Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Spiritual Hunger

I was just meditating.  I have a special place in my home set aside for it. And I looked through a special box I have, called, 'Once Upon A Time'...there was a fragrance in it; I opened it and I smelled it.

All of a sudden magical memories of my being twenty eight and 'just starting to wake up' came back to me...I smiled.

What a long road this has been!

Why are we here?  Who are we, really? Why are we born, as if only to die in the end?

These are the spiritual questions which build to a hunger which has driven me most of my life!

From reading Linda Goodman's Sun Signs at age discovering Laurie Cabot in Salem with my healer Aunt who lives in Massachusetts when I was saying rosaries and going to mass every day I could, even stopping off for mass during my lunch break at the VA hospital...I was growing with my soul.

We are not born with an explanation manual. There are no directions, except what is stirring you in your heart, deep in your soul. 

So many of us bounce from one thing to another, reawakening, remembering, and discovering our healing gifts and spiritual gifts one by one.

I found Reiki.

It wasn't until much soul searching and a real low point where I wasn't sure why I was made the way I am--for what purpose?!

Sometimes we are equipped for tomorrow and can't understand it TODAY...

And every step of the journey is pleasant.

Even though it's difficult to explain, for my path has had many incarnations, including this one, with many tears and fears and the same time it's exquisitely beautiful...for the natural gifts cannot be hidden. Not for long. No matter how much you try!

This is why it is pleasant.

You are YOU in any dimension.

What is needed is good spiritual education.  Good leadership. Where everyone can have access to tools for self-discovery. And support and guidance every step of the way.

When I was little, like six, I used to swing on the swing set in the morning before school. I would sing songs to myself, songs I made up. And Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog--that was one I didn't make up.

I was filled with the joy of being alive.

I'm starting to sing. And although I speak in tongues (I was given the gifts of the Holy Spirit by friends of Barbara Matthias, who sees Mother Mary every day in the afternoon)--this is different.

I talk with my guides, and make comments, using words my rational brain doesn't know. But my heart does. 

So I let it flow.

One of my Reiki Students is experiencing this when he does his daily Reiki, and gets to the third to the last symbol.  He just starts making noises, they spontaneously come out, words he doesn't know.

Our souls are sure guides, steady and well-prepared to enlighten us when the time is appropriate.

Be sure to follow the nudging of your intuition, helping you to find your way, your true gifts, and your Divine Purpose.

It is your birthright!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple