Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Surf's Up!

I hear waves are going to be five feet tomorrow, though.

It is coming together. All of it. Energy Healing. Today in the paper was an article about an acupunturist who combines western and eastern medicine. There are more and more stories about this coming out. I have "Reiki Energy Medicine" by Libby Barnett and Maggie Babb from The House of God...just kidding...Massachussetts General Hospital. They have been teaching Reiki there to practitioners from all specialties in the hospital for over twenty years. They teach 'hands on', traditional Usui they say. However, I doubt they spent over ten thousand dollars and apprenticed for free for two years until their Reiki Master said they were good to graduate.

Here, in the OR, was a tranforming day. In my hands, I dealt with cancer survivors, seriously anxiety-diagnosable patients, a former colleague at another institution, Spanish speaking geriatric who never had an operation, Mr. from the couple, 'Mr. and Mrs. Gang-banger-tattoo', Granny who wants to dance once she's better, and someone with the most massive abdomen I have ever seen with a BMI of 50. Seamlessly, and with ease I never had before, I worked with them.

A 'continuous source of Reiki', I interacted with all the doctors and nurses on their care team. No frustrations, no negative thoughts. Just here to do my job effectively. I spoke Spanish, shook hands, established rapport, did the cases (technically spot-on). I did not tire. I used to. One of the benefits of Reiki energy is that is replenishes you as you give it.

In the OR I was a Compassionate Reiki Machine. Case One: I looked past the missing eye and saw the patient. I did not have time to give Reiki formally, but patient responded to my care, expressing thanks for it afterwards. This is the highest compliment a snooze doc can get--thank you in PACU. Second patient--uncanny coincidence: he was anxious, hard to sedate, not scheduled for MAC, but I was available. I had a challenge with this one...took triple what most needed for this procedure. I went to a remote location, and helped a poor soul who could not lay prone. As the procedure took longer, I gave Reiki 'unawares'. I saw and felt the past that had gone into it. And BLAST I went, adding as much as I could. My Reiki guide did more work than I have ever felt. It was a partnership. And boom--before you knew it, we were off to recovery room. Again, more thanks.

I gave Reiki, serious with intent, to three patients today. I did eight cases.

My 'awakening' to spirit was the direct result of surgery in 1990. My Reiki Master-Teacher's awakening too was after surgery in 1992. If there is a chance that others can 'wake up' as a result of anesthesia, I am going for it. Toes to the nose and hanging ten. Woooooooo!


Reiki Doc