Thursday, December 22, 2016

Awakening Our Kundalini

I will get right to the point.

We are spiritual beings who are 'trapped' or 'hidden' somewhere in an Illusion we don't understand.

It's like a cat being stuck inside a paper bag while playing with it, terrified and forgetting that there is an easy way out, because of the feeling of confinement and the lack of being able to see.

In 3D, sight is our protection, our sense to help us know what's in our surroundings, and allows us to discern if we are safe from harm and can relax and be at Peace.

As spiritual beings, who are trapped inside the Illusion of Lies and Double-Speak which surround us by the Corporate Media, along with the slingers of even more lies who are paid to do so on the Internet by the same 'team'--the trolls and disinformation specialists...We can't see ourselves for what we are.

I do not offer my goods or services for sale to the general public.

I am not for sale.

However, I do have a policy where I will make bracelets free for any nurse who asks at my hospital--one per nurse (or health care team worker).  I make them custom to match, boost, and support their energy, just like I did when I offered them for sale online.

They are asking in great numbers at the hospital.

They are talking with their friends.

As a healer, I was overwhelmed with the response of one nurse who had asked for a bracelet at least a year ago, and I wasn't able to create it for her until I made one for another, and I didn't want the first one to feel forgotten.

I added Russian Serpentine. I gave it to the friend to give to her, the one with the more urgent bracelet. I explained how it helps with sexuality, this stone which is meant for her, and not to be surprised by the 'side effect'. In other words, your husband will thank you for it.

She gave me a huge bear hug yesterday to thank me, as this was the first time she's seen me in the month since she got it.

She's in balance.

I felt it.

She explained she had some female troubles a while back, and waited a year to get her hysterectomy, but she did, and now she and her husband are 'getting busy' even in the mornings before work!

She is incredibly happy. And he thanks me too.

I didn't know about her troubles with her health. I listened to what spirit had in mind for her, and I created it.

The other one, the anxious one? She's tons better. I had told her NOT to share her bracelet because it was for her. She has two daughters and I know how daughters can be. She didn't have it on.

Her daughter had troubles with her soccer, and she wanted it.

You know, the etheric cord between mother and child is silver, and it never gets broken, even after this life.  So the HEALING is flowing through that cord from the child to the mother, and one bracelet is doing the work for two.

Everyone at work notices a huge difference in the anxious one. Her symptoms are about ninety percent improved.

It's the bracelet.

I'm starting to see that the energy imbalances which make us uncomfortable are in part from being exposed to the Illusion which sets us off balance from our natural harmony and peace as spiritual beings of Light.

Yesterday, I was in a situation where I just couldn't take it any more. I felt bombarded with 3D.

There was a conversation going on in my presence at work, I was giving direct patient care, I couldn't leave, and it reminded me of high school queen bees and wanna bees. Who is seeing whom, who is going out next time with the group, and where, after work.

The media has been intrusive, and uncomfortable, and these individuals are REALLY tied into the media and talk TV shows every time too, including this one.

Then something surreal happened.

My patient started snoring loudly.  Back and forth, the rhythmic breathing of one unconscious, very deep asleep, a sign of a job well done by me.

I could hear both the snoring and the small talk from 3D at the same time, and I SWITCHED the significance to equate this 'chatter' to be the equivalent of VERY LOUD SNORING of those who are deeply immersed in duality, the third dimension, the horrible 'paper bag' we are trapped inside like those terrified cats.

Further, I realized their chatter was no different from the snoring, as it is Nature's way of people who are in this certain form of unconscious awareness to the higher realms to act; what else is there to do when you can't see outside the bag and you want to bond with others to comfort yourself while in the Illusion?

So, out of sheer desperation and desire for PEACE and to keep their chatter out of my internal 'oasis' of Higher D, I created a shield.

It's blue and it's from Gaia. Only I can give it. I've put it first on me, and then on one other who gave me her Diamond Shield a long time ago.

It makes you disconnect from the chatter, it's like you hear it but it bounces off and doesn't affect you. Inside you feel a blanket of warmth and love, and you know you are free from getting sucked into the energy of those kinds of situations.  For those who have advanced to a spiritual level where silence is welcome and conducive to Spiritual Connection, Development and Growth, this shield takes out the 3D 'clutter' energy, and gives you the ability to be present and disconnect with love.

And THEN, miracles do happen! At the end of the day, several cases after the shield, one of the 'sleepers' asked for a bracelet! Spirit told me to explain my policy, one free to those who ask to help promote a Healing Environment starting with us--for our patients and coworkers. The other will 'watch' and 'see' how the first one's will go.

Spirit came through with a brilliant design and I made it last night.

Everyone wants to heal.

Everyone feels better in balance.

And those who aren't quite 'there' yet in their Awakening are going to surprise you!

Once you master the ability to give them the space to be them, by dropping your spiritual expectations (wake the heck up everybody! was one of my big ones lol), and letting Love be your shield and protection.

Ross helped me a lot last night with my Kundalini. It's not like an on or off switch. It comes a little at a time as you awaken. Last night I asked him a lot of questions about our roles as Twins to one another. For example, his question as an answer to MY question (he does that a LOT, the old rabbi, lol) was, 'where is your Divine Feminine? where does it come from?' and I searched for my physical body, emotional body, energy...and I couldn't point to it. I relaxed and the answer came forth from my being, and I said, 'it's in my heart'...even though I didn't understand the full implication of my answer, it was resonating as truth.

Ross has been trying to get me some Verdite. I had seen a sphere of it online. I wanted it, but I have many crystals and sometimes I worry, so I held back. A week later, there was a ring online, he wanted me to see it, and I ordered it, but it was Variscite. I missed the Verdite auction. Then I looked Verdite up and I was like, WOW, that's what I need! Was it the same thing as the sphere? Yes, it was! Well I ordered the sphere. And when I went to make the bracelets? I had ten millimeter beads of verdite right there--five strands of them! So I made a bracelet for me, and the healing for my kundalini has been wonderfully supportive from the stone to help me with Ross's guidance in the realm of kundalini.

clap! clap! (that's Ross--I'm late for work)

He points his finger to his mouth like, shhhhhh.

He wants me to tell you about the shield.

It's not for everyone. It's not like you pay me and I'll make it for you. It's not for sale to the general public. But for those I know through my healing work, if you are interested, I will see if it would be appropriate for you. If spirit says yes, for an energy exchange I will create a shield for you, Ross calls it the Loving Embrace of Gaia...which will be of most help to those who are on their assignments and being distracted from them by the 3D down here where they are sent to do their work. Contact me through FB messenger, Twitter messenger, or if you're interested.  The price is half the price of my bracelets for the energy exchange.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins