Friday, November 25, 2016

Do Over With Love

I talk to Ross a lot when I drive. The other day, I asked him something, and I mentioned how lately I am starting to see the beauty in the Life Experience, because everything is constantly changing--in ourselves and others--so basically we 'never pass this way again'.  In anything!

He was pleased and asked me to write about it.

Things, from where I am, are starting to get a little exciting. As you know, Ascension is something I've worked very hard on, and it makes me happy to see the evidence of intervention from the galactics every now and then.

On a personal level, Ross and I are back at square one in our relationship. This time, all of the residue from that past life as a kitten is out of the picture. It colored my outlook on everything, a LOT. I am in good hands, Ross is quite capable now, to guide me in normal and healthy relationship with him.  To share our conversation on it, it went something like this:

C:  so what happens to everything I learned from that incarnation as a kitten? All of my 'tricks'? (puzzled, trying to understand)

R:  you will be able to use them again for your enjoyment only AFTER you have re-learned all of the standard ways to connect in relationship with me.

C:  (still puzzled, at the loss of my experience gained, or at least putting it on hold, then something dawned on me and I blurted it out)  do you know some 'tricks' then?!

Ross really cracked up over that one. It took a while for him to compose  himself.

R:  yes, I know some tricks. you could say that. 

I was like, 'oh! okay then.' because in the kitten incarnation, there was always one person who knew the 'tricks' and the other who didn't, does that make sense? And in my limited framework of understanding of the subtleties of relationship, my beloved Ross had to make the connection for me between my old ways of thinking and the new ones when it comes to 'us', so I could heal and continue to grow from this very deep and unusual soul wound from that incarnation. 

So as a soul you can and do have the opportunity to Do Over! It's just in this lifetime, not so much--with the whole aging and time and timelines/life scripts for others you seem to be running out of time!--but Ross wants you to know there is always, always, always a chance to learn and to grow and be your best in THIS incarnation too.

(my smile is I think Kanye's recent outbursts may have something to do with either too much programming from his handler, or perhaps, like the Super Bowl Power Outage years ago--perhaps a little something more from our 'friends in the rafters' <3)

The bracelet giveaway on DWR, have you noticed it?

My healing and need to connect with my readers is not being hindered any longer by people who are not willing to pay for my expertise. My expertise with healing stones goes a long way back, to the days of India with Ross. I recall being tested as a child for my I.Q.  A grown lady counselor took me out of class, to her office, and we played with wooden beads on a string. She would ask me to remember certain patterns. It was super easy to remember and copy them. I couldn't help thinking, 'doesn't this woman have anything better to do in her day than to play with beads with the children?'  

It turns out my IQ is in the low 150's, and I think my past life/soul memories had a lot to do with my ease with the beads back in that test too! LOL

Anyhow, I am stubborn, I am giving the healing away because there is NEED, and I sense it.

And guess what? My billing company is asking for a raise from the insurance companies for the first time since 2009! I just had to sign a paper for them on Friday.

Life is good when Spirit is at your side. 

I'm really excited to help people the way I am, every day, with a free bracelet. I'm having so much fun with it! Today's is one I am proud of the most. Fo the person who is really bummed out about the holidays <3

 What could I say?

I had two Thanksgivings. Yesterday's was at the warm and inviting home of our babysitter's uncle. Yes, I had Thanksgiving Liberia-style, celebrating with about twenty members of a family who are from Africa. 

I saw Irene, the PACU nurse who is our sitter's aunt who helped us to connect. I haven't seen her for five years or so. It was wonderful to see her again. Both of us are always working. Her brother Clarence, who was the host, shares the same love of the piano I do, especially, Chopin. He has been taking lessons for the past two years, as an adult. He adores classical music.

I actually got to play the piano, something I've adored since I was ten, for the first time in ages! They let me read his sheet music. I used to enjoy playing for an hour every night after dinner. Mom kept a tip jar on top of the piano to encourage me to play my best every time. 

We also are all health care workers--the hostess, Maggie, Clarence's wife--is also a recovery room nurse. She is from Haiti. She has the most beautiful story. When her family left Haiti, they had passage to Canada. They arrived off the plane in May wearing Haiti clothing--sandals, shorts, tee shirt. They didn't know anything could be so very cold! So they had relatives in California, who suggested they relocate there. It took three months of living in a hotel to get the paperwork in order, and they've been here ever since for over thirty years!

I was especially touched by the prayers of Camille, and the caring the family showed to Jonathan, who is special needs. I noticed a 'best employee at Sears' certificate with his name on it. His smiles is so beautiful, and he jokes with the family--such a beloved member. His brother Joshua is super tall and off to a good start in his career too.

It was nice to feel welcome, and also, to bring peace and unconditional love to a new family who was kind enough to 'make a little extra room' for me. I felt at home, and enjoyed conversations with family from Florida, and another who was an exchange student in China (Beijing) for two months too. 

The only thing that made me realize the depth of the pain and suffering was the presence of two lawn jockeys on either side of the fireplace. They had white faces. (The ones above in the photo look, surprisingly Latino, don't you think?)...

I pray with all my heart that the whole race thing goes away forever. It was horrible in every way. Even now, where the people in Liberia suffer so deeply, not just with Ebola, where so many died, but also with poor healthcare resources. For every surgery there is no anesthesiologist, there is a CRNA. And there is no anesthesia machine to ventilate the patient. It must be done by hand, the whole case, no matter how long the case is, squeezing the bag, breathing every breath for the patient who is asleep. C-sections are a luxury--very few can have them. There are no obstetricians. Only nurse midwives. Many infants suffer in childbirth, and are affected their whole life from dystocia (getting stuck) and having to be pulled out one way or another. 

It's so sad.

I wish there was one standard throughout the globe, so people could be safe and get the very best care which could be offered.

Irene was saying how in Africa there are no false teeth.  There is no one to make them. So when she was taking care of a patient in recovery, here, for the first time, she was suctioning the mouth and the teeth came out. She jumped! Another nurse who was from Africa saw it happen. She came over and said that in America they have fake teeth here. Just put them back in and the patient will go (makes gumming movement with mouth) like this and put them into place!

When she has a patient who is angry because their doctor is late and making them wait, she asks them, sincerely, 'How can you be upset? You HAVE a doctor who is here to help you. They will come!'  She remembers back home in Liberia, how often times people do not have a doctor...


Carla spent a wonderful afternoon with her family. Jared was kind. It is his weekend, and he is allowing Anthony to spend the night with Carla so she could enjoy more time with her family before she has to work tomorrow.

I must be honest.

Thanksgiving today was somewhat strained...between the family members. 

You might ask, 'why?'  and 'why is Carla's relationship more comfortable and free with people who she just met on a holiday?'

The answer is diverging evolutions for the souls...each on their own journey, (gestures with his hands) each off into their own lessons, (raises a finger up--ed)  each by their own choices, (points to his head with each index finger on each side of the head--ed), each by their patterns of beliefs and habitual thinking--what goes on inside their head.

(he pauses, looks at you, and is earnest--ed)

This is what happens when 'couples grow apart' in a relationship.

This is what happens when it is time for something new at work, a new occupation, a new career (look how Carla moved from her engineering to medicine!)...a new life!  The love still flows between your hearts, after all, you are family! But the connection through the past shared experiences with all the different interests and developments makes for the reconnection through the present to be less possible due to the diverging paths of soul growth!

Carla explain your observations...

(C:  I got the feeling that Life is an energy flow...and some people, I won't mention who or how...try to control or stop that flow of Life and its unpredictability. Others only take the good, and downplay the bad, as if it never happened. I'm so used to letting Life carry me along through my Lessons--the good, I enjoy, the bad, I cry, and I keep trying to be me best self. What I can say is everyone present was honestly doing their best in their own way to be their best person they could possibly be...I just felt that some choke the life out of the Life experience a little more than others. Like I used to, because of my anxiety.  Tom used to say to me when I was sixteen, 'Carla, go with the FLOW!' and the whole concept to me was foreign! I couldn't understand it!  Now I do.  The FLOW is what allows Spirit to guide us and help us to experience our Life Lessons. No flow, the lessons become more difficult. Much flow, they seem to go by faster and with less effort but the same learning is achieved...)

Thank you. That was excellent. And what about me? What part do I have in all of this, with the FLOW of Life?

(C:  You are like the safety feature. You are constantly monitoring our safety--that we keep on course and don't forget our lessons or completely stop trying. You are the one--you on Your Side of the Veil, who are our guides--you are the ones who turn up the volume to get our attention when we go off track! And you make sure we complete our Life Experience. You are the one who shifts us along, and helps make things happen besides what would ordinarily be possible too. You are part of the miracles.)

Is there anything else?

(C:  You encourage us and cheer us on, and wait for us at the finish line. You bring us the gatorade and rub our sore muscles at the end, just like good coaches and family.)

Carla? our son is waiting for you. Why not go and enjoy his presence in the family room now while he plays his new video game?

(C:  okay. Thank you for asking me things to help)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins