Wednesday, November 30, 2016

You Are A Living Jewel

Above is the flow of earthly life experience.

You are born.

You learn and you grow.

You enjoy the presence of others.

And then you get off the 'ride', and wait for the next chance to take a turn again.

It's fun.

And as you awaken while you are incarnate, you discover everyone around you is your teacher.

Yesterday, my plastic surgeon wanted us to turn the room over quickly to get his next case into the O.R.

You know what he did?

He helped put on the dressings. He helped moved the patient. He was calm and helped with the physical work it takes to bring his patient out of the room, without making a big point about it.

I haven't seen a surgeon help with this part who wasn't a resident in years and years and years!

I stopped and told him, 'thank you for doing the work and not leaving the room. Most other surgeons just yell at us to hurry up and give a quick turnover quick turnover but they never really HELP make what they want to happen, happen!'

He used his heart, and he understood to get his goal, his contribution would help to make it happen.

It was a beautiful lesson, one taken to heart by me.  Leaders show leadership by their example.

I realized yesterday evening, that all of us are beautiful jewels of experience, inside our human bodies, and instead of holding still for ninety-seconds like in the Laguna Pageant of the Masters (explanation video for reference here just in case you haven't heard of it)...we MOVE AROUND for our whole lives in these roles while we are incarnate!!!

We are PRICELESS works of art, great value, and irreplaceable, each and every one...EVERY one!


I wish to speak of something delicate.

I wish to speak of Carla and Michael, Raphael, Merlin, and Raziel...about their relations.

Carla is coming to terms with it as we speak.

That is what her new bracelet is for, the one with the blue calcite, lepidolite, and dragons' blood jasper.

There is a blue calcite for each one of us.

Carla is going home.

Carla is going back to the parts of her that have been buried while she was incarnate--Carla is waking up.

And it isn't easy for her. It is difficult and struggling.  For now she asks questions.

'How can I be romantically involved with each of you at the same time and not be a whore?'

Carla what was our response?

C:  you threw a big fluffy white blanket thing at me, but I didn't catch it. It was hard to see. I asked if it was cotton and you said 'close'. I had to guess a lot. But then when I got it right I said, 'wool?' meant that someone threw the wool over my eyes to make me think it was wrong to be like that. It was society, on earth, and not in Heaven.

Carla, what did you blurt out after this?

C:  A lot of men are going to really like it!  I was sarcastic, and not very nice. That is because I didn't believe it myself, that it's okay. I still don't, actually.

Carla, and why?

C:  Because I think about the twins of the others, getting hurt, like here on earth. I think about the horrible mess like in the dorm rooms where you hear and know all that bedroom stuff that is going on, and it makes me sick to think of everything happening everywhere all over Heaven like a giant orgy. It's bad enough here with the young people with public displays of affection! And how could I be a part of something like this when I'm so old anyway?

What happened next?

C:  I asked how it could be that I would be with you and you and you in some relationship at the same time? And you explained to me how a Twin is always a twin, you can't lose them. But with careful planning, a copy of each of the others was made just for me, and my relationship is only with the copy, not the 'whole'--so I love you and interact with you in a formal relationship if you are with me and not my twin.

Is it marriage as you know it on earth?

C:  It is socially acceptable like on earth, I don't remember any wedding ceremony. And no...there is no orgy up there where I can see. It's hidden, and not in plain view, any of the relationships like this. Kind of like marriage here on earth. It's pleasant.

And what else?

C:  I was still really upset, and you made it VERY clear to me that YOU do not make any copies of yourself at any time, honey. Ever. You love everybody like a family member, same as I do, but for us as Twins you are the only one for me, and you don't participate in that other thing like I'm rediscovering I myself and doing with my soul and these other souls.  And yes, you said it's not random, it's not with everyone, and only a few are doing this with each one. Not a lot. And the original Twins--I forget how but since it's a copy I get of their twin they do not get hurt.

And all of it is for learning?

C:  YES! It was like college or fellowship post graduate training--to live with Merlin in his house and learn his expertise, to live with Raphael to get healing skills from the best, to be with Michael so I wouldn't be a freaking chicken scared of everything my whole life like I was when I was a little kid in this life.

(Ross chuckles--ed)  Is there anything else?

C:  Michael spoke to me before I fell asleep last night. It was awkward. You were 'present' just like a security blanket, for me. Your energy was far but not out of range. I had to explain to Michael from my heart that the whole concept of this is very frightening for me, for when I was four the other boys assaulted me. The basic thought of me plus the others at the same time--even on friendly terms in non-physical planes--is scary because it recreates the number who hurt me so much, five boys to one girl...and I was terrified back then. The most scared I've ever been. I thought I was dying. My bowels and bladder let go and I was a mess.

And what did Michael say?

C:  I don't remember, I fell asleep, but I wasn't embarrassed in Michael's presence telling him my worst fear. I felt understood, loved, and respected--in a NON PHYSICAL way. He said something wise, I wish I could remember, but I can't.

And was it gentle, your interaction with him?

C:  Yes. Like I was with a doctor or a psychologist--someone who is used to seeing EVERYTHING and nothing fazed him.  He didn't ask anything of me at all. And he gave me the space to put words to my greatest fear, which was in  itself really scary. I hide it all the time, everywhere I go, and everything I do. It takes energy to hide it, even though I've basically healed from it, it never has left.

What can you say about us?

C:  I went running to you like I was running to my mama when I was falling asleep. Michael wasn't mad. It seems like this has been a huge problem with me, for a long time, and you all have been working on it together. It has been frustrating for all of you--you never admit it or let it show but I can sense it--and last night you made the most headway you have made in as long as I have been working with you.

And what did you say to us on the way to work yesterday morning?

C:  I said good morning to all of you, and that even though I don't understand it, the connection, I wanted to wish all of you a good day. I was happy. And I said something like, 'What's up?!' and you guys didn't really understand the slang. Then we all laughed.

Is there anything else?

C:  I'm embarrassed to admit it, but my amnesia is really bad. The part about throwing the wool over my eyes is right on target. But knowing I have amnesia, it makes me feel like there is something wrong with me. Even if I chose it, to be here, to experience it wears off I feel like I'm something less, perhaps even a little bit tricked, and I need to trust both in myself and you--all of you--as this next phase of my Ascension engages and I do the work, feeling and releasing all the old yucky things that come up, like my memory last night of the assault on me as a very small child in THIS incarnation that I'd rather forget.

Is there anything you wish to say to me?

C:  That I love you more than ever, that I trust you to get me safely in one piece from point A to point B--wherever point B is that I can't appreciate from my perspective, and I'm willing to work hard to make it.

And why?

C:  I would rather not stagnate. I would like to arrive home as soon as possible. And make soup like I do here, a nice warm steamy bowl, with some fresh bread and butter, and to really FEEL like I'm home, and to enjoy the company of my spirit family.

You do not want a party?

C:  Would you feel like going to a party after climbing up and down Mount Everest in a day?

I just might (he winks, and is adorable--ed)

C:  If I had a shower first I 'just might' too (I'm teasing him back, one of my favorite things to do--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple