Monday, January 16, 2017

Square Hole Potlatch

Today's post is predominantly guided by Spirit. It varies from day to day, how much I write about my findings and observations, and how much Spirit nudges me to write.  This one, from the images to the title, are from Spirit.

That being said, sometimes there is a little 'jump' to make the understanding to the messages from Spirit. They are rich in symbolism and meaning. Sometimes it takes some explaining for things to make sense from our perspective.

So here we go.

Square Hole

This Friday night, I volunteered as a chaperone at the Kids Night Out at the school. I had to. There is a school trip planned for the Middle School, my son is in Middle School, and it's a fundraiser. Anthony won't get his 'piece of the pie' of the funds raised through the whole year unless his parent volunteers at one of the fundraising events.

It's pretty straight forward, it's a date night for the parents, and the middle schoolers babysit the kids.

Anthony's teacher told me exactly what to do. There were lists of children, and middle school 'helpers' assigned to my room which was kindergarten and younger. The older kids went to the other room.

I looked at the list. There were fourteen children, ranging from age two to age five. Two three year-old boys had the parent's advice 'needs bathroom reminders' added to their names on the list.

Then the teacher gave me advice.  She has a formula for how to do it. You let the kids play from six to six forty five. (she has special toys for them to use, some have batteries and are like bowling and stuff, big toys).

The older kids will pick up the pizza across the way. It is cheese only and double cut. No more than three slices a kid or they will get sick.

There is macaroni and cheese.

The apple juice the kids only get one small cup, no more, or else they will get all sugared up.

Then you calculate back from nine fifteen the length of the movie.  You let them play until you start the movie. The kids get their blankets and pillows and watch.

You give one small cup of animals cookies to each child to have during the movie, no more.

Then the parents come.

It sounded easy, right? You have six teens and they do the work.

Well, the teacher added, the kids like to leave and go socialize in the back, so you have to have a sign out sheet and be on them too.


The kids started to arrive. We had small laundry baskets with their names on them, to place all their stuff from the day, and for the night. One middle schooler went to the classes and brought the kids who were staying directly from school to the room.

It was joyful chaos!  Older kids were entertaining smaller ones by reading to them, helping them color, playing silly dancing games, and playing the toys.

The other parent and I watched the door, making sure no kids escaped, and watched to make sure no one got hurt.

The two year old had a diaper rash, and wouldn't sit. Or take off his jacket. He bonded to one of the middle school girls, and she was wonderful with him. She held him, fed him, and helped arrange his pillows for the movie, staying near him the whole time.

But his parents didn't bring a diaper. The organizer teacher for the event works with the preschoolers, and got him a diaper. (I checked later at the end of the night, it was poopy, and I asked her to change it because people are weird about these things, and she changes it as part of her job. She did. She also encouraged the three year olds to go use the toilet. We had asked, they said no, and she said, 'they ALWAYS say no! you have to tell them to 'just try'')

And it worked!

The food arrived. The kids ate. They played. They watched the movie. It was Chicken Little. (sigh...aliens again...) But we didn't calculate. There was some dead time at the end. They played a very strange TV episode called Home, which the kids didn't watch, and talked. Then it ended, and it was pandemonium again.

During the movie, I thought, OMG this is what they do to us through our whole lives!

The kids had no concept there was a 'formula' to this form of 'entertainment'.

The parents had no clue of how this works except it was billed as 'dinner and a movie'.

As the kids watched I was like, 'thank God for this movie, to keep them still'

By extension, there must be 'formulas' for all of us in society, from the amusement park, to the concert, to the dance club, to the fine dining and symphony, to a wedding or a bar mitzvah...all are designed to engage the participant and give them 'fun' as a group...but require SIGNIFICANT planning and organization to make it work!

What if?  What if there is another level of 'organization' beyond this, to organize the way society is run, how the world events happen, and if there is, WHAT IS THE GOAL of this ginormous enterprise????

It certainly isn't to support and encourage the Native American, or First Nations as they call it in Canada.

These people have been decimated by politics, the military, disease, poverty, substance abuse, and depression.

This is the Potlatch part of the title. Potlatch is a First Nations word for Pow Wow--a celebration gathering of multiple tribes, where food is shared among them. There is music, and dancing, of a ceremonial doesn't happen often but when it does everyone has a very good time.

Why would anyone target these people?

They are innocent bystanders to the Western Expansion.

But I think it's MORE than just their coveted 'real estate' territory they inhabit, that this was done.

First Nations are deeply spiritual, by tradition, and furthermore, their story does not match the story that was told to Western Europeans.

And the story that was told to the Western Europeans, makes them easy to control--if they were to be controlled--by that really hidden 'layer' of people who 'organize the way society is run'.

Hence the Residential Schools. Hence the destruction of the family. Hence the 'reservations' where these people are to live, the First disempower them.

What is happening in the world around us?

All the world's a stage, right?

So on this 'stage', where psychological operatives are the norm to keep us from 'escaping the room'...what gives?

I don't know.

I just read this, it's fascinating, perhaps it's a clue?

Or how about this -- 10k96M detected -- which was posted around the time I started to write by a person I used to know and attend his conferences, who has the name of a very large poisonous snake as his pseudonym?  

Who knows?

If indeed there are many superimposed 'realities' at this moment, we just need to sort out our own, and hang on for the ride!

(Ross says I am done, it's his turn now, I see him stroking his beard as if he is in deep thought--ed)


Carla has given you a lot to think about, while I am still on the Wedding Channel.  (he shrugs--and acts very innocent I may add--ed)

What gives?

What gives as to WHY Carla would 'deliver this message from Spirit' in as openly honest way she could, without changing a thing from my 'editorial input'--am I talking backwards words?! (he giggles--ed)--or am I talking forward and straight? (he claps with his delight at having asked such a rhetorical question that makes one THINK--ed)

Why would any of us be doing this, instead of taking their boy out to breakfast or enjoying the day off?


Because it is our love for you which flows from us.

Because it is our will to 'pass our Heaven doing good upon the Earth'.

Because it is our life's passion to escort those who are of 'like mind' through their journey and to assist them in going Home to the Heavens.

Our real home!

I'm right up there with the elephants.

Carla asked me to take care of them for her yesterday, when she found the news of her beloved Barnum and Bailey calling it quits on behalf of the animal protesters. It is, in her mind, a giant 'f-off ' by the protesters to the masses who enjoyed the circus and to whom it brought joy to their meaningless lives. Where now is the chance to dream, to have wonder, and to admire both the human and animal feats of awesome talent and skill?

Yes there was cruelty inherent to the circus.

And yes, there was room for improvement that is vast. In this, both Carla and I agree with the protesters.

But in taking it away, the means of work for an awful lot of people, are gone, disappeared, vanished, and how are they to support themselves? Are they to be added to the dole, public assistance, and to become like the American Indians for their beliefs and way of life?

Why were the circus people not welcome into our hearts and our souls?

Is it because the public has grown to fear the clowns? And the natural world of real people and real animals that smell like a barnyard?  Or a manger?  Where I am from?

Why is it that all people cannot coexist in love?

Why is it that a coyote who eats from the bowl in the back yard of the dog who is family is cursed upon and the dog who is family is praised for eating from the bowl?  Are they not from the same tribe, of canines? Are they not both cousins? And without coyote, and wolf, and dingo, and wild pack, would our family beloved pet have arrived at all?

And why is it when a coyote, who is seeking to fulfill its hunger, and heaven forbid eats a beloved pet, is a criminal, while the beloved pet eats an animal who has been butchered and put into a can (in many a day back in the seventies, it was WHALE meat that was in that anonymous can)--is favored?

I want you to recall the story of the two brothers, the one who spent his inheritance a little ahead of his father's actual passing, and the brother who remained with his beloved father, working hard and not being of trouble...and the wayward brother's return.

If you are not familiar with your story, it is online, perhaps, on YouTube? I heard of it a long time ago... (he smiles a warm and loving smile--ed).

And if you are not okay with it, the general outcome of the tale, which I have mentioned, as the errant brother returns and is welcomed with a grand celebration, then...I ponder it a while....

Because it is coming. It is coming to the time where everyone, both American Indian, and the western world who shunned them are going to celebrate something on the 'world stage' that is the greatest love of all, from Heaven, which by comparison makes all the circuses and PETA people kneel in awe, together, as ONE.  It will make the coyotes never eat the beloved pet, and perhaps, the pet owners wish to raise a half coyote pup of their own, as their pet. 

It will shake the minds of all understanding for how wonderful it is!

And it will make the hearts sigh one huge big sigh of relief...'I knew it!' people are going to say to each other. For I felt it in my heart and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is RIGHT, this is eventual, and this is PEACE and LOVE and JOY and WONDER and FULFILLMENT all wrapped into ONE!

clap! clap!

Now Carla is going to take Anthony to breakfast. He has the day off, and so does she.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple