Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Short Quick Communication

Happy Solstice!

I have an excess of work right now. Got in after midnight. On call. Must go back again to 'the office' too soon.

People who use their freedom of choice, their free will--to hurt others are not okay in my book.

I don't like or enjoy the lower vibrations in any way shape or form.

People who are hurtful, I 'forgive' but only like this:  I put them in God's hand and don't think about it.

If I have a pet who pees or poops all over the house, they don't get to stay free to roam in my house. They go outside, or in one contained room where it's easy to clean up. I still love them. But my love for them isn't going to let them poor or pee all over everything else that is important to me. 

I'm not going to be all friendly with someone who makes horrible choices until they show evidence of seeing the 'light' and wanting to change, such as asking forgiveness, or even more, their making an 'amend' (Twelve Step program type of amend). And really MEANING it, being sincere!

It's enough for me to be here incarnate, to love everybody in general and to show up in all the responsibilities I have--at work and at home--without interacting with somebody else's choices that hurt people because we are not on the same page!

Also, I don't like the allegory that the body that types these words, and the heart who listens to both Spirit and itself which discerns these words--is only a shoe for an extension of 'My Greater Self' to wear for an incarnation.

I am not a toy. I am not a game. I am not a joke.   I am not a plaything. I am incarnate with a Veil--and for Spirit to do anything otherwise than to intervene and assist everyone incarnate who is struggling is not nice. To me, perpetuating the Status Quo or even changing it one speck slower than what's possible is not nice. We need OUT. I want OUT. I want to be Home in the Higher Dimensions, here incarnate on earth, NOW.

God is nice--Creator, both Divine Father and Divine Mother.

Someone who is really, really low on my list of people who have done despicable things as Lightworkers who have hurt the progress instead of helping, and really hurt Divine Mother a LOT!--asked Divine Mother for a reading. 

I would never in a million years touch this individual with a ten foot pole, not even a twenty foot pole. 

I wouldn't even want to get close to seeing their true vibration.

I am NOT Divine Mother.

Divine Mother is strong, and sees they are Her Children, and unpleasant as it is, she will make herself available to help this one Grow, on the chance assumption it is not a Trick. 

I love the poor, the helpless, the struggling to be free--the people who are in deep doo-doo and know it and want help. As a physician I love cancer patients and taking care of them with my professional services because that's what I signed up for, and it's all about. 

As a physician it's a struggle to work with those who abuse the system for self gain, people who don't work and have an easy lifestyle and aren't really sick but use a lot of medical resources for whatever reason--drug seeking, secondary gain, whatever.

This is why I make the distinction on how I forgive when it isn't easy--I send difficult people to the Spiritual Experts. They are outside the scope of my practice. I DO have to work with difficult medical patients--it's inside my scope of practice. But I wouldn't do anything outside of my specialty. 


Some Lightworkers have done well on their assignments.

Some haven't.

Stick to you own assignment.

Be honest with both yourself and Creator of All That Is on your progress.

And DON'T make yourself upset for not being Creator--if someone rubs you the wrong way--and they are NOT part of your Assignment (for example the one wanting the reading from Divine Mother)--simply REFER these individuals OUT to Creator and let it go.

Say, 'I'm putting this one in your hands, Creator, because that is the best I can do at the moment'. 

And move on.

My health is vastly improved. Thank you.

Yesterday was a miracle--the anesthesia machine showed up after a year of delay in the GI lab. The means automatic vital sign recording just like in the O.R, and more ability to concentrate on my patients. It was Christmas and my birthday all in one to be the first one to use it in GI.

There was food there too. I had a good day.

Until the Mercury Retrograde night on call.

I'm handling it.

I wish I could get excited about Christmas this year but I'm not. I just feel like a puppet on a string, and the hand holding the puppet saying 'buy buy buy' to 'celebrate' seems so totally obvious I'm like, not happy society constructs something like that.  I just want to see my family, and I'm thankful I'm not on call, you know?

I went through a LOT of clearing of old debris in my soul with that last cold. I'm cranky.

And yes, cranky is real.

In a Reiki cleanse the old blockages come up to release.

Ascension is all about acknowledging and releasing.

The trick, and it's a subtle one--about acknowledging and releasing, and the Law of Attraction--is not to dwell on the negative.

It's like, 'ouch my foot huts I stepped on a nail' and then you pull your foot up to inspect it, and you either treat it or move on.

Focusing on the nail manifests more nails.

It's also like when you meditate--things pop into your Consciousness, you acknowledge them--and move on.

Exercise to keep your thoughts positive as constantly as you can--and you will retrain the mind to manifest good things.

Don't stuff your feelings down to your ankles like Marge Simpson and ignore them. Simply acknowledge them when they come up, take it as data points, and move on. Ignored feelings have influence on what we manifest too.

I wish I could stay longer, I have to go. I'm late for work.

Ross please be patient, and wait for another time.

Thank you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc