Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Growing In Oneness

Where I left off in my last blog post the day before yesterday, I confessed my terror of being an orb, a body in spirit which is not anything like what I am today here incarnate in this dimension.

Oddly enough, Ross was very pleased I brought up this fear. He said to me over and over again, 'I'm so glad you wrote it'--even though he gave me a really big teasing while I wrote for him.

It felt like a huge breakthrough.

I didn't give it a second thought.

Then came my next meditation, where I met with my Council.  When I see them, I am facing a row of Ascended Masters who are seated at a table which faces me.  There is a white tablecloth thing like at a banquet so I don't see their legs. (Ross is usually behind me, and to my right)

This time, as soon as I got a good look at them, one by one they each turned into orbs!

I watched with fascination as Raphael turned into an orb the size of a grapefruit, in the green color above!  And I saw Michael turn himself into a light blue orb the same size, like the one in the picture. The others I didn't pay as much attention to, as the blue and the green had a spiritual glow that was beautiful and unearthly, like nothing I had ever seen.  They floated a little above where the heart would be as a human, seated still in their respective chairs. I sensed they were doing this to prove a point to me, to help me grow and understand more about the Higher Realms in which they reside.

Once I got a good look at them, they turned back into their human forms which I know.

Then Ross stepped in front of me and looked me in the eye, and gave me the lesson:

the transformation into an orb is not a one-way transformation; you can turn BACK into any form you want.

I understood.

This thing called a Light Body, which I don't really understand, has several properties which are not at all like our bodies, and yet, in some ways it is entirely the same. I've seen Ross in his light body, I've seen the others and what they eat (milk and cookies--no; small squares that look like warabimochi, yes). I know they have a gym on board ship where Ross lives. I've seen the rooms, and our home. I've touched them with my soul how it travels--and it feels just the same as here when I hug them. I see the expressions on their faces just the same too.

I've also experienced a little bit of Oneness.

Its not like the big one everyone raves about online in those channeled messages.

It happened for the first time when I was lying curled up on the loveseat in the doctor's lounge, waiting for news on a case if it would cancel, late last night.

Ross' energy was near, like I had my head in his lap. His energy was warm and caring, and I relaxed deeply. I let go of my worries and concerns. I could feel him stroke my hair, and gently smile without saying anything.

I got the message that it's okay, I don't have to carry the world on my shoulders, and he is here for me.

Again, a second time, it happened when I was in meditation before bed. I was sitting up, and I had the sensation of when I was a baby, and I was held in my mother's arms warm against her chest.

Only the energy was Ross, heart to heart, not really holding me like a mom, but supporting me, and guiding me, without really making a big deal about it.

I felt the closeness between us, and again I relaxed and knew in my heart that everything was going to be all right.

I wasn't alone.

There was this gentle presence, where we were equals, at peace and calm--and I knew that this was the Oneness that everyone will experience in the Higher Realms--only it was presented to me in a way I could relate to and appreciate and understand without being the Big Connection to the All all at one time so as not to overwhelm me.

It's a nice feeling.

It makes me want to learn, to relax, and to quit fighting what Is.

For the last few weeks, months, years, Ascension to me has felt like being put into some huge ball, a zorb like in the picture if you will, without any way to get myself out of my predicament, and 'rolled' through the energies of Ascension.

I have felt like I couldn't breathe! Like I couldn't escape! Like I was at the mercy of everyone around me in the Oneness which is 'all beings incarnate on Gaia'--who was fast asleep.

I wanted to get up and get on with my life and I felt like I was being held back.

Now this is gone.

I have a sense for Galactic Intervention having taken place recently. And I sense that no matter how things appear to the eyes at the moment--on a local 'in my back yard' level, or on a larger scale--there is Guidance and Adjustment which is unmistakably for the Highest Good.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief!

And here is a new Gaia Portal to support that:


I am Commander Ross of the Galactic Starfleet.

I am at your service. (he bows--ed)

I can be an orb any time I wish--that is my prerogative and also of my council I have--and anyone else for that matter on board 'ship'...

And I can create any form I wish.

Carla has seen this.

Carla has participated in this, in her meditations, and it felt for her like the most natural thing in the world to imagine herself in one shape or another...perhaps a dragon, or a mermaid, or possibly a unicorn!

For her, this has been a fun exercise, and also (holds one finger up--ed) it was an exercise without paying any attention to herself in her natural orb state!

Does this make sense?

The orb, if you will, is the 'form' of the consciousness, the energy of a soul when it is relaxed and unattached to creating at the moment.

But if the will is to create, any form you wish (up here in the Higher Realms--your dream state on earth also is very much like this, where the experience of 'reality' which flows unlike anything you have encountered here on Earth incarnate)--there isn't much opportunity to concentrate on what the orb 'feels like' or 'is'.

Except in the Oneness!

Except in the feeling of two hearts, both safe and unhindered, in there natural state, no matter what the shape or size or sexual orientation of the body--just relaxed and together, a form of 'hanging out' where there is no television or movie or action which is shared.

It's just the energies.

Carla likes this and enjoys her shared presence with me very much.

I for one shall never insist on Carla remaining in her orb state in order to learn what it is like.

That is up to her, to take at her leisure, when it fascinates her to examine herself the way she watched our brothers Michael and Raphael demonstrate their ability to be in this form.

There is no limit, there are no rules to what Ascension is like.

Not for anyone!

There is permission to explore that which holds thy attention!  Just as a child in a playroom will advance at their own pace, through enjoyment of discovery of what is new with every toy which appeals most to them, at the moment, with the ability to change and transfer their attention to what is next.

Although you are not 'children', you are all advanced highly trained beings of Light who are here for a purpose, there is a lot of rediscovery and remembering which is what comes next as you re-assimilate your skills and awareness from all of your experiences incarnate on Earth.

clap! clap!

(he wants me to share a picture from my vacation--let me look it up--ed)

(this is the torch-lighter blowing the conch shell. He blows it to the four directions. The sound can be heard from two miles away. It notifies everyone who hears it in the village that the day is over, and it is time to come to gather, and to eat.--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple