Saturday, November 12, 2016


Today was an awesome day, one filled with blessings.

I was able to talk to the patient with dementia in his own language, in front of his loving son, and say, 'I am doctor of anesthesia' and smile.

He understood.

The importance of being able to meet someone in distress on their own terms is a priceless gift!

For some reason there are many babies and pregnancies right now. We have three pregnant in the O.R., and today at work while I was doing my thing and also checking up on people from the day before, I got to meet two incredibly cute baby boys.

I love babies. It was a special treat.

I also gave incredible thanks for the gift of being able to have a Saturday Night 'in' with my mother.

It almost didn't start out that way. I had a late start, on call. Once I headed towards work I realized our group had a meeting this morning and I totally forgot! I felt really bad, for I never miss them.

Fortunately, when I parked I saw my boss and a senior partner talking. I explained how I forgot, and told them I support whatever decisions our group makes. They let me know what I had missed (it wasn't much).

And I did my cases. But on the way in, I had spoken with my mom. There was a special event she wanted to attend. I was going to take her if I didn't have cases. Well, she had a bad day, and wasn't sure if she wanted to cancel.

I said, 'mom, it's okay. I'm just thankful I had something to look forward to with you. Even if we don't go, it was special just looking forward to spending time with you. Thank you.'

We decided to play it by ear.

I also ran into a colleague who had attended the meeting, as I was walking into the hospital, and she offered to cover for me to go to the event.  I told her mom was deciding still, and I would let her know.

Well, mom said no.

But later, I realized, I could still see mom. I know I am welcome! I also had on her rings she had given me, for the event so the people at the event could see the rings. (Mom likes Stauer, a nice company that makes beautiful but affordable jewelry).

I brought mom dinner. There is a place around here that has a 'special' with meat and potato and salad and bread sticks for two for twenty dollars. Mom had never had it. But it's Anthony's favorite. I'm always trying to encourage mom with her nutrition. I buy her things I knew she would eat at first. She has her favorites. This time I wanted something with more nutrition and lots of leftovers for her to enjoy.

She was thrilled, delighted, and enjoyed even the bread sticks very much!  She sat next to me on the couch as we ate.

She was also thrilled I wore her gifts. One is faux ruby in silver (very nice faux!), the other is amethyst druzy.

So we watched TV and ate and talked.  It's really loud now, the TV. I can tell she has some hearing loss because she kept asking me, 'can you hear it?' Yes, I could! It was really LOUD!

I gave thanks for this special time, to be able to drive to my mother's house, and visit. It's precious, the time we have with EVERYTHING. I recall how sad I was when father stopped driving. And then it hit me how now mother doesn't drive either! What a terrible loss!!! She drove me everywhere for so many things!! Driving was 'her' thing.  And here, with courage, she gave it up when she was in the hospital for so long a few years back. She doesn't complain. She finds other ways and still has an interest in life.

She watches T.V.  She calls it 'smart TV'.

I always thought it was stupid, all her TV.

But it keeps her company, it keeps her connected to the world.

I enjoyed my time with her.  And I enjoyed her sharing her special shows with me. They were not stupid. She likes O'Reilly and his network, but not always...

I was thankful for the chance to review this week's events.

I 'get' it.

I 'get' both sides.

From the couple living in her parents back yard in Carmel Valley in a 'mini house', and their shopping with a realtor for the right the students totally freaking out over the election...I get it.

Life is expensive.

College education is through the roof. I still don't know how I am going to save for Anthony. My parents were not able to save for me. We lived from paycheck to paycheck. But for me, in my time, state schools were the best option. Now they cost the same as private school tuition, and cost of living is more.

I can see how the idea of going into debt to get an education, or a home, is a frightening thing.  

I was frightened too. I didn't know how it would work out. I was paying for my school and mom and dad gave me rent money. I had the ulcers and the back pain (red chakra) issues to prove I was a huge ball of stress. I was financially independent by medical school, and took out a ton of loans to finance it. Those bursars offices taking a cut off the loan (my five thousand dollar loan had fees taken off it; I was lucky to take home four thousand three hundred back in the day).

These people had been promised a free education, amongst other things, like free healthcare too.

Free education is not free.  Free healthcare is not free.

This is how I 'get' it on the other side of the situation.

For example, measure M just voted in an extra two hundred dollars a year property tax to everyone in the area--whether their kids are in public or private school or don't even have kids!--to pay for upgrades to the local schools.

I am paying for it. I voted against it. It passed. And I still have to pay.

And with the free healthcare?

My self-insured rates went up, my deductible went up, yet at the same time at work many physicians and hospitals have to suck up the loss when people who have 'free insurance' stiff them on their services because they do not pay the deductible.  And others with different tier--silver, gold--don't go to the doctors themselves because they can't afford to pay the deductibles either!  Their premiums and deductibles are through the roof! There's no money extra to pay for their own medical care they need.

So, isn't it ironic--and this is me here, just my opinion--that the people without college who are working and barely getting by are the ones who are footing the bill for the free education, free healthcare, and free everything else?  And THEY don't want to pay for it either!

Nobody wants to pay for education,  for healthcare!

Why is everything losing so much money?

Where do all of our taxes go?

It doesn't make sense for so many people to be having such problems getting by--could someone be skimming off the huge pot of money set aside for schools from our taxes?

I wish I could figure that one out.

In the meantime, if you're like me, and you love a good scandal...from my mom who hears this (and if you don't, then, skip to the end okay? LOL)

Mom said Trump looks like a changed man. He's not the same. She said 'his soul is gone!' (his spirit is broken) The meeting with Obama was supposed to take a few minutes, and it took NINETY. After that he wasn't the same.

She heard that there's a big ugly mean space alien who tells the president what to do.  It's hidden. But they are not allowed to speak a word of it to anyone! They can't. It's the rules.

Mom thinks Trump saw it.  She thinks he saw something horrible that was beyond the imagination.

Myself? I think perhaps Trump got a good dose of 'it's gravy' (Illuminati term) during those ninety minutes--that would break anyone!

BTW, if you are 'newly awake' and want to try out your Discern-o-meter, check out the November 14 issue of the National Enquirer.  The article about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, with Gwyneth Paltrow and her boyfriend in it--that's why I'm scared of masks--in a past life I lived the whole deal, probably one of the hidden rooms--my soul remembers. (I died when I was nine in that life). The article on Michael Jackson--that too is a total disclosure of the depth of deception behind Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  He was in it deep, and tried to get out, and was afraid they would kill him. I won't even get into the other stuff, the Bombshells. I'll leave that for another discussion, perhaps for you to ponder for a while...

I do know that once Diana married Prince Charles, she was taken to a midnight something or other below the castle or something, and was told Camilla was Charles' significant other, but Diana had to participate in a ceremony that was really scary, and was not allowed to tell a word of it to anyone or else they would kill her. She needed to know her place, and that it was only to provide children. She went only once, that one and only time.

So you never know!

You never know what goes on behind closed doors!

And that's what makes life interesting and mysterious and unpredictable!  One day the truth will be told on everything.

Until then (Big Smile) I have a lot of Reiki Healing and Divine Peace Healing to keep sharing with the Universe!

clap! clap!

(Ross is taking his time, it's late, and I'm still on call. He's waiting for me to rest. He waves and smiles to you. He looks good.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple