Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Day Of Nothing

This is my view every day in the Operating Room. I have the best seat in the house, and I watch miracles.

As a matter of fact, I'm on call, backup call, right this very minute.

Today is special in a variety of ways.

First, I READ. I just read several chapters of a book I borrowed from Anthony's teacher's class with her permission--Zen and the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury.  I sat on my porch swing and just relaxed.  It's funny how his work describes the subconscious, which also, ironically, was shared by Marc Gamma in his recent blog post:

Second, I am really discovering how romantic Ross is. Even though he's disincarnate.  On Tuesday night, when I came home from call and was fixing to write, he told me to look up on eBay, 'Larimar'.

There was an auction for a larimar and blue topaz pendant finishing up that MINUTE!  I bid and I won, everything, for less than twenty dollars including shipping. It arrived today, and it hangs close to my heart. Ross say to wear it to help me with my lawsuit, not to take it off until it is complete. (tomorrow I meet with the attorney for the first time).  Yesterday, he had me look into another copy of mom's Stauer catalog. She had given me two. There is a ring made of silver from Israel. It's backordered. But it has a silver pearl and the design is called 'nest'. It's very affordable. Somehow he knew it was in that one catalog, and told me there was something very beautiful he wanted me to have in it, and guided me to the page.

The third is I am not doing anything at all on my 'to do' list. And you know what? The downtime allowed me to remember it's time to plant the fava beans. I am Italian. We love fava beans in Spring! So, I ordered some for me, and also sent a packet of seeds to go to mom's address. Fava needs the winter rain to grow. I feel 'normal' for the first time in ages! Last year about the fava I totally forgot until mom reminded me. Then they were too late into the ground. I didn't get any harvest. Right now, I'm going to plant the potatoes Spirit told me to plant. They are all full of eyes, little yukon golds, and I was told to plant them.
My last hope is to decorate the house for Christmas once Anthony is home. I'm SO excited about Christmas.  KOST 103.5 FM is already playing the carols. And for me, every year I live long enough to make it to Christmas, I feel like my contract has been renewed!

an introvert's Heaven! LOL

Ross wants me to share our conversation from earlier today.

I asked him just for today to be more near me.

He said, 'I am ALWAYS near you' and pointed to the gold cord which connects our hearts as Twins.

I took the cord and wrapped it around us, and said, 'I want to be cozy close today, is that okay?' Then I started to coo, making happy sounds and relaxing in the warmth of being near my beloved.

He wants me to mention how there indeed are different kinds of 'close', and for me to be able to ask for what I would like, what I need, with him, is a very good start. It's a good start for my Ascended life.

He also wants me to share what happened in meditation this morning.

I wanted to see my council. I called them in. I thanked them. I apologized for being trouble, for being in any way like a cat stuck up in a tree. I thanked them for being my firemen, and helping me come back down to safety.

I had tears. I was embarrassed for having been asleep for so long. 

They said, 'firemen need fires, they need something to do. It all works out, your needing to be helped and our helping you.'

That was the kindest, most gentle response, and I cried more.  It was so 'big' of them to say that.

Then I told them they are very attractive/handsome, and I appreciate both their wisdom and courage, but also looking at them too. I said, 'you are each amazingly easy on the eyes, like eye candy!' and they chuckled very much to hear of this earth term. I said how lucky I am to have them.

Then I confessed.

I said how I feel ugly and stupid, being asleep as I am, and I'm embarrassed of it. The comparison of me in my natural state 'here', and them 'there' is HUGE, and I'm sorry I'm not exactly eye candy for a galactic way. 

Again they were kind, and explained healing takes time, and what is important about me isn't affected by time.

They offered to make a calendar with them in it for me, for Christmas, like with handsome firemen in different poses every month to make me feel better.

I laughed so hard! And I loved the thought! But I asked, 'if there is no Time in the afterlife, how will I know when  to change the page of the calendar?'

At this, they said, 'you will feel it, when you are ready, and then it will be time.'

Then they went away.

Something very important about these times is the ability to create your own reality.

As Ascended beings, we LOVE everyone, unconditionally, even those who do the unthinkable, for they are incarnate beings, same as us...

Your VIBRATION, and your sense of well-being, however, are unique and entirely up to you.

This is why I chose to 'unfollow' certain people--while still retaining Friends status with them--on FB.  Certain people are not wanting to change in any way, and are taking their own route through the lower vibrations to heal and then later come up to where they had been previously in our friendships.

I don't want to listen to their words because of the vibration in the words which is weighing me down.

I want to look forward.  To enjoy life in the Higher Realms. I've worked so very hard to enjoy it.

Even with the Truth in front of a person, with their eyes open and the action of reading the words taking place, until a certain threshold of consciousness/vibration is reached, it's like a locked door, and nothing can make this person wake up and understand things. No matter how gently or with love you say it.

A long time ago, a wise man once said, 'let the dead bury their dead'.

I studied it in Bible study.

It still applies today.

So I let go with love, and seek my own further developments and experiences, in order to raise my vibration UP.


Some people are going to eat lots of chocolate.

Some people are going to kick the dog--both literally and figuratively--as they come to terms with 'recent events'.

Carla, tell them the readings of the cards. I want both.

(okay--on election night, CAVE and ANCESTORS from the Earth Magic deck, and SURRENDER from the Magdalen Oracle. Today, from Archangel Michael deck, ENERGY HEALING WORK, A FAVORABLE OUTCOME, GUARDED AND PROTECTED, HONOR AND TRUST YOUR FEELINGS, AND EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS.--ed)

(He puts his hands on his hips, and gently gazes at you. --ed)

The cards have it!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins