Sunday, January 29, 2017

Discovery--Part Four

This isn't going to be an easy article to write, either.

I am going to rock the boat.

For some of you, you are going to be upset, and that's okay.

There are a lot of factors which are 'outside the box' about what is happening, and I am going to mention it. I am going to give time to points of view which aren't on one side or the other, but both sides, yes?

There are going to be a lot of 'answers' OUT THERE you will have to discover for yourself, ultimately, as the result of these factors, and there is NOT going to be one 'quick and easy solution' on this page for you, either.

I am going to get you to think, and that's about all I can promise with this blog post.

I want you to have the 'what if'? button working, and also, searching your heart for your answers, to find what works right for YOU.

My Vietnamese and Chinese friends out there are saying this is the year of the Fire Rooster.

It's time for change, for cleaning up, for 'new and improved' so to speak. We are on a twelve year cycle with the Chinese Zodiac, but on top of THAT, there are the elements...which make things even more fascinating when it comes to the energies which surround us at this time.

For example, I am a 'Wood Dragon'--a calmer, more mellow form of 'Dragon Year' energy than, perhaps, a 'Metal Dragon' or a 'Water Dragon'....hmmmm?

Long story short, the whole point of this blog post is I don't want you to take the bait...and there's a whole lot of emotional 'bait' going on 'out there', in the media.

I don't KNOW which side is which except for sure both sides are lying to us, with FOX news just as much lying to us here in the states as CNN.

I also know, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we don't know (The Little Red Pill, anyone?) which could be sinister in nature (Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart) , and likely is, but I'm not going to point it out any more than I already have. Those of you who have listened, and researched the links I've provided, THANK YOU, and great big HUGE thank you from my heart. That's all I have to say on that.

But with neurolinguistic programming, our 'weakness' as a species, our psychological vulnerabilities are well studied and well known; for example I know for a fact that if something is repeated often enough, we tend to accept it as true.

So, going into the main part of this blog post, we are alive at a time where there are two alternate realities 'splitting', we are not yet halfway to the split but have gone from 'just starting' about a week ago to 'not yet halfway'...and we are under the tremendous forces of both Spirit, the News Media, and astrology, Chinese astrology, and social changes.

These are in fact the End Times which have been alluded to for all of our history.

How is it going to turn out, I don't know, exactly...Ross isn't giving me any hints. I'm just going on my own 'resonance' and what is going on in my heart.

Think twice before you get all sucked into anything, and know that there are things we don't understand about us, but others do (such as advertisers) and these 'others' are taking full advantage of all the knowledge there is.

Which brings us to the first video:

This one went viral. Even in this video I share with you, it gets repeated and repeated, this film clip. And then, oddly enough, there's a long ad for glasses by the speaker in the video.

I wasn't sure what to think. Could it be true? She looks miserable.

What's going on?

Is she a beta slave?  This video here from decades ago sure is creepy:

And here is something that lends its support to the possibility something sinister is going on--you will need the two following videos to get the point: 

The first is the handler changing Lindsey Lohan's 'tune' with a squeeze of the arm in this video at 
4:52 minutes into it:

Then I found THIS 'squeeze' in the Oval Office, by Mike Pence in this video at 11:11:

Shit, I didn't know what to think? Is it one faction of Illuminati trying to out 'Handler' the other? Like is Pence and Trump undoing the mind control from the last team? Are they in on it? I don't know.

I do know this is weird, and why we can't trust the media:

And this is weird too--Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are good friends??? (look at 4:30 in this video here)

What did they do? Go to the same church? Why on earth should these two be friends if they weren't at the same school?

I don't know! I don't know any of it. I can't even tell which way is UP at this point.

However, I do know some people are very good at body language, and this woman has some fascinating videos on her channel, most notably this one which at 7:14 in THIS video, challenges the allegation that Trump abuses Melania--it extends out, and shows Melania talking to Baron, many times, immediately before the clip in that first video. 

I'm not going to say anything.

I am going to say thank you to my first friend Jackie for sending me Drendra Keesee REAL FEMINISM (sorry it's only on her FB page and not YouTube), especially for the message at the end...

And I'm going to thank another person for sending me this one--because it balances out what the news keeps putting on the airwaves about the March--

For another friend for sharing this--because it expands the concept from conventional media to a Souros vs Trump:

These last four 'sharing' with me are helping me to find 'Middle Ground', my equilibrium in all of this insanity--by being able to see BOTH sides, to know they each have something to say...

Including this thing I saw, I'm not sure where, where Trump said that the March For Life was not covered by the media...on ABC 7 while they were asking him about the women's march against him.

It's a total free for all out there, folks.

And if you tend to gravitate towards one end of the spectrum or the other, I suspect this is part of the 'split' which is taking place among MANY realities (each one of us having our 'own take' on the perception of things)--and why your being able to retreat to the Quiet Space deep inside, where you are always connected to Source, and just nourish yourself on it with meditation every single's going to help you find your Truth.

Here's my truth.

With Anthony quitting his drums--I'm super sad. He has talent. I've invested in it. He chooses to waste it. He's lazy. He's 'not a musician' as Ross says, when he was trying to comfort me.

But he's my son.

And this conflict came out while he was doing something last night at Sea World--I think going to the bathroom and I was sitting on a bench, waiting, and I saw the first star.  I wished on it. I said, 'you know God, I can really hold grudges, I don't like that part of myself, I'm not sure where it came from, but I know I was bitter and angry a lot of my marriage to Ross in our last incarnation, and I ask for help so I don't have to be like that any more'.

(I think it was like hitting the jackpot for my guides in Heaven, getting me to 'come around' on this

I love my son, and he has a right to his choices, sad as they make me, and that's what IS.

The other truth is I love the whales.

SeaWorld is a ghost town.

I don't know how much longer it's going to be in business.

Anthony and I spent our happiest times in his childhood there.

I see how I love the whales, the trainers love the whales, and there hasn't been anyone taking an orca from the wild in years and years...and certainly there is no way for these whales to fend for themselves if released into the wild. Look what happened to Free Willy. He died of pneumonia and didn't have a family/pod for any of his life after he was released. In reality, humans WERE his 'pod'.

I think it's a shame for people to put those of us who love whales down, in the name of animal cruelty.

The same is true for the circus, for the zoo.

Humans love beautiful animals, to see them, to breathe them, to admire them, and the animals bring lots of joy in these 'organizations'.

Is there a way to treat the animals well, AND get the public to interact with them? Is there an opportunity to give both sides the benefit of the doubt, to clean up the mess, and help people come together to put the animals first without all the name calling and doom and gloom?

I think so.

But I'm not going to let my day be ruined by protesters--not at Sea World, not as human walking vaginas, not as any of those low vibration, negative people.

And how am I going to protest to save my tree?

I'm going to share my love for them, openly, just as I wept the on Monday morning, as my heart was breaking over their being slated for death. I am going to bring my framed art, Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self, and sit. Be calm at the meeting. I'm going to share how much the trees mean to me, and our neighbors. Then I'm going to let it go.

Activism doesn't have to be ugly to get results.

And no-one has all the answers at this time, not in our dimension, with the Veil...

So with this, I'm going to let you go. I thank you with your patience for me while I 'stir the pot' and I hope this was equally balanced in bringing up the possibility of 'foul play' on BOTH sides, and that there needs to be more information besides what's on the news, besides what's on alternative news, and something along the lines of Body Language interpretation, as well as what resonates within our what is right for us, and what is OUR truth.

Yours might be different than mine, and that's okay.

And we might each be stepping into a different reality on the day the split is complete.

It all has to do with our spiritual growth and development as souls, our evolution, and we are BOTH children of Creator, doing the best we can, with what we have been given in this incarnation here and now.


The future looks good.

I have seen it.

With my own eyes.

And I, like my beautiful Carla, have 'eyes that see'...a heart that trusts...and a love for all people which is unparalleled in anyone who has been alive and walked the Earth.

clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins