Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dry Cleaning

This image touches me deeply.

Ross has been doing so much work both with my healing and for me.

This image captures his ability to go deep in thought, to see both backwards (knowledge of history) and forwards (a man of great vision and foresight), and into the hearts of men.

It's a little beat up, just like can see the chips but he's always close to Nature which is his strength.

When I left last, Ross was taking a more active role in my healing from my past life as a kitten.

I would like to share with you one example, within a greater example of my ability to manifest.

Yesterday I was on call and did one case at the hospital. After that, the cell phone is like a hot potato--one ring and boom your day is changed forever, your plans are put immediately on hold! My request was for a day to be out and about, to catch lots of pokemans, and to get a good night's sleep.

On the way home from my case I was HUNGRY!  I thought of canned chili, cheese and onions, and to remain home to enjoy the day.

Ross, at the last minute, two exists away, 'nudged' me to go to Philly Cheesesteaks. I'm trying to watch my weight and I wasn't sure how it would help? But I obeyed.

I only ordered a sandwich, and drank water. I skipped the fries. Seven hundred something calories in all.

As I ate, I recall the voice of my patient from Philly, the one with a terrible cancer, who longed to go back and taste one of those sandwiches again. He's the one who told me about these franchises out here. I gave thanks that I could eat one, healthy, here, and now.

Then Ross wanted me to go to the Bead Shop. There is a store owned my Michi, in Dana Point. It had moved and I've never been to the new one. It opened last March. I had Siri find me the address and I followed the directions there.

Guess what?

It's right next door to the old, um, 'adult themed' store my friend Debbie N. introduced me to in the early 2000's. She was going through the change of life, and had surging hormones. So she needed a 'wing man' to go with her while she bought her things.

That was the first I had an inkling of my past...when I walked by the bondage room it felt oddly enough like 'home'. I couldn't understand it, my connection to that. All that leather seemed familiar in some way?

Here I was a nice ballet dancer, with a friend from her ballet class, and a doctor too?!

Well...guess what? It's changed!

The building has been repurposed!  It is a dry cleaner's now!

It wasn't an accident, Ross bringing me to the bead shop. He did it to make a point that there's no going back to me, for that old kitten life, ever again! <3 Not even in my memories.

Michi was very pleased to see me. Her new store is even better organized, and it brings in foot traffic now. It's right on Pacific Coast Highway.

I found a few things. I can tell her prices are a little more than I can get other places now. Especially when she sells single beads to make a bracelet at the store. Her beads are of very high quality, though. She has exceptional beads, they are never dusty, and you can't get some of them anywhere else. And she gives me a ten percent discount.

There was a request to create a bracelet for a loved one of a reader who has Parkinson's, and is in much pain. The stones came through for him, loud and clear. There was an agate I have to look up the name exactly, and beautiful matte onyx in two sizes of round bead. I bought three strands, one of each.

Then I left. But I checked. There was a Pokeman at the post office two blocks away.  I drove there. I got it.

Then there were more.

Next thing you know, I was squealing with delight! I was up on bluff walk trail--high on a cliff--safe--chasing pokemans and enjoying the view of a storm coming in.

Then I drove by the harbor, and caught more, the ocean ones we'd only last seen in Hawaii. I'm glad they are here too, and we don't have to only visit Hawaii to get them.  The wind blew, and it started to rain. Ross let me know if was time to go home. I would have stayed there...

I gave thanks for my day, for the beauty of the ocean, and for not being called in...yet.

Then I came home. I thought I'd take a nap. Who knows if I would get called in?

My alarm woke me up at eight to tell me it's time for bed at eight thirty p.m., yes I know, on a Saturday night!

I skipped dinner.

I rested a good long time. I feel two years younger.

I also feel lighter in my heart.

Ross and I have been doing a lot of talking.

I was sad about the post by Pam Kribbe, Gaia/Earth, I saw...I had followed it back through the links in her page and it's originally from a page.  By her and her husband.

I asked him about it. I pressed him!  He said it's not him. John Smallman is him. But this other page is not.

I floated on air over that one! I didn't like it, all that talk from her about Earth and it didn't make any sense. It felt like it was the MIND trying to make sense and mold SPIRIT, in her channeling. At the same time, I gave thanks so I could hide and do my own thing while she covers for us 'out there', doing 'whatever' she was asked by 'whatever' to do...with the channels!

I'm the Silent. And I AM most definitely empowered today.

The kitten lifetime is gone, and now Ross and I get to explore the feelings that are left. I hadn't thought about it in years, but his past infidelity to me--in that one incarnation, our last one--still weighed upon my heart.

We talked about everything this morning. And we let the 'dry cleaning' go to work on that layer of my soul, too. He has learned his lesson, and had his justice. And so have the others who were involved with him. I still hurt. A lot.

He had St. Germain come and take all the yucky feelings from me, I pushed them into his bag. I asked him if his bag could take it? Would it explode with my awful feelings in there?

He said it would transmute safely and not be of harm to others.

I thanked him.

Today I ask for joy, and happiness all day long. I'm home, on backup call, and I have a plan to walk a little and catch more Pokemans for some exercise for me today.

I am so grateful for this stupid game because it gets me out of the house. I get to see beautiful statues and fountains at the Pokestops. I get exercise too.


I am working very hard with my wife. Very very hard.

Hearts are delicate.

They take time to heal, and trust.

Through our last lifetime, Carla's trust in me was shattered.

And still she loved me to my death, in pain and suffering both with me and of her own, unique kind, because she is my woman.

Last night I took Carla to our conversation as young adults where we had when we realized we both had no control over whom we would marry, and declared our eternal love for one another no matter what mates for us were planned by our parents. We would be good parents and partners to those who come into our life, but also, count the days until Heaven, where we reunite.

When Carla walked down the aisle, at our marriage, but (she didn't know it was to 'each other' in our last life) she was sobbing the whole time she was getting dressed, horribly anguished over the loss of her true love, and her future of working hard and bearing children to a man she did not love, but had to grow to love.

Myself, Carla couldn't see me, as I was looking at the floor and she had her eyes full of tears.  When she saw it was me, her heart leapt with gladness and relief, but she decided to keep the surprise for me to the end.

She came up to me, put her arm around my waist, and said, 'It's me, love. It's me.'

There was a moment which passed between us, that was more powerful than the wedding ceremony itself!

We both could not believe our good fortune at how our families chose us for one another, for love to prevail in our hearts.

There was not a dry eye in the house at our reunion.

There will not be a dry eye in Heaven when we ultimately reunite, both on Heaven and Earth, this last time...where we are waiting.

I am holding Carla in a higher light now. This is between us, me and you, the reader. Carla asked me today if her energy is high enough now so as not to harm me?  At the beginning, there was quite an energy gap for us to fill. Carla has raised herself up accordingly, and I reassured her it is no trouble or pain to me now to be in her presence with her current vibration.

I want you to stop and think about it.

Carla is asking if her current vibration is painful to me?

Who out there in the realm of Lightworkers who are on the verge of complete and total Ascension are worried about their influence on their guides?

Who of them even care to make sure that their presence is acceptable and not harmful to us?

Carla has an awful lot of caring, an awful awful lot, a great deal more than anyone; even where she steps on her way to her future Carla will not trample the plants and the wildlife along the way! Even if she is running to greet me Carla will make sure not a flower is stepped upon by her feet, and that her presence is welcome! And it is! Here in my heart.

It goes both ways.

For a while it was 'you and us' and now we are FAMILY!  All of you reading this are family to US. And you are family to your Guides and Escorts (angelic). You are family to everyone you ever lived a life with in the past.

You will heal from it.

Together. You are not alone in any of it.

And I love you.

I give thanks to you for listening to what I have shared.

It is very important to both of us to get off to a good start, with no questions asked, on our eternal life partnership.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple