Saturday, December 10, 2016

Butt Pus

Today you and I are going to talk about something special people in conventional medicine do to assist those who are suffering.

Since it isn't pretty to discuss, or to look at, but is vitally important to the patient's life experience, I might as well show a photo of Times Square New York because I definitely am not going to show a picture of a bottom that has an ab abcess! LOL

So bear with me.

As a surgery resident, the first thing I noticed about any patient who had a perirectal abscess is that they are in a world of pain and won't sit down. This is the only history and physical I do where my patient is standing up. It happens every time.

It's best managed in the Operating Room, in surgery, but sometimes if it's little you can manage it in the ER procedure room.

The next thing you notice is once it's prepped and draped and the patient's area is adequately numbed, and you open it, the pus comes flying out and it stinks like nothing anywhere on earth has ever stunk so bad if you are a normal lay person.

It literally comes pouring out for the first few moments.

Then you have to dig it out. This is why the OR is best--because the infection tracks up, and in cleaning this it can be uncomfortable for the patient. A long wooden q-tip can fit almost to the hub in a typical infection. It's in the perirectal fat outside the digestive tract, the infection.

Then you irrigate it, I think, but it's been years, just to clean out gently the infection but not to track it further upon the wound. And you pack the wound with long ribbons of iodine treated gauze and leave the little tail out of the wound. The iodine has a very pungent smell, a 'clean' one to me, and it's highly effective at killing any bacteria.

The reason the smell is so awful in the first place is the bacteria are anaerobic, and live without oxygen. Those kind make a horrible stink.

As an anesthesiologist, my only concerns are if the patient lies on their back with their legs up (lithotomy) or face down in prone jackknife position, and I make plans for the patient's safety and breathing while they sleep. I also give them the little pillow for the head that is shaped like a donut, to sit upon at home, and take the pressure off the wound. I don't see the pus, but I certainly smell it. And I often carry something to rub on my mask that smells nice--a chap stick, a lip gloss, Ito Oil, or essential oil--so I don't vomit while I work.

Do I love my patients who have butt pus, whether I am anesthesia or surgeon?

Yes, of course, always.

Is it their fault that they have the butt pus?

I don't think so. Perhaps more years of daily fiber would have prevented it but maybe not, you know?

Are they still my brother and sister in spirit, even though they have this condition?

Yes, of course, always! It could happen to anyone.

Am I an angel to them for cleaning it, or being a part of the team to fix it?

Absolutely! These people were in a world of pain and couldn't even sit down! And the infection, given time, would have led to sepsis, or colostomy that is temporary so the place can heal, or even death.

So what gives?

Why am I talking about infection of the bottom, and how does that affect you?

Look at the picture of Times Square.

Is that spiritually healthy?

Is it?

Let's be honest.

There is an awful lot of spiritual pus out there.

It will respond to love.

Through no fault of their own--even if they chose to try it and got hooked--people are walking around there with lovely spiritual 'conditions' that reek to Kingdom Come for those of us who have 'noses that smell' as well as 'eyes that see'...and they don't seem to be troubled by it at all!

But they are...

You can see the darkness in the eyes.

You can see the effects of habitual belief in 'lack'--jealousy, envy, lying, cheating, looking out for number one.

It is their choice. It is their lesson. It is their Free Will.

And they are racking up Karma by the second which is very sad.

It's sad enough the giraffes are endangered because of the free will choices made by the poachers and hunters and governments in that part of the world.

Giraffes are innocent.

Gaia has had enough.

Here's how, if you are like me and are called to help others, both the ones who need it the most (the spiritually sick) and the ones who need it a little less because they aren't sick, they are sent to help like me and need some good team support and encouragement--here's how you help with spiritual equivalent of butt pus--the longstanding beliefs which are very low vibration and lead to darkness in the world.

Are you ready?

First, be glad you are here. That you are you. You have eyes that are open, and a heart that is working the way it is supposed to work. You are reading this. You have a general concept of Spirit, and embrace the very best Spirit has to offer with open arms.

Spirit knows you, you were sent to Earth to help, and lo and behold, you ARE helping!

(this can't be said for all of those who were sent, many are asleep in the matrix of the Illusion)

Second, be YOU. Laugh your laugh, enjoy your favorites, love what you love--family, friends, lovers, partners, pets, favorite angels and archangels, ET's/Galactics--follow your soul.  Get to know yourself Spiritually--any past incarnations that may be open to you, any soul family who are incarnate with you here on earth. Establish your connections with Like Minded People.

Third, Go where you Go, and smile at everyone you meet, a warm loving smile from the heart. Even if they don't smile back.  If the checkout person (cashier) at the store is having a bad day, smile more, and perhaps admire something about them or wish them a nice and quick end of their shift, or a nice holiday, or something like that. Yesterday, I really went amazed and gushed over someone's nails, saying how beautiful they are, which they were. Nails take a lot of time and money. People want to be beautiful in this way when they keep their nails polished and manicured. You can notice it!

Every person you meet has the potential to walk away with either a positive or a negative impression of you; if your DIAL is set on the mostly positive station, and you are walking the walk and talking the talk, there is going to be an awful lot of increase in the vibration everywhere you go!!!

It's LOVE, super charged and highly focused, often aimed at the third eye with your gaze (that's where I send it) between normal eye contact, and a smile, that helps to clean the place up.

People who are habitual negative thinkers might question their habit....because of you.

People who hurt others--abusers and worse--might start to love themselves because of your kindness to them.  Your mindfulness. Your lovingkindness. Your commitment to being YOU. Your connecting to Source daily. Your reading material like this.

Have you ever thought how your could be an angel to others?

Pray on it. Meditate on it.

You are the perfect angel for someone you know or have heard of. Just as perfect as I am to someone who suffers the misery of butt pus (perirectal abscess).  I got there by just being me--being crazy about medicine, absolutely fascinated with it, doing well in school, getting the work, and showing up.

Just like the perirectal abscess, you can be sure that the infection of spiritual 'butt pus' is going to come spurting out as a society--perhaps like pizzagate as a start? I don't know--and it's going to be deep where the sun hasn't shined or even the oxygen for a long time.

Know that our guides, our angels who protect us, have a better view. They can't explain all of the plans, but you can trust if your heart resonates, it 'feels like your are nudged' to help someone or something--not as a protester but as one who brings the vibration of Love energy with them everywhere they go--you will be making a difference.

So be strong. Don't wince as the pus comes out. Know you are doing your job, and someone has to do  it--as all the infection comes to light, and our society and our WORLD can heal!

And it is Gaia's secret wish for her animals, like the Giraffes, to have the first place in line in the healing...that their habitats are returned, and that they are given the veterinary care and healing and love first and foremost...That the oceans are given back to the sea life within it, and the garbage is taken out. She feels they deserve this honor as they have suffered at the hand of mankind for too long, with no chance to complain or fight back.

Then for all healing to take place for all of humanity, once and for all.

Gaia wants all of her children happy, playing together nicely, in their home--her Planet--forever.

Gaia wants her children to love one another and stop fighting and hurting each other again and again.

She's had enough.

(Ross isn't going to say anything, because he says it's time for me to get Anthony some breakfast--Anthony has been awake the whole time I've written this, and hungry, and our son has 'had enough' of me! lol)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple