Monday, December 26, 2016

Clarity Through Compassion

This is one lesson I wish to give credit to my mother, for she is the one, through her watching lots of inspirational stuff on TV (she is a shut in and doesn't drive)--helped open my eyes.

The situation was harsh at my work. Many doctors are starting to lose it, with their temper, in the OR. I get yelled at a lot these days. One, who is notorious for throwing instruments, just got written up by the tech and nurse who were present in the room.

It's uncomfortable.

I was like, 'mom? what's WITH those surgeons?!'

Mom explained it this way, 'Carla, you live in a modest home, and your mortgage is not too big. You have your son, and your life is pretty much set. You need to look at it through the other people's eyes. We are entering a time of CHAOS, and everything is falling apart at the seams...this is expected...and COMPASSION is the way to make it through. Take these surgeons for example--they have huge financial commitments, their business, with the office staff and insurance and fees, then their family, with a wife who married a DOCTOR and isn't going to be happy shopping at JC Penny for her clothes (a trophy wife) and four kids, a huge mortgage, and possibly a mistress on the side. No wonder why they are lashing out as the financial pressure on them is great and medicine as a business isn't what it was twenty years ago. Can you see? Can you find the compassion in your heart to look beyond the emotional outbursts to the total situation, at least so you will understand the Big Picture, and know it's not 'at you'?'

It helped.

It really really helped a LOT.

There is a lesson I learned from Tim Braun which dovetails nicely into this lesson. I'm going to put them together and give an example or two to help it make sense.

People you know are each on their own life lessons. They make their own choices. The result of their choices is their lesson sequence, which creates a timeline of learning, which only they are at the wheel to control. Their ability to control it is based on their Consciousness, basically, and even if you can 'see' it, your can't DRIVE it for them. It is THEIR life, THEIR life plan/lesson plan, and THEIR Consciousness.

So you just love them, let go, and hope for the best.

Otherwise you get sucked in. That isn't pleasant. And it takes the focus off your OWN lesson plans.

In my family, my Loving Embrace of Gaia shield was working very hard over the holiday.  Through the application of Compassion and the Lesson of Tim, I was able to detach with love.

I must admit it was very painful to watch my mother, who in her lesson, is feeling the pain of her choices and the situation. I also am thankful to Ross, who showed me the true miracle of Christmas--that the cat mother feeds on her front porch, the one she calls Abby, who 'just showed up' when father died--has never been in the house. Otherwise it would be ME who couldn't set foot in the house, like it was thirty years before, when they had Pyrite the most appropriately named cat who was ever on the face of the earth.

The dynamics this time are the sister with the dog (she also was deeply in love with the cat Pyrite when my other sister brought it to the house, completely oblivious to my pain and suffering like the rest of the family). She needs the dog the same way the other sister needed the cat--for psychological reasons, for having 'always wanted one', for something to love.  The sister who had brought Pyrite into the home now has a son, my nephew, who takes after me with even more severe and multiple allergies. There are food allergies as well as to dog. What is ironic is for six months both sisters lived under the same roof with their families and dog (pomeranian). Everything was fine. Even my niece had the dog's picture on her birthday cake, they loved it so. Now the sister with the cat didn't come to the house for Christmas. This is after a similar incident where the plan was Thanksgiving at my mom's, but changed at the last minute, because the fiance of the one with the dog wanted my mom to meet his family. One sister lashed out severely at my mom for many reasons, making her cry, but I'm not supposed to tell you--but I will because it is important to view this from the outside to see how BLIND people can be while they are inside their lessons!  All of the characters are blinded to some extent, due to their lessons. The emotions are what's driving the dynamics, not the high heart, and definitely not the brain.

For me, my concerns are 1) mom was 'jumpy' as a hostess, and I've never seen her like that, and I KNOW for myself as one who has been abused emotionally, in my marriages, that's what a person does after being yelled at too much. I asked her, point blank, on Friday, 'mom, has so and so been saying mean things to you? Is this a punishment?'  She covered and said, 'no, they feel trapped and want to go so I let them.'...Mother is a very good 'stretcher of truth', and it was that PAUSE before she answered that made me hurt in my heart. All I can do is to share my love,  for all of my sisters, for my mother, for the old dead cat, for the dog, and to be thankful to have moved on from my lesson.

The second 2) is that the dog bites now, and mom is immunosuppressed. The fiance is 'getting the dog feisty' with play, and the dog growls routinely in play. But the dog doesn't know the difference between play and not, and when he was biting/eating something he shouldn't out in public, his mom my sister took it out of his mouth. And he bit her so hard it broke the skin and she bled. It's not good to leave a dog like that with an old person, especially one who is frail and on immunosuppression drugs. The dog is older, perhaps eight years, and might be getting a little senile too. For weight/health it can't gain, and therefore it is always hungry. The dog never gets full. So the bite will most likely be over food, if it is to happen, in my mother's home. I've been growled at once by the formerly friendly dog, and now, unless it's with his mom, I generally avoid it.

Love is the only solution to this situation. Love is the key. Love will soothe the pain from their lessons, their choices, and be an anchor for them to possibly wake up.

From a distance, PEACE is worth more than cats or dogs. And enjoying together as a family what is most likely mother's last Christmas, at least the last one where she is still independent, far outweighs the struggles, from my point of view. This is why I made a big effort. (please note a side benefit of being a medium is you can buy presents for the living at the request of those deceased--I was at the store and my grandfather wanted blue towels for my mom, a whole set, bath, hand and washcloth--and my father, who my mom has only recently got the courage to watch sports again in the house after he's passed--wanted mom to have a Rams warm blanket and ski hat and huge bell to ring--so she can enjoy watching their old team play.)

Let us add one more layer to the lesson:  EVERY ASCENSION IS UNIQUE, just as we are each UNIQUE.

I hate the Lord of the Rings. I absolutely detest it and my mind drifts off whenever someone talks about it. (My ex took his 'friend'--woman he was fooling around with--along with us to see one of the movies once. It was awkward.)  I also detest and have no interest whatsoever in video games or war or any kind. I can't stand it.

I have a very close friend who loves it. Both. A lot.

I've taken her aside and said, 'between us, this is fine, but you risk losing some of your credibility with your readers if you talk about it too much. Be careful.'

The reason I said this is because early on in my awakening, I was getting psychic messages which made complete and total sense to me, even taking with the other's higher selves in dream time--but when I put it to 3D, I came across like a total nut job, and people let me know about it.

What I learned in psychic development classes ten years later, is that we each have our own 'Reiki Alphabet', as Anne calls it. For me, illness feels like a 'dip' in the aura, for some, it feels 'hot', for others, 'icy cold'--everyone is different and needs to create their own system to understand and interpret messages from Spirit.

Basically, my close friend is in the language of Lord Of The Rings. It makes sense to her, from Spirit, and she 'gets it' as messages layered onto the film for her. And for her, video games help her relax, and Spirit encourages her to play them.

Can both be right? With me hating Lord of the Rings with all my heart, and with her loving it with all of hers?


Spirit talks to me in different ways. Spirit talks to her in her own way.

And Spirit will talk to YOU in your own way too!

So don't copy us! Find your own way to connect.

I for one, first experienced this 'movies' thing while seeing Star Wars in the theater when I was twelve. I looked around at all of the people, and I got the funny feeling that even through they all thought it was just a story, it was REAL, an no one could figure it out. There was a colossal joke being played on all of humanity, because the main point of the story was actually some form of Galactic History, and the creators were enjoying how ignorant the general public is; and yet, with the resonating with the story, the deep memory in the souls of the people responded, and it made it incredibly popular.

Does Spirit talk to me through Star Wars?

Not on your life.

But I am very blessed to see and feel, and relive my past lives, in color with all the emotions, so I go do my own thing.

Do I love my dear friend, who is Divine Mother, and also my Divine Father very much?

Yes. I would give my life for them.

Do I listen to all the songs or read the lyrics to the songs in the blog posts?

I only skim.

The love is the same, and the choice is mine--to ride for a while on her 'train' of life lesson, or to spend more of my emotional resources on my own.

Does this make sense?

Furthermore, does she hate me, or take it personal because I don't like the Lord Of The Rings?

No. She politely says, 'I wrote this but I don't think it will interest you'.  I'm glad she shares, and accepts me anyway, just the way I am.

Just like I accept her <3

This last lesson is the most poignant.

On Thursday, I came home early, and I asked Anthony what he needed to buy for gifts for his family on his father's side?

He wanted to go to Target. I encouraged him to find something for every one. The only people he had bought for were his grandparents, who like to go to Vegas, and the M and M store had a 'slot machine' that paid out M and M's.  I also helped him to buy for our side of the family too.

We wrapped together, and he learned how we wrap gifts. It's work! LOL.

This is the first time in his life, no one--usually it's his aunt or his dad's mom--took him to the store to buy something for his mom.

I didn't know.

On Saturday, he asked me to leave the house. He wanted to make something. I was like, 'okay' and I ran a few errands.

He made my gift. Together with Ross. He took a driftwood stick, and put symbols into it with a steak knife, and lit matches (outside, thankfully!) to put the energy of Hanukkah in it.

Then they both wrote me a note. Anthony at the top. Ross at the bottom. And Anthony NEVER reads these posts. He doesn't know it's the order how Ross likes to communicate.

Anthony also doesn't know that Ross (who I still call CRAZY because of his decision, which I followed for him nonetheless) wanted Anthony to get the nice GoPro for the last day of Hanukkah.  Ross wanted us to celebrate Hanukkah. And we are. I wrapped all those presents first.

It's like the Gift of the Magi, isn't it?


I will share with you, the letter, in its entirety:

Dear Mom,
I am sorry I didn't get you anything for Christmas. However, if you want anything (I mean anything) I will get it for you. (Dec. 23)

Dear Mom,
I have made something for you that you may enjoy. It is a spiritual stick. It may seem funky but if you see there is little details everywhere that I put in. I hope you love it!


Dear Honey,
I have helped Anthony make a spiritual stick to help you through these tough times with your family. What you are going through is very similar to what you went back in our days. This stick represents a lot of different things:  Hanukkah, our family, and my precious sweetheart Carla. Anthony put a lot of detail in this stick. He lit 8 matches and put them into his stick to represent hanukkah. He did a lot of carving in this stick: he tried to put hearts in it, he made patterns which symbolize love, and let this be where I can put healings into it. I love you honey and hope you have a lovely christmas and hanukkah.

Ross (your angel)  <3 (star) 

It's wood.

Anthony doesn't know that Ross' hobby is to carve wood. It helps him to relax. He's done it forever, even up in Heaven. And on our honeymoon, Ross brought with him--he sneaked it into our luggage--a beautiful model boat he had carved out of olive wood.

The most precious thing, is Ross helped Anthony to save face. Imagine not having a single gift for your mother, who buys so much for everyone else? on both sides of the family?

And Anthony's father's family did give me a single gift. I was not forgotten.

It was a Pandora bead heart that said, 'daughter'.  I'm official now, and I'm most grateful. I am the daughter they never had, they say, and with what limited resources they have (there was a retirement, and now they are on limited income) they gave the most special gift they could find, which would mean the most from them to me. Anthony was so excited he filmed me opening it!

That's what Christmas is all about. And Hanukkah too!

In Summary:



a)    we each drive our own 'wheel' to steer us through our lessons with our Consciousness--and because of the Consciousness, we can't help others except through love, because they won't see it.

b)   expect as we Ascend in the energies increase in vibration,  for people to act out, and use COMPASSION as a way to help increase your own Consciousness to the situation, and apply much-needed love, even if it is only from a distance.

c)  old lessons will repeat themselves with increasing intensity until they are learned/mastered (my mother, with both Pyrite, and now the dog, and the allergic loved ones who can't go to her home.)

d)  PEACE is the most important gift of all, along with the spiritual maturity to let others be themselves.

e) when you start to really wake up, and you've got something going with Spirit that you understand--know the path of Ascension is UNIQUE to us all, and someone else might not 'get' your 'language of Spirit' the way you do--and it's PERFECTLY OKAY!!!  Just love each other anyway, and drive your own wheels on your life lessons with your Consciousness  (a corollary is this is not 'Group Ascension'--we all don't have to believe the same thing to still make it up. It's okay to let go and move on if you are interested in one direction and the other isn't.)

SPIRIT IS REAL!!!  Look at how Ross helped Anthony <3  and me.

What's MY big gift for Hanukkah?  A nice Marseille Blue Le Creuset Casserole that was on sale. It's probably the same color as the shield, I should check! LOL. Spirit is smart! I bought it months ago and the shield is not even a week old...

clap! clap!


I just wanted to get your attention.

Today's message is very 'thick'--there is a lot of very DENSE and PACKED information in it. Be sure to take it slow, perhaps skimming it a few times until the message is clear to you. And perhaps revisiting it from time to time as you Ascend.

Carla's father is an elementary school teacher. Carla herself was a professor for nine years. Carla is into education. This is why she was chosen to write the way she does, in general terms, for the benefit of everyone.

Carla does this on purpose. She likes close detail.

And she likes me.

I told her yesterday that what is ahead will make us BOTH go 'wow!'. Carla pushed me on that point, because, in her words, 'you can see ahead to the finish, can't you?'

I assure you--both you the reader and Carla who is writing this now--every one of us 'upstairs' is going to do a huge DOUBLE WOW! When the Ascension is complete!

And thank you to our son for taking the time to help me create something special from my 'workshop' for you, Carla

And Carla, do not worry about the dog. Everything is going to work out fine.  I love you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple