Thursday, November 17, 2016


Yesterday I left off with the thought of how we could change the world which appears around us, by changing ourselves within.

Our thoughts and beliefs manifest.

I'm going to take a very long pause now, and measure my words.

I give them weight.

The common theme to my consciousness recently -- by the things I see, and the things I read, and what is shown to me -- reflects the theme of exploitation.

I'm not going to mention the particulars, one because people are 'touchy', and second, because what I saw about 'pizza gate' makes me sick. I 'get it' what the innuendo 'Ping Pong Pizza' means, and I can't shake it.  It's nasty. It's way sicker than the video I saw of three nuns laying on healing hands on a male who kept trying to flip the nun's cross upside down, and she silently would take it back and put it right.

The icing on the cake was when I went to the Post Office to send a gift to Mexico, to readers who just lost a very close loved one after a sudden illness. 

Next to me at the next counter being helped was a man all in black, skulls on his shoes, and a cap with a star two points up and an upside-down cross in the middle of it. 


At my local Post Office.

Ross guided me to keep observing, and not to say anything, after I let that first blast out from my--it's a long story but I wanted to 'neutralize' things, lets say...

That guy was NICE. He was polite and said thank you and have a nice day to the postal worker at his window.

Could I read his 'vibe'?


It was dark, like a vampire. I met one once, in a crystal shop in La Jolla on Pearl street twenty years ago. He avoided me, and I avoided him, but we both felt the vast energy difference between us.

But he was NICE.

So I asked Ross, from my heart, 'How can he be NICE like that?!'

I asked Ross to show me the answers. He acted all mysterious and said, 'I'll tell you when you meditate' and went wooooo ooooooo like it was spooky. That's how he teases me. Sigh.

By my drive home after seeing Tim Braun today (my last of five pre-paid sessions. Sadly he's not doing the December discount like he has for the last ten years...) gelled.

In Heaven there is no way whatsoever for one to take advantage of another--we are all telepathic, and people would pick up on it and never participate...

But on Earth, it is possible to 'trick' people, and to take advantage of them--some people take it to extremes! mind you--and the real 'them' shows to everyone around them, even in history.

Yet at the same time it is hidden to the one who is doing the behavior; it becomes a habit, and then a character flaw.

On the flip side, I am learning to work with this with Anthony, to encourage his work ethic. Spirit tells me again and again to get him to help me around the house.   

He only has a few short years to learn this. Then it's too late.

This is the icing on the cake--this lesson is driven home--because as a mom I am teaching Anthony now not to take advantage of me, not to exploit me, and to look for opportunity to apply himself to make a little extra pocket money around the house.

This is the lesson of Earth.

It's Illusion.

Illusion to show who you are when you are blinded by the Veil.

And it sticks!

The stakes are high--your Consciousness, your Vibration--even though it's just Illusion, your soul can grow by leaps and bounds, or stagnate.

It's your choice.

What will you pick?

(Ross wants me to give an example. On the 'touchy' part. Some people are losing their insurance, the news article says. One woman in the article I read has type one diabetes, and she has an insulin pump. A single mom like me. And she's now planning her funeral. Just in case when Obamacare is repealed.  Another person has a similar story. Then the example of the retired nurse who can't afford her six hundred dollar monthly healthcare insurance payments, and seven thousand dollar deductible, so she is going uninsured and paying the fine. After that, two more people who benefit from Obamacare, who are afraid of losing it. My take on it is that some medications cost over forty thousand dollars a month--and the copay might be two hundred dollars but they are totally coming ahead in the deal. But ultimately who pays?  It's all the healthy people. And the article said, 'there are not enough healthy people, even just if they pay the fines, to keep the system going.')

In summary, the question which is posed to you, every day, in so many ways, is this:  am I my brother's keeper?

And further, may I add:  what is the implication if you and your brother are One--both children from Source, both made with Love, and both given freedom to undergo the memory loss/veil and Life Experience?


I am very pleased with what Carla has written.

That is enough for today.

It is a lot to chew and to digest.

It will affect you on many levels.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple