Saturday, December 3, 2016

What If?

There is so much out there online.

Sometimes it's difficult to know what's true, and what's fake.

For this one, it's easy, for I have training in medicine...see this guy? The results are real, but it's not from Parkinson's. At least  not the Parkinson's I encounter with my patients at work who present for deep brain stimulator or other surgeries in the O.R.

Patients who have Parkinson's would have a very flat face, with no expression, and a pill rolling tremor. The man would have a shuffling gate, not a stride like he does, and turn as one whole unit, slowly...

So all in all, this video is half true. The man suffers from a movement disorder which is spastic. And the marijuana makes it better.

The first commenter on part two also picks up the same. From what I heard in part two (I saw part three first), Larry's dyskinesia is a side effect of his treatment for his Parkinson's, which is worsening. The ones he takes to help him be able to move--the Sinemet (L-dopa)--cause it. He's also had deep brain stimulator treatment which has failed too.

Here are the three videos:

  1. Ride With Larry Part One
  2. Ride With Larry Part Two
  3. Ride With Larry Part Three
It is miraculous how he responds to therapy. 

Here's another three videos, which are a little more 'spiritual', and are the result of the study I promoted/published from my friend the Gastroenterologist. Please note it's not exactly scientific, however, if you have bowel disease or trouble, the learning from these three films will be greatly healing for you and your symptoms will lessen if you practice these life changes in your outlook:

If you are ready for a bit of excitement, and don't mind a few F-bombs from young dudes with a GoPro, check this one out. They go on their bellies through a rock tunnel to a secret cave on the deadliest beach in the world, Hanakapiai Beach:

If you have the time, these two are real eye openers. I take all of these conspiracy videos with a grain of salt. But, what if...Kanye was telling the truth? Look at how the audience responds with 'we don't want to hear this!''s an example of both Monarch Mind Control and Mass Mind Control in effect, and it's eerie.  The second just creeps me out--what if it was true too?

Then if you want to see something just plain different, these might be of interest to you:

I hope this entertains you.

After spending some time online watching 'things' like this on my day off, I have come to the conclusion to trust myself and my intuition a little 'more', and what I see on the broadcast media a little 'less'.

Ross is not making a comment, but he wants me to share this with you from us to make you smile...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla 
The Reiki Doc Family