Friday, November 11, 2016

Renaissance--Be Love In Everything You Do

There is so much opportunity in our times, to come to grips with what is surreal, and what is happening.

Yes...and there are even MORE opportunities to open your heart to your brothers and sisters, and invite your natural gifts to come to their power to express themselves fully.

Your natural gifts, your superpowers, and the reason you were sent here to be incarnate on Gaia at this time, is to LOVE!

There are many forms of love you can express to help another who is suffering over  any cause of suffering-- the possibilities are endless!--for everyone is unique, and their life circumstance is difficult and complex for them more often than not, no matter what the political climate!

The ways to uplift and to support and help ground others are:

  • to smile at someone for no reason, just to offer reassurance and support
  • to listen to someone who is experiencing pain and wanting to get support
  • to hold the space by keeping your own energy in check
  • to work with our guides who are in Heaven, and to pray/meditate on behalf of those who cannot at this time, to pray for them to heal and grow
  • to visualize Peace as it is in Heaven, and not how it is imagined on Earth, true Peace, lasting Peace, here on Gaia for all of her people at last
  • to awaken

I cannot emphasize the importance of this last one enough.

For those who have done the work, the awakening, the waking up to the Truth about Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, the times now are not as difficult for them. In fact, it is like flying First Class--so much more pleasant--because the unpleasant truth is fully understood by them already.  

People who are awake are not blinded by smoke and mirrors.

They think like everyone in Heaven who has Higher Consciousness and see and hear what is True.

Some of the outbursts and discontent are from people who are heavily invested in the system--lots of media, lots of acceptance of the basic falsity that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--HAVE our best interest at heart. 

They can't see it.

They are conditioned to believe everything society has been telling them is True. 

And the system has been created through generations and generations of carefully orchestrated psychological attack, leading up to mass psychological operatives which if you are awake and aware you will have at least three come to mind which made the news since 2000. ..immediately...and others will think they were random terrorist events or mass casualties.

The general public has no concept of Monarch programming, or that by extension it can be induced slightly to the masses...through advanced scientific and psychological techniques.

THIS is Awakening.

This is the reaction that had been 'put off' for so many years for the Lightworker souls who dearly wanted it to arrive, because the general level of the Consciousness wasn't high enough to withstand it.

Now it is here, and the primary objective is to get people to think for themselves and discern everything which arrives in their experience, every single day, without question as a matter of routine all the way up from preschoolers to octogenarians and beyond!

And even though there is mass unrest, for those who have eyes that see, they can pick up the very subtle clues of intervention by advanced technological beings who are not anything at all like they are presented in the movies--nothing to fear and only loving soul family to us!--are playing a hand in these current events.

Spirit wanted me to title this Renaissance.  Yesterday. I will add it in now. I had forgotten.

Here is a link only for those who are willing to take their choices Red Pill and understand my point.

I recommend all three.

It is important for you to think this one through carefully, because if you are not ready, it might upset you and be painful.  And if you are ready, you are never going to look at your world the same way again...there is no harm in wanting to wait on the pills.  Because the first two were not available to me at the time, I took the third one--through every link, and it took me days--in July 2012. I'm so glad I did. I will never be fooled again. I now think for myself.  Here they are, the first one is weaker, the second one is stronger, and the third one has most of the facts to support why the second one states what it does:

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc