Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Essence Of A Good Time

Last night I had an incredible experience in meditation.

I was eager and waited patiently through my day for this moment to share it with you.

As I relaxed and let go, Ross appeared.

He had a boat and wanted me to get into it. It was a small boat, like a Duffy boat.

Someone was there, driving it. Initially, Ross had asked me if I wanted him to drive? But I said, no, you have to concentrate on the boat and I'd like to spend time with you.

Ashtar popped in at the wheel, and was very quiet and unassuming, focusing solely on the task.

It dawned on me Ross had me at the boat tour at the Butchart, it was a private tour, and I was delighted to be with him, taking off on my favorite thing in the world to do, at my one of my most favorite places.

As the boat pulled from the dock, but not before it turned the corner of the Tod Inlet, Ross got down on one knee and proposed to me.

I was in shock. I know we had done this countless times, but he proposed and this time he had the ring, the one from Tiffany in Honolulu's Ala Moana Mall in 2014 he promised me. I said something along with the 'yes' but I don't remember what, and I had lots of tears of happiness.

Then I settled down.

As we went a little further, I was so happy to be next to him, and taking in the forests and fresh air and beautiful water which sparkles in the sun.

Then, much to my surprise, Ross reached down under the seat next to him, and pulled out a teapot and some scones!  There was a huge cozy on the teapot to keep it warm, and real china!

My favorite thing to eat, with my favorite person, at my favorite place! All at the same time! (I had not gotten into the boat without checking first, where's Anthony? Is he okay? And Ross reassured me he was off and having fun in the park, and someone was watching him.)

Ross had said, 'you like the bachelor button tea, right?'

I did. It's the one I always pick.

So we ate and relaxed and enjoyed the tour. But we didn't have a time limit, Ross said. It's not the forty-five minute tour.

After we ate, he had one more fun thing in mind, something I've always wanted to do, but never had the chance...we got to swim in the water right there at the place I've seen every time and thought, 'wow that would be a fantastic place to go swimming!'...I've seen other boaters who were staying there overnight swimming in the water.  Ah! The freedom to just jump in and swim! Ross jumped first and I followed.

With each layer of new experience, I cried many tears.

I simply could not believe my good fortune to have anyone not only know my dreams but to care about my happiness in such a way. I am very blessed, and loved, in my limited understanding as a human incarnate here on Gaia with my friends, family, and everyone whose lives touch mine online.

I didn't think it could get any better than this.

But Ross showed me, with the boat, then the proposal, then the tea, then the swimming, that there's MORE happiness than I can imagine, and I get to experience it. It is right. It is normal. It is healthy to be incredibly happy like this!

He also told me we will always be together, and it will be more than the golden cord which connects our hearts as twins. There's no more separation, no more long distance relationship, no more making do...and he is healthy!

This brought the tears that made my shoulders shake, the sobs, the great big sobs, of my being trapped in this 'reality' which everyone tells me is 'Illusion', this 'separation'--is over and done.  And I don't have to go back to it!

Those few minutes of meditation were so incredible, I had to share the freedom, the joy, the closeness I felt, which IS beyond all understanding...I just cried in response to this intense, focused, lovingkindness that was given to me, not just by Ross but by Ashtar too in making it driving the boat.

Here is the magic of it all...I'm still in awe of how it happened.

See this?

This is the image that is almost exactly like the poster I had in my room while growing up. It was the same forest, the same river, the same mossy green. I'd know it anywhere--I loved that poster, and had it up on my wall all through junior high and high school.  It had a motivational quote on it.

Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.

It's a part of me, this image from this place I never knew, never thought I would see, just some forest somewhere that made a nice picture, right?


I just found out for the first time, moments ago, where that photo is.

See the photo above,  at the top of the article?

That's the Tod inlet. It's where the boat tour is. There's a turnaround point, where there's old posts from the old dock, and now it has birdhouses for the purple marten birds who migrate over ten thousand kilometers and come there every summer. They have the longest migration of any bird.

What was next to the image, in my photo company website, in the search for Tod Inlet, was this second photo.

It is: 

Tod Creek in Gowland Tod Provincial Park, Victoria, British Columbia Canada

I can't believe it. 

I never knew.

I had someplace I love more than anywhere in the world, in my BEDROOM as a little girl, while I was laying the foundation with my studies, all my homework, to eventually become this, what I am now, a healer with a lot of certificates and degrees in both conventional and energy healing.

How did this coincidence happen???

I couldn't have known.

And yet, I was drawn to it, and it somehow came into my world, my reality...finally coming full circle here in this blog.

My angels sent it to inspire me. 

Ross sent it. 

And it worked.

Ross says there isn't anything to say at the moment, except, 'I stand guilty as charged.' and gives that brilliant, engaging smile.

I think the Illusion tore down a bit here for me, right now, and I can see the hand behind it, Ross, who arranged things masterfully to help me grow and find my way Home.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple