Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Breakthrough

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a new emotion in response to what was expected of me. I knew in my heart, that for the next twenty-four hours I was at the mercy of my hospital.  I was on call. And anything goes--in the middle of the night--I have to stay up and do the case. It's my turn. The buck stops here. And I never know what I'm going to get, you know? 

On a good night, I finish my lineup of cases, and go home to my bed, and sleep all night. (this is in fact what happened, fortunately!)

Only this time I woke up and I felt overwhelming love for Ross!

It was protective, to me, somehow, though I didn't understand it. But I knew in my heart that if I focused on my love for him, no matter what happened in the course of my call, I would be OKAY.

I enjoyed feeling the closeness to him.

I saw amazing things in my day, too. I worked with kind people. I was able to help some who were so terrified of their procedures that when it was done and they hadn't felt anything they kept giving thanks!  I was also able to smile and comfort those who were dying and very sick, through the course of my work. 

The most amazing thing was giving the bracelet to the anxious nurse whose daughter had lost hers. We had spoken in the lunch room the day before, and she said that she didn't understand how she could feel the bracelet and how it just 'made everything better'?  I confessed I know I need them for me, and I go through about one bracelet a week with my rate of growth. It helps.

While I was making her bracelet (she bumped in line, spirit had hers go first)--I was struck with the realization that she was an empath, with no training, and anxious because of the overwhelm of picking 'everything up' that was going on emotionally around her. So the bracelet also has the blessing of Archangel Michael, and was given to her with the Empath's Prayer to write and repeat as necessary, 'if it's not mine Lord, please take it away.'

She smiled and didn't even know who Archangel Michael was. She wrote it all down. I assured her she is 'normal' but with a 'gift' and she will learn how to use her 'gift' when she wants to, and not to have it bombard her from 360 degrees as it has been. 

She said she can pick up a whole room, all the details, what is going on, at once, and she's always been that way...

The most beautiful part of my day yesterday was I felt Ross' love trickling through the veil to me.

It warmed my heart to really FEEL it, undiluted, unaltered, unchanged, from the original love in his heart he has for me up in Heaven (or wherever he happens to be at the moment!).

I mentioned to him how wonderful it is, how it feels...and he smiled, and after a pause asked me if I would please write about it?

I did.

Off and on throughout the day, I felt warmth washing over me, familiar warmth, from my angel, my beloved, my husband and Twin, Ross.

There was reassurance in his love that kept me going.

I think there is going to be more of this from all of them 'in the rafters' coming to us, and I know Ross wants you to be prepared to receive it.

This is from Divine Father.

I had a concern about when things are asked of us. I had a concern about how if a person who is not making progress in their lessons, asks for something which if we give it might keep them stuck in their lessons, what are we to do?

For example, giving money to a street person who is likely to use it for drugs, is a very clear cut example...but not the one I encountered.

Divine Father says to focus on what is asked of you; not to worry about the lessons of others besides you, and furthermore, not to worry about the impact of YOUR actions on THEIR lessons.

Divine Mother nods yes in agreement.

I have their full support in saying 'you concentrate on you and your lessons, and when something is asked, as long as you resonate with your response to the request it's okay to go ahead and act.'

One more thing.

I always care about you.

Ross always cares about you.

Ross can be in millions of places at the same time, because he is disincarnate.

I can't.

I am up at four thirty in the morning, I work a full day, and I have responsibilities to my patients and my son. He is active in sports, and takes music lessons. I spend much time coordinating his schedule for him--because of my work assignments which can be short or long depending on the day, and because of his co-parenting schedule time with his father.

On a given day, I have a number of requests--messages and the like.

I'm not sitting in front of a computer.  I'm not paid to do this healing work, at least not with earthly dollars and benefits and a retirement plan and a stock package, lol.

I do the best I can.

Sometimes I forget...and I need a reminder.

Sometimes I notice your request is outside my 'scope of practice' and I will refer you out to someone more capable.

To make it clear, any request of 'what angel am I?'--it's not my line of healing work, and it's not my place to answer those inquiries of total strangers who contact me online. As a matter of fact, I blocked all comments to that blog post and took it down off the 'buttons' because a number of people who aren't willing to 'do the work' and commit to reading the blogs and following me online just felt like they had a right to 'contact me and ask' . I got a LOT of those! LOL.

The true answer to any such request is, when you do the work and raise your vibration enough, you won't have to ask me! LOL. You'll just KNOW!

Another place I can't help is people in crisis. They need professional help, from trained experts in the field. I don't have the training to treat online--not even in person!--for psychological or emotional conditions.  These I place gently in the loving arms of Divine Mother and Divine Father, and I pray for help, face to face help, to manifest for these desperate souls.

I am a single mother, who works full time to support the family, and I do the best I can with the Divine Healing Codes, with all the YouTube, with all the online presence, and I love you with all my heart.

Ross does too.


I invited Carla, my request, was for her to share this very special photo that she took on her first honeymoon--in 1988--in Kauai at the cemetery just in Kapaa.

There was a beautiful ocean view, and Carla enjoyed taking photos, so she and Mark L. S. her first husband, stopped off there.

Her heart opened when she saw this rendering of me. For she knew me, just like anyone else does, from her catechism and rosaries and for the little cross she wore as a child her mother said would keep the nightmares away.

Carla's heart opened to the beauty of the love of the people of Hawaii, with the flowers, in their pure and total love for me. It felt 'right' the way they honored me in their way. More 'right' than anything else she has ever seen for me.

Carla had wanted me to be a part of her marriage to Mark. They went to church every week, for mass. And Carla knew in her heart, without My presence, and without a couple willing to pray together with their hearts, a marriage is doomed to fail.

So for her part, with seeing this image and opening her heart as full as it would open with love and compassion, Carla invited Me into her marriage, whether or not Mark would. (Mark SAID he did, so did Frank, years later--but their ACTIONS spoke to the opposite).

And later, much much later, through Mark's family she met Barbara Matthias, a known visionary of Mary, and through that, began her long journey of automatic writing, seeing and being guided by my mother...and getting to medical school.

Carla went through two husbands--both of whom went to mass with her but never opened their hearts to me to the same degree Carla did--they couldn't (nobody can! Carla has the inside 'edge' on everyone in that!)  (he chuckles softly--ed) but Carla didn't know I am waiting for her to cross the finish line.

Limping and weeping, through her feeling freakish for her psychic ability as a physician, and in sorrow over her sharing her son in a household that was NOT like the one where she grew up, Carla found Reiki. Carla found Reiki through Tim Braun who sent her to Anne Reith, PhD...and now Carla has found her strength!

Just like she did in helping the healing at her hospital, both with the nurse who is an empath and doesn't know what an empath IS--and her patients--as well as her doctors and nurses.

In the procedure room--an outside of the operating room anesthesia site for someone claustrophobic, everything was setting up. The coordinator nurse specialist walked in a little late, took one look at Carla working away, and sighed a huge sigh of relief and said, 'my FAVORITE!' He knew she would do a good job and all would be fine.  (he holds one finger up to make a point--ed--I'm listening too)

If he only knew.

If he only knew the wealth of surprises that was hidden in my woman who keeps her mouth shut and doesn't say boo about me to anybody! Unless they are her students and they ask very nicely, I may add. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

(he clears his throat--ed)

Carla has a long road to me. I have made it clear. And Carla, once she has a taste of it, is going to RUN with open arms to me at the finish line in the higher realms!

Her blue shield is making the environment more favorable for her, it is like a bell that keeps the oxygen for you when you are diving under water--you are able to breathe and observe through that thick bell-shaped glass, and nothing can get to you. Not even a shark who tries to aim!

And aim they will, as that is what sharks do. It is their nature.

Watch for more. I want you to 'don't touch this dial' and enjoy the show--of what Carla is doing every single day, walking and sometimes jogging herself for the long haul closer to me--and enjoy the changes in her perception which may frequently be like your own, only you don't know it and haven't noticed it yet!

(he smiles a great big warm smile--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple