Saturday, January 28, 2017

Discovery--Part Three

Today is a difficult day.

I am trying to bridge the gap between common events, and those in my own life, with what I know as one who is spiritually trained, a psychic, a Reiki Master.

Let's begin with some common ground--things are changing.  Here is a good article to describe it from the Council:

I get a feeling like, 'you don't want to do that again, do you?' with the talk about the women's march as a double-edged sword.  Are they alluding to the possibility of a global walk-out and protest solving everything?


I don't like any protests.

Let me repeat--I don't like any protests.

The energy is very LOW in a protest. I have people who believe the only change that can happen is through 'peaceful protests'. Huge social ones.

I disagree. The Renaissance didn't happen with a protest. Our huge scientific discoveries didn't come with a protest.

For me, my protesting over the trees they want to cut is my reaction like a two year old to an association board which is pure evil, totally selfish, and imposing on my happiness. (I just went through some old papers and there was a home ON MY STREET that sued the association and won for  structural damage due to the association's negligence/overwatering.  I will order the closed court records to see if it was my house, and if the soils test results affect me. Basically, the association owns the hills my house is built upon--and I need to demand what their plan is to stabilize them.  The same board member had told me to 'patch and paint' over the cracks and slider doors that won't shut right--but I had the same problems as the people who sued! They are THAT awful!)

I'm also grateful for the whistleblower who put that on my garage, the memo, the information.

Metaphysically, I must divulge that one of the last things we do in the class immediately before being attuned to Reiki Master in Anne's coursework, is the Shadow Self Meditation. We know we have reached a level of spiritual maturity to be permitted to do this meditation; we look forward to it as it is very healing.

The Shadow Self is the part of you that you don't like to see.

Therefore you react to it when you 'project' it onto others, and their mannerisms and quirks and actions that remind you of the you you work so hard to hide, totally freak you out.

You hate them. You anger over their 'offenses'. You mull over it.

When in reality, it takes advanced spiritual development to accept ALL of you, to LOVE all of you, and to welcome this shadow self into you for making you who you are...and healing.

Mine was the Victim. I felt very angry at myself for letting myself get into a situation where five boys aged five to twelve molested me when I was four.

What can a four year old do? Right?!

So I had to love the little child in me, forgive her for doing the best she could in that terrible situation, and for helping me grow up to be who I am today.

Why all this talk about the Shadow Self?

Because of this:

It alleges that Trump, for many people, represents their Shadow Self. And he is the one to help people awaken, metaphysically, to become whole.

I know, I know, it's just an article!

Don't shoot me for it!

This is sad. Just plain sad.

But it's true.

Don't get me started on the dragon on the sign for the place in Orlando--one of you readers will understand, and will know what I asked Spirit to do to help out.

Anyhow, this is meant to be a short blog post to help you think, to look at things with a different perspective, and to at least be open to the possibility of things you don't understand that are at play, along with the things you do understand.

I'm going to go and have some fun with Anthony. There are papers from my cleaning up all over the house, there's dishes undone, and after we dress and feed the pets we are going to go do something fun. Everything else can just sit for one day.

Are we going to Disney? We go there sometimes, a lot really, I'm the 'caretaker' from our team of Ground Crew with this whole Ascension thing who tends to it.

But today it's time for some just plain fun.

It's been a difficult week.

On the trees, a colleague will cover me, so I can go to the association meeting on Monday evening. Any Reiki sent to help our two California Pepper Trees is welcome!

Thank you.


It's not all pretty while you awaken, while you are waking up...

(Anthony just showed me this--and Ross wants me to share it to help us Lighten Up...)

(clears his throat--ed)

What is going on?

What is making Carla upset?

It's me.

Carla is having the memories of being abandoned by her husband and Twin, not once but in two incarnations, and Carla is not very happy about it. 

With all the changes happening, with the circus going away, with the killer whales off performing, with women marching around with vaginas over their's making Carla's equilibrium and finer tastes in life feel threatened, just as much as the woman who is in charge of the association, who OWNS the tree Carla looks at whenever she comes home--the one who chopped down TWENTY in the adjacent cul-de-sac where she lives--Carla feels like she has no solid ground to stand on...Like her neighbor said, while they were chopping the twenty trees, each one that fell made her want to hurl (vomit)...

There is no idea if or when anything is going to get better, or even if it is in her lifetime!  For people are awakening, and so has Carla, but Carla and her friends (many of them are you) are the leading edge and WAY OUT THERE and AHEAD of the general public 'waking up schedule'.

The wait is intolerable to them. Divine Mother incarnate and Carla talk about it every day--how is the split going? Are we making progress? How much longer? When is it going to end, and we can have peace?

(he folds his hands--ed)

It isn't going to be for a long time.  (waves his hands as if to say, strike that!--ed)

It is going to be while we are in 'No Time'.

And as time keeps accelerating for Carla, who can barely keep up with all her bills and schedules and work...she just wants time to stand still, for her to catch her breath, for her to catch up...

For there was a while there where many a light worker, Carla included, thought retirement planning was a non-issue, because 'the Calvary are coming from the skies, right?'

But there has been a shift, Carla is taking care of business as if there had never been a message about the Calvary, and Carla is preparing for the Long Haul, no matter how it may be unpleasant.

Carla has had a shock, her son Anthony--my son too--wanted to quit his drum lessons. Although this will save Carla money (it's seventy bucks an hour for his weekly lesson), Carla is distraught over his habit of quitting when the going gets tough. For his lack of passion.

Carla feels like she is living with a stranger, a testosterone filled stranger who has no common sense and won't listen to her wise advice and who wants to go out there and ruin his life...

Someone like me.

Someone who abandoned her in a heartbeat, only to travel the world without her, and to throw her love (and her infant son) away...

So these are hard times for us, as a couple (he touches his chest--ed)!

I asked her as she was falling asleep last night, she would barely talk to me, and I asked her why she was upset, and she said, 'I gave you my love and you threw it away'.

This is what sparked the loss between us.

I had to stop her, show her the certificate, of how I've changed! I'm a different person! I've had much counseling up here, you know?

Carla is not asking for much. She wants me to say 'good morning' and 'good night' to her every day, without her always having to be the one who says it.

This morning I gave her a pink flower, in spirit, and I wished her silently a good day.

It warmed her heart.

I am VERY VERY busy when I am up here, with my work, almost busier than I was while I was incarnate.

It's TRUE! I do 'drift away', from time to time, where the energies I send (although I am always sending them, as we are Twins) to her are not loud enough for Carla to appreciate it.

I know when I go to talk to her, and she goes straight to Divine Father instead, and she stays a long time, I feel the prickles of the little hairs on my neck to know she is complaining to him about me.

I know this for long time.

And I have studied it.

What Carla doesn't know is my teams and I have a plan to correct it, and all the information which is shared in confidence is changed to a plan of Action.

All of the incarnate Twins who are women here, 'lose their connection' from time to time with us--it has to do with the weather, the prevailing energies and the task at hand for those of us up here.

Our silence does not mean that we don't love you...

It is quite to the contrary, we are working so hard because we do, and we want you free and clear from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

So if your loved one up here is 'being quiet', and it is bothering you, (pulls a gold tassel like to a bell--ed) give us a HOLLER!  Let us know.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, it goes the same for us up it does for you.

clap! clap!

I want her to have a wonderful time today...on her adventure.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple