Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's In Your Heart?

For the past three nights, as I have been falling asleep, I have envisioned the kind of day I want to have the following day.

Two nights ago, I wanted 'easy, easy' cases, 'time to walk around', 'meals' and 'nice people to work with'.

Yesterday I had relatively healthy patients for straightforward cases, two gaps in the lineup where I was able to go out and stretch my legs (over twelve thousand steps in the day!), and really super nice surgeons, nurses, and patients.

Last night, as I was going through my exercise, by mid-afternoon's planning, I got tired. I asked Ross, 'can you help me please with this? I can't figure the rest out!'

I was overwhelmed. We had just gotten home at nine. And it was way past my eight thirty bedtime (I wake up at four thirty).  It was ten thirty p.m.

Ross was kind, and I saw him kneel down to talk to me.

He 'gets it'. He always 'gets it' and is the best spiritual coach I could ever ask for, as well as my best friend and soul Twin.

He asked, 'what's in your heart, Carla? What's in your heart?'

Then it was clear.   Even though the next few things I asked for sounded like little things, in general, they were important to me and my heart was crying out to do them.

One of the happiest times I've had recently was planting garlic right before sunset, squeezing in a few minutes of sheer joy before the day was done. I'm so excited about the garlic because it was my grandfather's crop I had completely forgotten. I did the fava beans like him. But never the garlic. It was purple just like his, on the skin, and I recalled the beautiful garlic braids that lasted all year for our family's needs...

A surprising thing my heart needed, and I told Ross, is I need time to tell you how much you mean to me.  I go zooming through my day, and interact with you, but I never tell you how special you are, how you make me feel.

He asked, 'why wait?'

So as I fell asleep, I was talking to him about his smile, about his caring, about how smart he is and can fix anything (both in life and disincarnate), about his patience with me...

Today I make buckwheat cereal. Ross had asked me to make it for Anthony last night--for breakfast today. Anthony is excited. He likes that one. We put a little milk and maple syrup in it.

I need to start cooking now.

I make the bracelets out of love.

There is a gap, a need, in the healing department with my readers. And I am filling it.

I enjoy working with spirit, and with my hands. I don't mind giving them away because of this.

I do know they are powerful, in a subtle way. I gifted a Merlin bracelet to my youngest sister, who was struggling financially. This was in August 2015, and she was new to a job, but there were politics that were unpleasant. She worked her butt off (a sure sign of Merlin making opportunity and giving one the freedom of choice to take it.) She now has eight homes in escrow just this month alone! She's had her best year in a long time, and is fully confident again.

She has no clue of the bracelet's effect on her outcome.  But a sure and steady flow into the right direction, will have an effect.

And she hardly ever wore it!

A bracelet from me is more than the healing stones in certain combination. It is a sign between Spirit and me to help YOU. When worn in the aura, the combination of stones will both soothe and support you in areas of your weakness, and guide and strengthen you into a better resonance in Life.

I'm only gifting them at the moment. It feels 'right' for me. When I have someone request them, sometimes the energy doesn't flow and I have to make and remake them several times because the person buying it or requesting it isn't ready on a soul level.

I enjoy creating bracelets to 'blow your arm off' with the energy of, um, I don't know how to describe it but perhaps the energy of What's Good For You and Has Your Best Interest At Heart.  In time, your aura will embrace this energy and it will be a new platform for your perception. Just like with my sister...one bracelet won't last forever for your energy as you will continue to grow.  It's like getting a new braces wire to straighten your teeth. It's a little tight at first, then it eases, and in time your teeth are straight!  You can expect a good six months to a year from one of my bracelets. If you are fast track (like me) you will get them every month.

I had my Oceans of Love Ross designed me absolutely fall off my wrist twice in a row. It was 'done' in a day!  Now I have blue calcite, dragon's blood jasper, and lepidolite with elastic. It's working really hard right now. It's helping me to reconnect with who I really am, in the big picture, as a soul, across all of my many incarnations.

I am happy the things I enjoy, the things that make me smile, such as gardening, stay with me from one lifetime to the next...

It's still working.

One day perhaps I will offer bracelets for sale again. And other things. But not at the moment.  When I run out of my advertising budget and I stop, I'll let you know, and invite you to either purchase or contribute to the 'pot' so I can continue to make them--and ONLY if Spirit and Ross say it's okay for me to ask.

BTW, the Eddie Aikau HUGE wave contest with Quiksilver is back on!!! Both the family and the company reached agreement. And for the first time there's both a father-son duo, and a woman invited to participate. This contest has surfers on over thirty foot waves in North Shore, Hawaii in January I think.

There are good things happening in this world!

Ross wants me to go make the breakfast and the lunches too. Something 'nutritious'. Don't you just love him?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla