Monday, January 30, 2017

Savage to Sterling

See this?

It's what I drive. It's a 2003 BMW Z-4.

I bought mine on lease from Savage BMW in 2003.

It's out by Rancho Cucamonga. It's a far drive, but I was married at the time and my husband researched it and found a deal.

I had that little thing around the license plate, the frame, I think?--and it said SAVAGE BMW.

I kind of liked it.

I drove that car during my 'wild years', right after I passed my boards, was getting a divorce, and going out with friends to places like Mosun Club M, The White House, The White Lotus,  Vegas...places like that.

I took it for new tires or something to a different dealership in Newport Beach, Sterling BMW.

Well, guess what?

They changed the license plate frame to THEIRS!  I couldn't believe it, I kid you not!

Shortly after, my SAVAGE ways were tamed, I was soon to become a mother, and my STERLING license frame still is on my car. It's right next to a real thick pile of registration stickers. I think we've been through every color option

Savage to Sterling...what a concept!

Savage to has a nice sound to it, a nice connotation with the Ascension thing and

Savage to Sterling... <3

For those of you waiting on the edge of your seat, our two California Pepper Trees on my street got a 'reprieve'.  So did the Four Brazilian Pepper Trees on a neighboring street. The ones on a third street are toast and slated for removal ASAP because NOBODY showed up.

The other street had five people show up in defense for their trees. There was a lawyer (retired), his lady, a Persian contractor (he said, look, when you drive a Mercedes, you don't skimp on the maintenance, you pay to maintain it! So it is with this neighborhood and the wonderful trees!) who suggested building a planter wall up at the edge of the trees.

Ignacio 'Nacho' from the landscaping company--has a deal struck with the board--the outgoing one--it's on the books--to go after the Water company rebate of two dollars a square foot of 'turf replacement'. They are yanking out all the sprinklers on the islands in our cul de sacs and installing desert stuff with drip irrigation lines.

Well guess what? Pepper trees have 'invasive root systems'...

Nacho can't install any lines or plant any desert plants where the roots are.

He's afraid he won't meet the deadlines and the amount needed to get the rebate money.

If I hadn't shown up to our meeting, if I hadn't given up a good chunk of income for me to be available on my first call to attend, THOSE TWO TREES RIGHT NOW WOULD BE DEAD.  GONERS. On deck for the chopping block.

Just like on that third street where nobody cared and people wished them to be gone.

And if it wasn't for the REIKI and LOVE and SUPPORT from as far as the Philippines all the way through to Germany, and everywhere in between!, they wouldn't have halted the project at all, or even listened to us. 

In fact, the management company sent their VP to help 'mediate' the meeting for us.

The trees still could die--there is a chance the landscapers could insert a pipe deep into the dirt vertically to feed the drip line to the tree and have it work (I pray to God this works!)--but if the Landscapers decide on their own with no accountability to the board or the residents that it's just 'not going to work' they have permission to chop both of them down.

Ross told me how to interact at the meeting, and he also told me it would have his blessing too.

I'm glad it did.

Which brings me to another point--the VP of the property management company said, 'If you watch the NEWS you would know with the rains we are in a RED SPOT, we are not out of the woods yet, and drought resistant is the way to go.'

'if you watch the news...'


If you watch the news....let's build on that.

I am going to present two videos.

You get to 'drive'--you decide the merit, using your mind, plus your heart, to see what 'resonates' for you...

No questions asked, no judgement, no discussion, no comments.

Actually, I'm being nudged to share three.

Here's the first:

What point I must add is that Denzell is a thirty-third level mason, according to some other videos on the Truthseeking section on my YouTube Channel  (and oddly enough, I also learned that Miley Cyrus is Dolly Parton's godchild?! how much of a coincidence is that???)

Here's the second:

Here's the third:

Here's another fact--just to help you discern for yourselves. There's an evolutionary adaptation for humans...if there's one little thing wrong, we tend to throw the whole thing out. It's based on food, shelter, survival, yes?

So there's a lot of Disinformation out there. Most of it is believable, and they throw in one thing that's not true...there's lots of people out there on the internet who are paid to be disruptive and to discredit valid information on websites and on social media. And they are Disinformation experts. 

They can plant a seed and raise doubt on something like Pizzagate, which is a HUGE HUGE HUGE dirty secret on the Elite that was 'leaked out'--and with enough doubts, and with the truth being unpalatable enough as it is, people are tossing the whole thing out.  When it's repeated enough, as 'Fake News', then the masses who watch the news and are Good Citizens are likely to believe the mass media, and to disbelieve the actual truth.

Enough of my talk.  It's time for me to go to sleep.

I love you and thank you for the chance to talk about important things, at the end of the day. And also, thank you for the love you send to our family and our beautiful, wonderful, California Pepper Trees.

Ross thanks you too, and waves to you good night.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins