Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Healing On A Deepest Level

The last week has been a time of intense clearing for me.  It hasn't been painful. But it's been knowing there are things for me to heal, feeling unsettled for a while, and trusting the process.

It started with reading a back issue of the National Enquirer from my mother. There was a trigger in it from my past life as a kitten (if you need me to explain this to you, now isn't the time, or the place--it is written in the blog in past posts).  There was a description of Angelina Jolie doing something I recall from that life where I died at nine. 

I was very good at what I did, and was rewarded for my service by Those Who Do Not Have My Best Interest At Heart.

Well along came these two more triggers, this link to a video and the video, plus I listened to this video interview. Both yesterday.

My general impression was like, 'wow, the truth really is coming out, isn't it?'...

A lot of my healing is at night, and it involves going back to that past life as a kitten. What happened? Why? How did I feel about it?

Who were those people?

There was one who came often to see me. He opened my heart. So in the midst of it all, with the extreme age difference, there was one who taught me about caring, kindness, and love. He is the one who killed me in the end, at nine, with his own two hands at my throat, to prevent me from ever becoming a breeder or suffering a more horrible fate.  This act meant that his own fate, an even more horrible death than mine, was unavoidable. I have no memory of that. This man I met at six, and loved me in the most horrible of situations I could have possibly been in, opened my heart, and sent me Home when it was time.

Last night I was asked questions about what I had done in that past life, and why, and who it served?

I hadn't thought about that before. Not in that way.

I realized the answer and was sickened at the thought.

I kneeled in front of Ross and all who are my ancestors in my soul family, and was truly sorry for what I had done. An innocent child who was only trying to survive and to please--still did a great number of things which were not innocent. 

They were rationalized.

I asked for forgiveness. I was truly sorry. 

It was accepted.  I was welcomed back in overwhelming love and compassion.

By choice, I thanked that incarnation for teaching me the valuable lessons it did, for helping me to know the Truth about Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and I let her go.

I accepted her as a part of me, keeping her close to my heart, and turning my back on her legacy, her connections to her experiences, and everything it represents.  I don't want to be haunted by those memories any more. 

Lesson learned.

The lesson is, basically, in a metaphysical sense, what we see on the outside is a reflection of what is within us. SO--by this token--to heal Gaia, and her people, we as individuals must heal and move forward from whatever darkness is hidden within our hearts and our collective soul memories.

With acceptance and love, we come to grips with our lessons of an unsavory nature, and we strive to be more open, and pure sources of Light from within us, to show Heaven's 'trademark'--nurturing, warmth, love and compassion--to everyone in all that we do, consistently, without guile, without having to even think about it!--every single day.

I was driving home through traffic. I went to the eye doctor yesterday. I have anatomical narrow angle, and borderline glaucoma. My opthamologist is a leader in research in his field. My insurance gives me a hard time and doesn't pay, but he's willing to write a letter on my behalf to make sure my follow up care is covered.

I spoke with Ross, on the road, and asked, from my heart, 'Why is this so HARD?'

'Why is EVERYTHING so hard! You would think with Ascension it would be quick, and soon off to a better place for us all? Why isn't it so?'

He didn't answer.

Instead he asked me about where I live, and why I like it? Basically, it's because I've been in the area since 1998, and I have roots here. I know where everything is. There's more and more traffic. But it's nice people and it's home. When I was away in Berkeley for ten years, and I spent a night at a friend's parent's home in L.A. for an interview, I woke up with a huge 'aaaaaah' listening to the birds and seeing the marine layer in the sky. 

He said, 'you're beautiful'

Then he pointed me to the crystal shop, and wanted me to go.

I couldn't really understand why the need, except to check up on the remodel. But I went.

I heard a man and a woman talking about A Course In Miracles. She wanted to find a support group. He was recently relocated from Palm Desert. He knew of the main organization. And they talked. 

I eavesdropped. Apparently they knew some of the original people who developed this course. The first was Jewish, a woman, and they supposed it was to 'keep the story/information pure' since she wasn't a Christian. They spoke of Jesus--is it the Christ, or the person?--and muttered so I couldn't hear the rest. I overheard talk of lawsuits, of splits in the original group, of personalities and egos, especially when it got big. The only meeting near here cost money to attend--and the woman didn't like that. It 'didn't seem right' to her. I quickly turned my attention to the crystals for which Ross had sent me.

Ross and I are working on the energy of the general population, and definitely all of you. With our stones and crystals we buy, we grid them in our own way, and share the healing qualities of the stones with you. The themes of harmony, acceptance, higher evolution, dissolution of separation are what we are working with.

Well, he showed me a beautiful black tourmaline sphere. It's about one hundred millimeters diameter. It's been there for a long time. But Ross listened to my complaints--even though he didn't respond to them on the road--and he gave me something to help absorb the negativity, both for myself, and for everyone connected to our grid. 

I was so touched.

Last night, when I was falling asleep, he asked me, 'what is your biggest miracle?'

I said, 'falling asleep knowing I am loved'.

I explained, 'You are disincarnate and not physically 'here', but I know of your love for me, and it is the best feeling in the world. I've fallen asleep next to a physical husband--Frank--who didn't love me. Given the choice, I would pick the love from you over any of the rest. It means so much.'

And it does.

I have a full day today. I'm home. I'm most grateful.

This news alert from Alexandra Meadors was released yesterday. Is it true? I think so. It is very possible and she would definitely be one to release it. I am asking my sources for verification on the Prime Creator part, just to be sure. Ross' last communication supports what Alexandra says.

Then this new Gaia Portal was released today too. The authors are in Ireland--the other side of the world from me, and do not know me from Adam (should I say, from Eve? LOL).
The coincidence is uncanny in what I experience and what they write. In real time.

(Please note last night I went to sleep hungry. I had dinner at five, but it wasn't enough. Once I was asleep it didn't make any difference. I am watching my weight and my health. What we eat is important, and going to sleep after a big meal isn't very healthy a choice...) I look forward to breakfast soon, though. My stomach is talking to me!


Carla doesn't like her neighbors. The car just started--in the front and it's very loud. About one year ago, they moved in, remodeled everything, took out the load bearing wall in their unit to create an 'open floorplan', and horrible cracks appeared in hers.

Has Carla done anything to fix any of it?

She hasn't.

Why? Because the lawyer needed to see, the association needed to see, the insurance needed to see..and nothing got done except their alluding to the fact that Carla is a cranky neighbor, which isn't so.

They are moving.

The neighbors.

Carla has pulled a coup on the energy.

They don't like it.

Not her.

They don't like the energy which is of very high vibration and incompatible to them. It is like chalk on a blackboard. (They are the children of affluent realtors, who are essentially flipping the home to make a profit)...

The house sold according to Anthony, and it is only a matter of time before those people move out.

Carla smiles and says hello and is friendly. But on a deeper level, Carla is distressed at 'how they got away with that?'

What Carla did to their plans to create a rental until downstairs with a separate entrance and within the property was to go to the city and complain about the zoning laws for a 'single family residence'...and THAT is why they look at her with guarded hearts and gaze, and are defensive.

Their trying to get rich and outsmart the system in this way backfired very much for them.

While their builder/contractor did the exact same thing to another unit on the block, and they are all friends, and already once have gotten away with it.

What I am trying to say is, one year ago at Thanksgiving Carla was threatened by geological movement in her house that had new cracks sprouting up, huge ones, every single day. This happened over a three week period and was terrifying.

Carla had called Andy Bojarski and was considering a move.

Carla has been encouraged to move. Many a time. And also from Tim.

But Carla stuck with it.

Carla likes her home, and Anthony adores it. Everything is working all right for them at the moment.

And yet Carla is talking to me about next steps, and is not afraid to leave when the time is right (high school for Anthony) and to position herself in a better place for her future (retirement or whatnot, or other career)...

So the emotional connection to the home, to her 'back yard' or 'property', her sense of entitlement to where she lives, is cut (fingers gesture like scissors--ed)  and (gestures to his feet shoulder width or a little wider apart--ed) Carla is in a healthy stance to encounter what's next.

And (holds one finger up--ed) as a byproduct of Carla's lessons, Carla has generated an energy field which is incompatible with 'different vibrations', ones of 'me first and screw the neighbor', ones of blame and dodge the facts (taking a load bearing wall had an affect on the neighbor's property who shares a wall--I should know!), ones of secrecy and duplicity and getting away with what is hidden, and 'covering up'.  (he gestures finger to lips like shhhhh!--ed)

That will happen to you.

That will happen to everyone, on a higher grander scale, on the planet, and beyond!

Only if you raise the vibration by learning your lessons, let go of all expectations and entitlements to the outcome, and to give it as much time as needed for the situation to heal. For Carla, one year was necessary.

In 2016, Carla faced many stresses. There was a lawsuit--actually three--two in her work (her mentor suing her boss for wrongful termination///the malpractice), and one where she retained a lawyer for her house structure and ended up firing him. There was health issues, in her family--both her mom and her niece were in the hospital, and Carla had to save the life of her niece by dropping everything and rushing her to the hospital while her parents were traveling.  There was a nightmare of her taxes, which are now resolved. There was also applying to a new per diem job, and going to it. Carla also had her wallet stolen on the subway in Paris and wasn't sure how she was going to come home! Let us not forget that.

It's been always something, with everything coming at her from all angles.

And now, she has a day off, she can think, she can do something she enjoys, and she can rest.

clap! clap!

There has been much material presented by us today. It is thick with energy and lessons. I want you to slowly digest it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple