Sunday, December 4, 2016


The other day I figured something out. I was asking myself why I give the bunny organic produce and don't buy her the cheaper one?

Then it all clicked! I put her used hay and poop into the garden as my fertilizer!  If I fed her GMO and pesticides, then it would all end up coming back to me!

I thought, WOW! Everything really IS connected, isn't it?

Just Be YOU.

Some people are saying they are super exited about the times and they can't wait to be waking everyone up.

Some others are starting Reiki clinics.

They talk to me.

I don't know what their Life Contracts say, but I can tell you I am adept at reading the vibration, even online through what is written. And...that tells me something.

This is why, to be fair and to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I recommend, just be YOU.

Do what makes you feel ALIVE.  Do what you enjoy. Do what you feel that good ol' spirit 'nudge' to do. Sometimes it will energize you and get you to do things in a hurry.

What people forget is that each of us have an assignment, it is perfect, and there is time to accomplish what we have been sent here to do.

All of us.

Overthinking it is not part of the assignment!  These two examples mentioned are still using the logic to understand spirit, which is not possible in itself!  Logic and Spirit are two different 'sciences'! Both can be learned with a good psychic development instructor...

Here is an example, a video from a rapper who ran away from what he saw behind the scenes, and produced this:

The end of the video makes me cry, it's so beautiful. Earth is a school. And it was never meant to be lived in a classroom.

With the classroom they get you to trust your left side of your brain more than your right. That's why you learn and are tested on facts and skills.  The right side is more intuitive, more creative.

Last night I made bracelets for my friends at the crystal store. I made five. One owner gets Vesuvianite, it's spectacular the bead, and there's a jasper that's beautiful but I forget the name. I want to call it 'moss jasper' but I don't recall. The other owner, his wife, gets hearts of pietersite and a single midnight blue Swarovski bead. The bisexual who is currently in a same sex relationship and happy gets Tibetan stone, with a faceted onyx and lilac Swarovski focal point. The onyx takes a thin elastic only. The Tibetan stone is heavy. This is to teach him about Strong and Gentle--you must be mindful or the relationship (bracelet) will break. There is no room to be careless. (his partner is a Cancer like me...I give him relationship tips because I know what being a Moon Child is like, all the ups and downs of it lol)...Another is Latin American, a psychic who used to work with the public and now is by word of mouth only. He got tired of the relationship questions from the public for his readings. (many psychics do). He has red jasper, designer quality, and aragonite. Spirit wants three beads in a row, I'm not sure why, but they are symbolic to him, Spirit says.  A bride has her wedding colors  in Swarovski cubes with pearls and brilliant Swarovski focal point.  The last is dearest to my heart. It captures the energy of the ocean, the colors, and magnifies it. But there is NO pattern whatsoever, even a surprise bead of larimar and one of aragonite. The colors are green, blues, and clear...there is lesson that not everything fits a pattern in ones life, and everything is beautiful just the way it is!

Ross also made one for me last night. It too has Pietersite hearts. They are flanked by corrugated antique sterling silver. There are twenty four pieces of silver. Tubes of smoky quartz act as spacers to connect the hearts. It is on elastic. It is in beautiful pattern harmony, until the extra bead Ross wanted for the twenty fifth piece of silver which doesn't fit the pattern. It is a very special bead, one I had wanted to be my trademark.It's a cantaloupe Swarovski. It's orange in one light, but turns green in fluorescent. He wants me to know there will never be that twenty fifth piece of silver ever again. Our love is rock solid. And he calls the theme of my new bracelet Opening New Worlds.

I have been buying lots of very high energy crystals. I give their energy to my network of healing I send Reiki and Divine Peace Healing daily. The most recent one is exquisite, and brings hope and joy. It is expensive. Your contentment, and inner peace is worth it. It started working yesterday afternoon.

It's so funny, I can feel the energy of the crystals through the package. When they arrive, I don't even have to look at the return address to see who sent it. I know.  This one is working beautifully. I hope you enjoy the energies it is going to bring to your lives.


I want Carla to walk around today and get a lot of exercise. I have told her I want her to walk two loops around her route today instead of her usual one.

It will strengthen her for what lies ahead.  There is much work to be done for her this week, much hospital work.

And everything else to follow.

You will understand what I am talking about in a short time.

(holds one finger up, shakes it back and forth--ed)  And it isn't what you think!  (points to his watch --ed)  It's not time yet for the Big One! (he smiles and rubs his hands--ed)  The BIG Surprise awaits!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Love

P.S. Fear is counterproductive. I haven't listened to this yet, but KP was really good at my early awakening. His concept of Fear Porn in the media is timely. Here's the link: