Wednesday, December 7, 2016

On Being Tested

Have you ever walked across a stream by balancing on a log like the one shown here?

I have. It's both kind of fun and kind of scary.

It's a long way down. It's wet. And it's cold with lots of rocks.

Once I was fishing with Mark my first husband. I fell in from the side, my foot slipped in the mud, and I was chest deep in ice cold water in the blink of an eye. I couldn't climb out. I tried. The edge was too steep and there was no foot hold. His quick thinking, his arm I grabbed and his strength saved me. He pulled me out.

Then there was the risk of exposure. I was shivering. I had no spare clothes--our campsite was miles away. I didn't even have a towel. But he got me to the car--I walked and he sort of aimed me or steered me in my direction to go--and he protected the car seat with plastic bags, and then he had me take off my wet clothes and sit in the front seat. I covered with something but it wasn't much.

Then once back to the campsite, he brought a towel, and I changed back into some dry clothes.

It could have been more serious. I was lucky.

But the example shows how there are 'tests' in life, such as walking on a fallen log bridge, which are just that--a part of life.

I'm not sure what was going on, but recently I had a day where if anything could go wrong, it did.

For example the patient was late,  or the patient had really complex and scary disease that was rare and in the chart the specialists were saying 'don't do general anesthesia' when in fact it was the safest option, patients saying that anesthesia was against their belief system and trying to manage it, nurses not being able to find my anesthesia pre-op note in the computer and giving me a hard time, while I was innocent, and even if I showed them my screen with the note on it.  People stole my cases, people who should have relieved me went home before me...even finding out at nine p.m. I have an early start, and scrambling to find someone to take my kid to school...

December, and this one especially, has been a time of our resources being slammed in the O.R.  Everyone wants to get their surgery done before their deductible resets in January.  People who should be staying home are working, and working late in the day because there is no short day.

But for me there was a blessing, a miracle really, if I think about it.

Ross asked me what I want for Christmas, from him.

I said you. Even if I just spend a little time with you, I want to be with you. I'd love to be with you always, here, in ways other people understand. Even if I just have a photo of the two of us.

He asked what if I have to leave?  (after)

I said I might not be functional for a few days after saying goodbye, but I would prefer a short visit to no visit at all.

He paused.

Then he asked another question, this time more pointed and more direct, what ELSE would you want if you couldn't get the above?

I searched and I said, 'that box from that company--I haven't even called them I don't know what's the delay!--I want that pretty ring you picked for me from the catalog, the one from Israel.'

It was on my front porch when I came home. The whole package! I wasn't sure if I had to wait until Christmas...he said no...if was St.Nicholas day. I had put some treats for Anthony in his shoes, but for the first time, skipped my own shoes (I didn't have much stuff to put in, I hadn't shopped and scrambled for early Christmas gifts I had stored away)...Anthony asked me why I didn't get anything and I said, 'after fifty you don't do it any more'.  

Ross said it's for my St. Nicholas day.

And guess what?  I reviewed the events on the camera for the front just showed up you can't see anyone deliver it.

My blessings yesterday were patients doing well, good teams, and a chance to really Do The Work, the Spiritual Work. I healed some very important things in the people who were present, both for them and their ancestors. Ross was pretty excited about one with ties to the middle east. He was like, 'I'm going to go to town on this one!' because all the healing I do is as a team, and many things are above and beyond my ability as one who is incarnate. But a team is for each other, and my friends 'upstairs' help me out.

I enjoyed watching Anthony at his basketball practice. Our pot pies were warm and fresh when we came back, I had them set on low heat for the practice. And I learned something new--the mannequin challenge. He did it to me in the car when the song Black Beetles came out. I got frightened by him being a mannequin. Later he showed me the video of the top fifteen ones where people sent in clips being mannequins together on YouTube. It was weird how YouTube had all these ads in the middle of the video. We saw like four in one short clip. If that starts to happen here I won't use the clips like I used to from them, and if I must, I will apologize to you.

And yesterday was the first time we had a little bit of milk and cake to welcome Anthony home. Trader Joe's has a nice vanilla creme one, single layer, with hardly any frosting. We had just a little left and finished it. It's my dream to have a nice welcome at the end of the school day. And we had it.


Carla is a miracle. She is my miracle. And Carla walks the energies of her week with grace and love and partnership with her Team.

(one finger shaking a little back and forth--ed)  Carla wasn't having a good time with her lessons 'recently'...(fingers walking across in front of him--ed)  It was like walking a log bridge with the energies.

(one finger up swiftly, like when someone has an idea--ed) The important part is that Carla sensed that it was necessary to get energetically from 'here' to 'there', the next plateau of her development.

She sensed her experience was more for the team, for the whole, for the highest good, and that Carla had to essentially 'take one for the team' in order to be in the right place (points to both sides of his head with his fingers pointing down a little--ed) at the right time to connect the HEALING to those in need of it.

The way Carla described it to Anthony was that the people she worked with were 'ugly'--not in the face and not what they say or do--but that these were people who habitually made 'bad choices' while incarnate, their energy was deeply STUCK to the third dimension, and Carla's energy, her kindness,  patience and unconditional love, gave them through their health conditions a healthy push in the right direction from where they were stuck.

This is NOT 3D! This is NOT what meets the eyes when you look at the media! THIS IS 5D, the FIFTH DIMENSION, only the very early start of it for the mass public. For the Lightworkers, this is old hat, it's where you've always longed to be, and how life is going to start working out for you as well as for others.

So, take it with a grain of salt, both what you encounter in the news that is on your TV sets and newspapers and online, as well as the Alternative News sources.

Everything is up in the air at this time.

So go with your heart.   And with what resonates with you as truth.

clap! clap!

Carla has an early start today! She is going to take a shower, wake up Anthony, and drive all the way across town in order to get to work on time and have someone else take him to school. And Carla is going to have to pay this person for it too!  That is the part of the test Carla didn't mention...the financial (he looks thoughtfully to you like a teacher who is trying to get you to come up with the answer...ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins