Saturday, November 5, 2016


I could write more, but I'm not.

I am writing what Ross asked me to write.

This morning, at five a.m., I went outside on the lanai to meditate. Ross has me doing thirty minutes morning and evening, but since he let us watch Fifty First Dates (me and Anthony), and go to sleep, this morning was forty five minutes.

I love the sky, the night sky, with all the stars. The Pleiades are very clear, and right next to Scorpio, which is a little higher in the sky than I'm accustomed to. We are very far south here on Big Island, Hawaii.

I always thought I was safe here at the resort. Except when we went to the edges of it. You can walk on trail, but there are some chaise lounges in bushes, and it appears perhaps homeless people/outsiders have influence.

Then I saw the security guard walking by.

Ross says that's what he's like, that's what he does behind the scenes. Just like this resort is nice because the administration invests in someone to patrol the area.

Then I saw a falling star.

I made a wish.

Everything else, is good, and there is very much learning.

I was able to hug the man who had a big say in my losing my contract with the University in 2009.  He had avoided me all week at conference, and acted like he didn't see Anthony there right next to me. He is one who had advised me to 'get a nanny' so I could go to work at six thirty a.m...they had clipboards to time me, and even had my heart cases set up at the farthest part of pre-op--where I had to line patients up--while the other two female cardiac anesthesiologists got the closest beds when it was their turn. He did everything he could to make me look bad. I felt it, and I cried all the time at work.

All is forgiven. And when I asked about his husband, and kids, I learned the marriage had broken up two years ago. The custody wasn't fifty-fifty, he had less, because he 'works so much'.

I felt genuine sorrow for his pain. Tears welled in my eyes. I said, "I've been there too'.

Earlier I had given him a high five for being the new chairman of my old department now too.

This is NEW. Ross wanted me to give you an example of the kind of invisible, yet, overwhelming changes which are taking place in my heart.

Now I must go. It's time for our dinner reservations, to catch the last Hawaiian sunset.

Ross says to go on, I see him waving me to go.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc