Saturday, November 19, 2016

Perception Is Illusion

I was at the post office on Thursday.  I saw a man wearing a baseball cap with a star, two points up, and an inverted cross in the middle.

I cringed.

It was so blatant, more than goth, more than was...that.

I wanted to respond, and Ross said to hold off on it, just observe...and while I was observing I got a feeling about the Big Picture, and I sensed, 'he is going to be so EMBARRASSED when he figures things out.'

It was simple, childlike reasoning that came from I don't know where, but there was no guile or ego in that assessment.

We are given the gifts of the senses at birth, most of us. And this is how we perceive our world, through sound, light, olfaction, touch, and taste.

Imagine this as one 'filter' or 'lens' through which everything reaches 'us', the Consciousness which resides inside the body while we are incarnate.

There is another layer. This layer is the sum total of all of our experiences, as a soul, our soul memory which might not have the slate exactly wiped clean between incarnations. Someone may have a good reason to be afraid of heights, to be afraid of water, to be afraid of firearms or weapons.  That might have been how they died a tragic and violent death, and although the conscious mind has no recollection, the soul itself might remember...

Therefore, we live in an existence where we have our internal Consciousness, which interacts with the world, and it becomes unique how we perceive it both through our physical senses (for example, I wear reading glasses now, five years ago I didn't need them) plus our interpretation of what information comes in through out physical senses.

I have a fear of masks. My residual memory is from my immediate prior life where I was a victim of mind control programming, Monarch, for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

And Monarch, being what it is, imprints on the soul from one incarnation to the next.

I have done a very good job of coming to acceptance with the negative parts of this past life.

I have fully and completely turned away from it.

There was a great deal of sorting through what was 'me' and what was 'imprinted' when it comes to my close physical relationships, because as a kitten I had been taught a lot of things that were 'okay' without my being given time to decide for myself if I was okay with it or not. I wasn't taught to think for myself. I was a child. I was to be exploited. I wasn't to fight the plans that had been made for me. I couldn't. I enjoyed being rewarded and given praise for doing my job well.

It was sick. It was twisted. But it was.

And in this life, I have spent a great deal of my awakening as a soul, with my Consciousness, coming to terms with 'our team' and 'their team', learning their secret symbols, wanting to expose their rituals to the world because it is hidden in plain sight!  It's like a bad nightmare to be awake and to watch them get away with so much, every day, continuing to exploit all of society and some of the weakest members within it, all for money and power and a religion that is bizarre and unhealthy!

I was a victim. I suffered at their hands.

I wanted healing, justice, restitution, and a promise that they could never do that to anyone ever again.

What IS real?  What is real in the Illusion of our senses?

One example is Kindness...that which touches the heart.

These things are eternal, they are just the same here as they are where we are from, where our soul originates, in the presence of Creator...

Everything else is fake.

That is why the man with the frightening, shocking baseball cap at the post office is going to be terribly embarrassed.  Not just because of me, and I was at the window next to him, and he didn't know me.

It's because all of his self-worth and identity is rooted into a huge lie.

The lie that Bad is Good, Dark is White, and hurting others is totally acceptable.

And if we further the awakening within ourselves, and flush out all of the remnants of those desires to look out for Number One--too bad so sad for you! ha ha of Lack, one of suffering, one of Loss...all that remains is what is true, and that is Joy.

Check this out:

And this:

And finally, this:

I was at my son's basketball game this morning. He is on a travel team. We had a scrimmage against a league--not a travel--team.  They won. By a lot.

The parents and the coaches from the other team were highly competitive. They encouraged their sons to be very aggressive on the court.  A mother shook a cowbell every point their team made, and jumped up screaming. Another one had a poster like at a big sports game--with their team name on it.

I realized that although our sons were on different teams, we are all here for our children to play the same the same the same town...because we want our youth to grow strong and healthy and develop a love for the game.

The game couldn't be played without rules, without opponents.

So for the course of one game, it was them against us.

Anthony played well. He is strong. And he is learning to use his body to his advantage. He is especially good at defense. He had a good game. I liked what I saw. He was tired and sweaty. He asked me for a towel, which we had both forgotten. I got up and brought him a paper towel from the restroom, which he appreciated. Another boy on our team got hurt, and I offered to bring him ice from the front desk. We had our share of screaming parents, and his father was screaming louder than most for our team, too.

By extension, here on Earth at this time, we have the equivalent--of a game, on a long term time scale--between two teams, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and the rest of us.

We are here because it is good for our souls to be here, incarnate, and learn.

And when the game is over, we will all take a shower and relax with our families.

Although within the Illusion, what Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart do--with their scary 'religion', the killing, and the poisoning of us and the environment, and everything else--could be considered aggressive to the extreme, enough for Divine Intervention to be important to stop the 'game'...

It's not much different from the basketball.

You won't get more than a 'good game, good game' high five from me as I walk in a line with my team past their line of their team at the end--because I'm still hurting from my own experiences with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

But I'll give you that in Divine Order, there is a place for them, and for love, and slowly, surely, we are making our way to a grand awakening, where Eternal Truth will be apparent to all...even if their 'side' has to experience total defeat at the same time.

The experts in Spirit will assist them in their further awakening, and will counsel and heal them from their own scars and memories.

Just like these same experts in Spirit, they have done wonders in their work with me. Technically, I was an innocent--in that incarnation--yet I still racked up the karma and have been paying it ever since. Until now, where I feel good, with grace and ease and joy more often than not.


I like lots of pictures.  I like it when you are thinking. You are always growing, as a soul. The learning never stops.

This article is going to make you think.

It is going to expand your view to Carla's area of expertise:  Life, Death and Forever, as she likes to call it.

It is going to help you let bygones be bygones.

It is going to give you hope.

You are LOVED.

You are loved both by the two of us, and by Creator, and many angels and archangels in between...even Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, all of their 'players' on the Team--have angels on our side who supervise them, and advise them to do their best.

They WILL awaken!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple