Saturday, December 24, 2016

From Ross 12.25.2016

Good morning, and Good Evening to you, depending on which side of the International Date Line you are on.

Merry Christmas.

(he clears his throat--ed)

What I am about to say will prepare you for what is come. This isn't an early form of prediction. It is of Spirit.

(waves his hand--rocks it--palm down as if to say 'so so'--ed)  I want you to cut me a little slack when it comes to the time of the predictions. From where I come, I count on probabilities and energy readings with the timelines, and distortion/misinterpretation sometimes pans out while reading the 'graphs'.

(he clears his throat again--ed. He also folds his hands in his lap. He is seated and facing us.)

clap! clap!

I want all the good things to become better!

I want you to increase all the good upon the earth--both in your hearts (points to his chest--ed) and in your minds (points to his sides of his head with both index fingers--ed).

For it is starting from here (points to his chest--ed) with the moderation from here (points to his head--ed) with some common sense for 'grounding' and 'keeping it reasonable' will get us from (gestures with his hand pointing index finger down and making a sweeping movement as he speaks--ed) from Point A to Point B in a hurry! (holds one finger up to make a point--ed).

clap! clap!

There isn't anywhere else to go but to Point B from Point A. (he points to both sides of his head with the index fingers, looking like he is thinking intensely--ed).

There isn't any other place to go.

There simply isn't.

That place is the Higher Realms....upon Gaia. (he rubs his hands together--looks like with anticipation--ed).  I have been waiting for this for a long time. And so have you.

(he crosses his leg, and leans back with his hands laced behind his head and his elbows are sticking out--ed) What is there to say?

That I want a puppy?  (shakes his head no--ed)

That I want a RAISE?  (he chuckles, and shakes his head no again--ed)

That I want everyone to be at Peace?  (nods yes, as if we knew the answer all along--ed--then he leans forward, hands on his knees)

What is this Peace?

Is it a War to End all Wars?  (shakes head no--ed)

Sadly it isn't. For War leads to war leads to another war...

What about Corruption? Is the end of it a sign of Peace?

In a way it is, and in a way it isn't.

(he points to his chest with one finger--ed)  It depends on what is going on inside, in here.

Do you understand what I am telling you?  (he rubs his hands together again, as if going to share a great secret--ed)

What is without (gestures to the room with right hand--ed)  starts inside (points to his chest--ed) in HERE....and in HERE (points to both sides of his head with his index fingers--ed).

What is without  is a manifestation of the hearts and souls of the population.

So how is one to swing it?  All the love and joy and peace and lack of wars and prosperity for everyone?

(he points to the television set--ed) Are you going to find it in here?  (shakes his head no--ed) Sadly, it isn't. I would like it to have been so, a message to the masses that 'all is clear' and 'all is as it should be'...there are far too many who are entranced by it to understand the message, even if it were broadcast mid-day!  It wouldn't compute. It would not be understood, even if it was presented in the native languages.

What is going to come about is like a snowmelt. A little at first, and then a thaw, perhaps a refreeze for a night or two, but a general thawing of the masses from their 'rest' (slumber in the Illusion of Duality), and then a sign of Spring! Perhaps a flower (Carla saw one tree covered with white blossoms, and delighted in it today)...perhaps a windfall (something to make life easier in some way that is across the globe but people can't put their finger on it, what did it or what caused it) --(he chuckles and winks--ed)...

(he shifts in his seat again, leaning back and crossing his leg and putting his elbow to rest not he back of the chair next to him--ed)  It is going to take some time. I want to make it clear. (gestures as if shooting a basketball--ed) It is a free throw, not a slam dunk, and I want you to know I and my team are excellent at the free throw line.  We will make our mark, and arrive somewhat weathered--through all of the 'adventure' (I claircognizant this to mean, 'since 12/12/2012 to Point B'--ed) and everything is blessed! blessed, blessed, blessed blessed!

Is this a pep talk?

You bet on your life it is.

Go Team! (he pumps his fist into the air--ed)

I know you can do it!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,


(and Carla who is typing it for me)