours and back--ed) I am making the eye contact.

I am getting into your 'world', in a psychological way you will understand and relate to.

I want you to know, your NAME is on the sign, right up there between the angel wings and the heart, just as Heaven intended--those of you who are reading these things.

And You are some pretty big people, in the way of things Up There.

Long story short, you asked to come, you begged to come be incarnate here 'one last time' for the Awakening...

...and I do not want you to kneel to anything or anybody or any situation no matter what comes up.

You may be on your belly sobbing great huge tears of regret or sorrow...but it's your own reason, your own thing...

There is no one greater than you. Not even me.

We are like brothers and sisters.

So--I'm the one who 'drives the boat' in a manner of speaking--(points to his admiral sleeve--ed).

Along with that comes a lot of responsibilities which I am not sure most of you are ready to assume at the moment.

So, what I recommend, to you, is for you to let me drive and to trust that I am my teams will get you to where Carla wants to be, and is waiting in her bubble (taps the shield--ed) to go UP to the Higher Realms, her Home, which happens to be like the Home of the rest of you...

...and please enjoy the ride!

There is suffering that is needless in trying to guess the outcome of 'what is up'...look at Fran with her 'messages' which are not from me, and definitely not from Carla! (they would be a lot 'saltier' if they were!--he chuckles to himself--ed)

Enjoy your day.

I want this New Year to start of right (points to his eyes--ed)  with our eyes OPEN and our hearts engaged in everything and everyone around us!

And to make the choice to keep our vibration at its highest potential it can possibly be (points to his heart--ed)  24/7, 365, until we meet again with this New Year's Message in 2018.

clap! clap! There is a parade to see with Anthony! Carla has been waiting for is all year!

Perhaps you might enjoy it too. And later it will have the highlights be most definitely on YouTube.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple