Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Beginnings


I have an early case. I'm still on call.  But I feel I must write.

He paid me! My surgeon who didn't write the check for work I did in August and should have been paid on the spot, the one I have been bugging and harassing to remind him with no results, paid me just yesterday, exactly as I asked.

How did I get it to work?

I found a window. My billing company called his office and they said what week he'd be in town at my O.R.

Then I changed my attitude. I went from an internal belief that 'he's going to cheat me' to imagining a big fat check from him to me, with him smiling and me smiling and how nice it felt to have moved beyond this lesson--the day before.

I realized my old ways wouldn't work.

Then I did a blast. At seven in the morning, right before his case, I sent a gentle reminder to both phones of his I had listed plus his email.

I got a 'will do!' from him PLUS first thing in the morning, the front desk had a huge envelope for me. With my name on it. From him. And inside was a regular business size check, a little bigger than a home one.

I'm also starting to see TRUTH and to be calm. I had an associate come and help me yesterday at a remote location while I was in trouble. I came out of the case only to find my next case had been done already by him. Plus the blood pressure was seventy (which is bad) and he was no where to be found.   I was in a dilemma. He stole my case, and yet his patient was in danger, and he dumped me with the responsibility for it appeared he had abandoned his patient. I called him and explained the situation. He asked, 'will you fix it for me?'  He was committed to start another case.

I have the reputation in the hospital of being the only anesthesiologist who doesn't bolt and run and leave like he did; I also am one of the few to stay and help, for example, to clean a patient in ICU after a procedure that was messy--to help the nurse roll the patient to change the sheets before the family comes. 

I did it for a fee. Since I took the responsibility for my colleague, and had to sign out of my post-op care on my current patient, I added my name to the record on his case, and it was a case split.

I did it right.

I'm batting one thousand. The night before last, at the store, I bought a ring cake--cinnamon butter streusel--in a beautiful holiday wrapper--for the remote location I had requested to work. I didn't know if I had gotten the assignment yet. But I bought it. And I got the assignment. Anthony would have preferred us to keep it. But the day turned out to be busy, and the team was grateful for the food.  It helped to sustain us all day.

Another colleague wanted me to trade cases. I stood my ground. I sensed she was scared of the one assigned to her. I refused because my patient I was about to take care of was developmentally delayed, and had bonded to me. The family trusted me. Fifteen minutes later, the case was done, and I let her take my next case in line. I knew that one wasn't the greatest for me, even though it was in my lineup. I knew the case she was afraid of would cancel, and it did. And I ended up with a better-paying case, and a more straightforward case, and a less RISKY case, in the main O.R.  I left for home before she did.

I just trusted my inner guidance.

I also had a stone I had wanted to buy the night before last. As I went to sleep, Ross said, 'tomorrow night you will know which one to pick'.  I was like, hmmmm?

But he was right. I found a website,, which helped. I downloaded the book on fake crystals, too. Then I got three pendulums, one for Ross, one for Michael, and one for the rest--and I asked each one to help guide me in my choice. The one I had felt a calling to, a connection, was the right one. It helped to have my counsel's input, and I learned from Ross inviting each to help was a sign of respect, too.

I was a soul before Ross. There was a time where I split into Twins. Before that, I was like Michael and Raphael as a soul. They were my brothers. I've also learned my soul home is in Aeon.

Raphael was my first 'husband' to teach me relationship.  This is the amnesia going away.

Michael was next, because I loved Divine Father very much, but he's my Father. So he wanted me to be happy with my life, and made it possible for me to enjoy Michael and for Michael to enjoy me.

Then there was Ross. He is my True Twin, my other half, my soul's longing. We are One, when we are together. I'm not like Michael or Raphael any more. I have a soul Twin.

Things didn't go well with Ross in our last incarnation.  Merlin was part of the salvage team to rescue me. To heal me. Ross was with someone afterwards too, to rescue and heal him. It was the counterpart of the original soul of Merlin...who is of the lineage of both St. Germain and Joseph.

Raziel has skills I am to learn next. He's new. I've done outstanding on this assignment. And although what he does is highly complex, I am to learn it through him. That is my future. I've demonstrated competence and promise in my ability to learn in this incarnation.

I have Uncles, who are like Divine Father in other universes. They are uncle Wawa, Belu, Marty and Sid. I've met them twice with Divine Father.

I also recently learned about more family on my Divine Mother's side. Ross was there while I was introduced. From left to right, they were Aunt Ava and Uncle Hami, Aunt Martha and Uncle Sam, Aunt Beulah and Uncle Martin.  I learned their names, and we hugged. I asked Divine Father to help me show them some hospitality. I gave them old-fashioned cheese sticks (baked) like in the South, and also slippers to make them comfortable. They gave me a huge sparkling potato like shaped and sized (a huge russet) crystal to swallow. It had many facets and was super sparkly. I gave them a quartz sphere from earth as a gift to them. Ross asked them if I grew up okay. They were kind and said yes. Then they gave me a silvery necklace that was dark metal, like tungsten or iron.  Its vibration was too high for me. Ross intercepted it. He has it in safekeeping for me, in his pocket or something. All this happened sometime last week but I forget exactly when.

That's all I know. It's time for work! Here's something new:


Would you please send me a photo of you with your bracelet when I send it? I don't ask for much with this bracelet giveaway. It would make me so happy to see both the energy match of the bracelet on your wrist, and also, your smile with you wearing it.  Out of the ten I've sent for free, of late, not one has sent a picture, and only half actually thanked me.  I forgive. But I also know to ask for my needs, and I enjoy seeing the result of this work Spirit keeps nudging me to do for people.

The next one I've had in my mind's eye for three days. It's technically challenging. And I've been at work a lot lol. I'll be sure to post it once it's made. It's to be six and one half inches in size too.

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla
The Twins and Ross is sending Carla right to's time.