Saturday, June 4, 2011 Reiki Doc : )

Ok are you ready to have fun?

I woke up this morning ready to blog about something neat I have had happen in the OR yesterday. Two things that are new in my experience as a Reiki Doc and as an anesthesiologist.

Then while logging on, I found THIS: Doc D

EXPOSING THE MEDICAL DISINFORMATION: Analysis and opinion on medical advances and health policy proposals...

This is my inspiration. A retired Family Practice doc who makes public policy and SLAMS Reiki. His April something blog post really slammed a reality TV show. He made fun of someone wanting to feel better for past sexual molest by 'some Reiki person doing weird hand gestures of quackery taking advantage of someone vulnerable who wants to feel better.' This is the MIND I am up against. The MIND of How It Has Always Been. The Rational Mind. The Prove It.
Guess what I did? Guess what? Guess what?
I sent a distance Reiki healing to Doc D! I felt his energy patterns. All in the head. Lots and lots of activity, nervous furious energy in the head. There was no body. This guy LIVED in his head. So what did I do? I sent Reiki designed to calm the head/emotions/thoughts. He writes that healing balances is malarky. But HE was unbalanced!! LOL So in deep joy, I balanced him. For free.
I also sent him Ho Opono Pono--and ancient Hawaiian way to 'make things right'. I did it in my comment to his post. There were none. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. That's it. Try it in your personal lives when you need forgiveness and want to set things right.
I didn't know what to sign my blog. I thought Reiki Doc would be inflammatory, given his stance.I signed it Doc C. LOL. I said I was a Board Certified Anesthesiologist that dislkes Reality T.V. (I did not disclose I am a Karuna Reiki Teacher Master, etc. LOL LOL LOL)
That is how you heal. You match up your vibration to another's. Recognize its pattern. And send healing in. 
In Allopathic Medicine, you match up tests, signs, symptoms, and findings  to find the pattern. In Reiki you don't have to understand all that. It works.
Yesterday the most profound thing happened. I have been trying to find a way to measure Reiki. Like Madame Curie tried to find Radiation. Or Roentgen found X-rays. I was in a neurosurgery case, the kind with SSEP's and MEP's (somatosensory evoked potentials and motor-evoked potentials). While I was doing Reiki, they were signaling the MEP's, sending electricity through the brain to make the muscles move. I felt my muscles twitching at the same frequency as he test. It was distracting. I had sat there for four hours, while they did the barrage of tests, and felt nothing. But when I connected, I felt what was going on in my patient's body electrically. And when I finished the treatment, I did not feel any more sensations like that, even though the neuromonitoring team kept up with their tests.
At the end of the case, when I turned off the propofol pump for TIVA (total i.v. anesthetic), the technician said "What did you just do? A major source of interference pattern in our readings just went off! Turn the pump back on."  I did. They got the signal artifact. 
Isn't it neat? The monitoring is starting to get closer to one day perhaps measuring subtle energy.
I am excited and I hope you are too. 
Reiki Doc